Jupiter-Saturn-Rahu-Ketu and the world ahead in 2020!

As the world sees around in disbelief , the kind of health emergency that has been unleashed coupled with Financial stress around markets- what else could have been expected with the association of Jupiter along with Ketu (aspecting Rahu) with the presence of Mars since the last month or so! Moreover as we race ahead, Jupiter is all set to transit into Capricorn- where Saturn already is present! Come June- we have the retrograde motion of Saturn and in September sometime we have the transit of Rahu and Ketu- If it seems too much happening- well it certainly is as only prudence, experience, calmness and divinity will help prevail some civil and intellectual sanity across the world wherever you choose to be!

Important points to remember: Jupiter will be retrograde from 30 June 2020 to 13 September 2020. Saturn retrograde from 11 May 2020 to 29 September 2020. Rahu/Ketu transit into Scorpio/Taurus on 23 September 2020

As Jupiter arrives in Capricorn- there will be relief for sometime- however Mars enters Capricorn just in a day’s difference! The time period from April until June-will be a bigger test in terms of the events that will unfold in the world theater- sure enough- as Jupiter creates plays the roles of a peace-maker for some bit-there will be some control that will eventually surface to put an end to the pandemic that is being played out now- by April mid- end April- the world should heave a sigh of relief as the worst would be over. Come May- with the change of weather pattern and presence of Mars and Saturn in Capricorn with Saturn going retrograde,- read increased instances of natural calamities- landslides/ earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and accidents pertaining to air and land travel. Jupiter will play its role to minimize loss to life- however global economy will continue to bear the brunt because of this! There will be some respite as Saturn commences its retrograde motion around June and as Mars moves ahead into Aquarius (certainly not before it has played its role in unleashing it’s martian signature in Capricorn!)

Economies of US and UK will seem to come alive sooner starting June- albeit cautiously- Europe will continue to remain subdued and weather related events will make economic recovery a little bit more tougher! India should be able to crawl back to it’s average economic growth figures around June (but with a sporadic Monsoon ahead) economy will remain to be stressed for the larger part of 2020. Some respite to economies and general order across the world will be seen only post September- once Saturn begins its onward motion, Jupiter becomes direct and Ketu transit is complete!

The geo-political world scenario will remain tense and with a higher possibility of the current world leaders being elected back in power-conflicts and unfinished businesses will keep surfacing intermittently with increased intensity from June onward and will become dangerous around August 2020! Wise thinking and proactive diplomacy will be the only way that the world will be able to repose faith in peace, not before damages are done and felt!

Closer home in India, economy will continue to struggle, unemployment, price rise, yet another, financial institution may again come under stress and to all this add an average monsoon (read sporadic and intense) which will go on to complicate the situation and government will have to keep on doing incremental adjustments from time to time to keep the things moving and avoiding a major mess! Health and Well being of an important political leader may cause worry between the period June until September! Things should only improve marginally post September 2020 as new political alignments begin to emerge and some new hope starts to be built! There will also be instances of public strikes, unrest and protests gaining ground again as Saturn turns retrograde.

For individuals and public in general, major decisions are better avoided until September 2020, unless there are specific yoga’s being formed in your horoscope which tend to work to your advantage by analyzing the minute details of your chart!

To know, how this period, can actually work for you or to know how to minimize the adverse effects – for an astrological consultation, reach me by filling up the form on the Contact Us page today!

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