Deciphering Mahadasha’s

Mahadasha’s more often then not are the ones’ that hold the key to many intriguing facets of our lives and what we beget to experience. There are though some certain aspects around the Mahadasha and this article is all about trying to bring together the elements that go on to create the dynamism what a Mahadasha presents and also an attempt to know what all one needs to factor to ensure that we are able to decode the arriving events with more accuracy and greater details.

To begin with even the great classical texts and eminent writers and exponents of have made it amply clear that even as we try to decipher the Mahadasha, we ought to consider the overall attributes of the planet whose Mahadasha we are aiming to decode. It’s position in the chart, the sign it occupies, the aspects that it receives and provides, not to forget the nakshatra, it’s energies and yes of course the ongoing transit of the said planet! Seems a handful, sure it is and to this not to forget the transits of other planets and certainly the whole understanding of the antardasha lord as well! It’s relationship with the mahadasha lord , through tatva, position and sign placement.

Mahadasha’s are always serving a sum total of all the net positive and net negative that the interplay of the Mahadasha lord, the Antardasha lord and the pratyantardasha lord bring alongside the houses that are influenced through placements, aspects and transit. Not to forget one also needs to factor the Ashtakavarga score of the houses where this play is being witnessed and based on that the intensity of the events that arrive will be felt proportionally!

In a few cases wherein the attribute of a planet gets greatly altered between the D1 and the D9 chart, also has thrown up sudden developments and more intense developments for individuals- whether these help or create an impediments largely is a factor of who these planets are in consideration and what their specific attributes are for a given specific chart under study!

From a Jaimini stand point the karakatva of the Mahadasha planet also will bring to play energies associated with that space and there certainly will be events associated with that karaka signification as well.

During an ongoing mahadasha, the impact and intensity will also vary based on the transit of the concerned planets (mahadasha and antardasha importantly) in the chart- the signs and houses through that they transit and the inter planetary aspects will also bring in considerable significance and in some cases cause sudden major developments for individuals.

Another simple observation of mine has been that seeking the grace of important planets in your chart- could be the strongest or the Atmakaraka and the Deity associated with them will provide much relief, at times even through a simple nama-smarnam!

Each chart, is as unique as each one of are, needless to say the energies from the higher divisional charts will also come into play in one or the other way, for some its’ more and for yet others the impacts are nominal- but the overall taste and tone can always be gauged from the D1 and one can know what to expect and prepare as much for what is coming their way!

I leave you here with this short post, will come back with some other topic soon, for Jyotisha is such a wonderful ocean to witness, even standing by it’s shores each wave brings along a new learning experience!

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Stay Blessed!

Planetary whispers for 2022

Since 2020, humanity has witnessed increasing strife and struggle in one way or the other! Whether it is a battle of an individual to meet the family needs and overcome the problems or about nations who wish to pursue some agenda (right or wrong is another story!) irrespective of anything- well we have seen all of this play out around us- at times in far away nations and yet at other times too close at home making us very uncomfortable! As a student of Jyotisha/ Vedic Astrology if you have mapped the movement of planets through the last 18-24 months, a singular piece that would have stood out would have been the dominance of Mangala (Mars), Shani (Saturn) and Rahu and their interplay. This is what has gone a long way ( if you frankly ask me) to serve humanity what it has ended up lapping up! 2022 is going to be not much different! Join me here we take a quick look and try to gauge what is that we must do and what is that we can avoid! This article aims to give you an overview and there’s no deep diving into the details, but map this content to your charts and you will sure enough be able to decode some secrets hidden from you in plain sight! So here we go!

The major factors for 2022 are going to be the continuing transit of Mangala (Mars), Shani (Saturn) and Rahu; their interplay especially the movement of Mangala through Makara (Capricorn), Meena (Pisces) when Shani is transiting in Makara (Capricorn) will be an intense period in many a sense! Those months overlap with change in weather patterns and can bring about some severe instances across the different parts of the world. Mother Nature will be very very active through a better part of 2022 and should we end up being at the wrong place at the wrong time- well we only have ourselves to blame! In general the Mangala (Mars) transit just a few signs ahead of Shani (Saturn) post June 2022 will also fail to get some meaningful respite as odd things will keep on popping up! Mars ends up the year being vakri (retrograde) as the 2022 arrives to an end- promising that some energies of 2022 end up getting carried into 2023 as well!

The other planets Buddha (Mercury), Shukra (Venus) along side Chandra (Moon) will continue to bring about some much needed peace and calm from time to time, but each time through their gochara (transit) when they get caught in the aspects of Shani (Saturn) or Mangala (Mars)- well you know what to expect by then! If you think, I have been forgetting to mention another set of great players for 2022, well you guessed it right- humanity will be reduced to nothingness without the mention of Rahu and Ketu! Their role through transit in Mesha (Aries) and Tula (Libra) respectively will finally tame the chaotic pandemic to a great extent toning it down to the levels of a mass scale viral fever if nothing more, with fewer and fewer fatalities and hospitalizations by the time 2022 ends. Healthcare workers should be able to plan their holidays peacefully finally in the last quarter of 2022! But if this is where the respite comes in, Rahu’s visit to Mesha (Aries) will see spike in matters related to violent incidents the world over! Call it regional strife, political stratagem, this will play on for much of 2022- at times sporadically and with tragic losses and yet at other times subtly. June to August is a period when it will be good to err on the side of caution as Mangala (Mars) joins Rahu in Mesha (Aries). By now, you may be wondering is there anything good about 2022 or should we call it 2021A! Well, hang on, there is a good enough glimmer of hope and the singular ray of sanity in all this planetary chaos and that is the beneficial transit of the mighty Guru (Jupiter) through Meena (Pisces)

Guru’s transit through 2022, will be the sole pivot which will help to keep things together and still ensure sanity is preserved even as sporadic incidents of senseless and insane acts occur- thanks to Rahu, Shani and Mangala! 2022, will be a tad easier to navigate for people who anchor their approach to life taking a cue from Surya (Sun) and Guru (Jupiter). Discipline, Faith, Devotion and an impeccable amount of high Satwik energy is what will ensure how smooth your ride is and how well you escape even the most trickiest situations that may come your way!

From the space of Geo-Politics, people and societies may begin to wonder if politicians ever will grow up! The same old rant’s and down talking for one or the other cause will be witnessed and Shani will ensure that all of this is consumed and transformed into social agitations, strikes, discord- at times manageable and at few other times chaotic! Judiciary and Higher offices within the government’s the world over will be severely tested and judicial activism will be very high as societies begin to loose faith in other constitutional mechanisms as politicians continue to do what they are generally considered to be good at doing- nothing! The US will see challenges and the political fabric will begin to change all over again- setting up the tone for 2024- economic fallacies will trigger and fuel this! US will continue to try and preserve its international dominance but will find it next to impossible without meaningful alliances and assertive communication which again will be faltering and jittery at their best! Read rising prices and an inflation steady but at a marginally higher level over the previous years!

Closer home, India will have a lot to talk about and take action about! It will be again the people in Uniform who will rise to the challenge and there will be (for a change) some wise political consensus and diplomatic skill which will help maintain and overcome the challenge! Domestic policies especially related to economy will continue to be the classic case of one step forward- two steps back and economic recovery will remain grey at it’s best! Basically rise in cost of living will be celebrated by being misread as rise of standard of living! Weather, Monsoon, tragic accidents all will make their presence felt- especially when Rahu-Mangala- Shani, Mangala-Shani and Rahu-Mangala-Shani connect through different times! Guru transit will continue to see a rejuvenation of the cause of Dharma- upholding the genuine ancient wisdom and this movement may also see some kind of formalization with help from govt. agencies- needless to say in the sea of genuine seekers, there will be some odd black sheep! Judiciary will be active and will keep up the pressure from time to time and play a role what ideally a strong opposition would have in the parliament! The leaders and the nation need to stay alert and will be able to give a fitting reply to misadventures of neighbors when challenges arise!

All in all, 2022 sure enough will see the end of the pandemic, but will also bring to forefront the realities of humanity- progress, strife, struggle, wars, oppression and reflection! What you choose more is what will eventually play out more! The golden rule to navigate 2022 is “Stick to Basics”, nothing more, nothing less! Depending on how your individual chart is, impacts of the transit will get altered- either amplified or mellowed- multiple factors go into deciphering that bit- but when you know you have some turbulent weather to fly through, strapping down your seat-belt certainly helps and for 2022 your seat-belt is going to be your way of connecting with the God that you worship and by staying focused on things and people that really matter! More the clutter around and withing you, more chaotic will 2022 be!

I leave you with these thoughts for now, will catch up soon with another piece as we begin the exciting journey into 2022! Stay connected, Stay Safe and Stay Blessed!

Planets with a mind of their own!

As you wonder over your chart, at times thinking how things have been so smooth and great and yet at other times, not knowing what hit you and why you would really deserve what comes your way- somewhere within all of this resides the real essence and truth about who you are and the reason why your chart is the way it is! Join me here as we try to decipher and understand what is that you and I can do and not do about the way things are and how at other times, planets seem to have their own weird ways to manifest realities which may be not necessarily aligned to what we seek! So here we go!

Whether you are an astrologer or a believer or a students fascinated by the subject, irrespective of all the great learnings that are available and all the information and rules that you can apply; life and the approaching time yet manages to throw up a surprise every now and then. Sure enough many astrologers are blessed to come up with accurate and right predictions, but yet there are those instances when, one facet of human life is managed and at the very same moment there are challenges that crop up in some other space!

What people must never forget is that astrology gets limited by the questions asked and the contexts that they arrive from! You may have a great yoga, but for the same to manifest and provide the promises other conditions must be necessarily fulfilled. Often then not, in majority of the cases this where the disconnect happens and hence the potential reached by an individual gets calibrated to the net effectiveness of an operating yoga in a given context of time!

I am not for a moment debating the rules or principles laid down the great learned scholars and Rishi’s of the bygone eons, the fact is that unless we are able to map what those rules are to the contextual reality and truth of the individual who wants to have a question solved, we will be ever finding ourselves solving things momentarily and rarely be able to provide a lasting solution!

Your chart is who you are and unless you are able to decipher what each planet wants to whisper and nudge you to, you will be at best keeping momentary peace with yourself and those around you! The real essence of astrology is all about knowing yourself well through the roles that the planets have given to themselves in your chart- that is the order of your soul’s urge to progress and keep moving ahead. It is the blueprint that is whispering to you a divine plan and pathway which will help you aligned to the path of what is right and just to the spiritual journey that you have chosen.

Sure enough, astrology questions now a days often always relate to and get limited to the mundane push and pull of life- money, job, business, marriage, kids, inheritance so on and so forth- nothing wrong with it- all this is certainly important and must be known. What is critical is that all of these must be analysed through the lens of the chart and what is being promised- each time an individual makes a choice to act or behave out of alignment to what the chart suggests by the placements of the planet- sooner or later regression will catch up and then you have all those moments where challenges seem to start mounting up for no seemingly real apparent reason- because all actions were sequential and flowing from one thought- which perhaps was right in the space of desire but perhaps not necessarily aligned dot what the chart wanted you to do!

The real and meaningful empowerment that can come through astrology is by aligning your actions pertaining to the mundane and spiritual matters to what the planets whisper and that is when you will be able to find greater peace and tranquillity. Success has different meanings and definitions between the material plane and the spiritual plane. Few charts pursue one more over the other and few manage to balance it. Some time it differently, eventually unless the mandates aren’t completed the progress of the soul will remain challenged and that’s the space from where you begin to wonder if, planets have a mind of their own!

I leave you with these thoughts here, so that whether you are an astrologer or an individual seeking one, you are perhaps more informed about what the planets really are whispering and what is that they want you to do and how aligned or far out are you in your now- to experience the bliss or turbulence that comes your way!

Ciao for now will be back soon with another one! Until then stay safe and stay wise!

Through the mind of an astrologer.

If there has been anything that this great subject has taught me, apart from what the technical aspects that it brings along with; it is the great and perhaps the ever enduring lesson about human spirit, humility and that unfailing and unfaltering sense to surrender to a greater universal force- whichever way you may want to relate and address to it! Join me here as we take a sneak peek, into what perhaps the astrologer’s mind is all about and why it is so imperative and compelling to be able to sieve from what works and what does not and why at times things work out very well, yet a few other times they simply seem to stall for no reason! So here we go!

Like with any other subject, astrology, it’s study is no less easy- Sieving through the hundreds of translations across as many languages you can find them, encountering cryptic translations, at times clear, at times even more ambiguous, to this add the hundreds of known principles and guidelines laid down by the great exponents of this subject through the Vedic times and beyond, with a recent twist of modern observations, techniques and principles arrived at after pain taking research; the story of the nine planets, 27 nakshatras and that rising ascendant with the divisional chart- well, by now you have perhaps guessed it, is no simple task! Hence I said in one of my earlier articles, it is not astrology that fails, but perhaps astrologers who do fail– not because they are good or bad- simply because in that fleeting moment of time of analysis- they would have overlooked one component- which would have been the golden bullet to the query being dealt with! So now the question why does this happen or rather why can this happen?

Well, like with any other trained or acquired skill, astrology also banks on the competence of an individual, an ability to have a stronger memory , a better intuition, and a refined understanding and inference of what the classics mean. Moreover it also calls for reading, re-reading and continuing learning of facets as new and new research findings are made public. So, if you ever thought astrology is easy, well let me be honest, this is as complex as it can get, but it never calls for harnessing all the techniques or all the wisdom, all at once- simply because questions that are being asked may be simple or complex and a dash of common-sense, understanding of astrological basics and divine grace of the Lord are most of the time good enough to help an astrologer arrive at an accurate analysis and thereby help people with solutions and suggestions that enrich and better their lives.

The chart is more of a soul’s manifestation in human form in its spiritual journey and a cryptic code that must be read by the beholder of the chart for being able to progress the soul even as mundane duties of life are completed and fulfilled. This is the space where astrology can help people connect with their inner calling and also suggest how and why desires manifest as they do, indifference comes up as it does and why there is a push or pull over one area of the lifer over the other, why some people engagements are cordial and while some simply don’t seem to connect!

To make analysis in the time that someone may ask a question, calls for divine grace as well, no matter how many chart an astrologer sees, remembers how many principles- but in that fleeting moment when someone is in front or you, on a call or a chat, to be able to sense, relate and answer with certain degree of accuracy on the probability of an event happening or not- is simply impossible without divine grace! In fact if you notice, many a times people come to astrologers entrapped either aligned to their direction of journey or for re-confirmation or at other times, seeking help to get their bearings back! Either-ways as an astrologer to assist in space, knowing the modern day workings of the world is also as critical and vital as the ancient revered texts and principles!

People are often fascinated with the Yoga’s in a chart- seldom remembering to apply them to their modern interpretations! Add to this the confusion created by reinforcement of classical texts without proper thought, you have a scenario where everyone wants to be a kingmaker, politician or a business tycoon- which simply is not how it works! I had written a piece around this too and you can find it here!

People need to remember and astrologers too would do great service to the subject if they accept that they too are fragile humans with perhaps a gift of understanding a subject, which many don’t know more- simply because no school teaches it as a compulsory subject! Astrology, if you ask me, has three components- maths (which was used to create charts- which now a days software do with decent accuracy), principles and techniques (there are a few software’s which use algorithms based on these and provide narratives in the Kundli reports with varying levels of accuracy) and final prediction- that holy space of being able to decipher an outcome with certainty of probability and timing- this is where unless Divine Grace and Blessings are not there- people seem to struggle and at times their struggle gets rubbed off on people who come to seek help- simply because they said something and that seeded a chain of thoughts and actions which perhaps causes more chaos then solving what was meant to be solved!

Through my experience, what I have learnt and proactively practise- never ever to plant thought starters- that is not what we are meant to do! How would you feel if you went to a doctor to check if you have cold and the doctor suggested planting the virus into you- to check if you have or not! Well, not very encouraging right? Likewise when it comes to the space of astrology, the more you listen, the less you will have to speak and when you do, more often then not, you will have ample clarity with the details shared by the person asking the questions and that will give a more fitting contextual setting which is so vital to know the trim level of an individual!

Astrologer’s are as human as any other human and prone to success and failures in equal measure if they are not able to deploy their learning wisely and prudently! Perhaps the greatest mistakes that few astrologers tend to do is play God and that is where things begin to go horribly wrong, personally, irrespective of how much pressure, I have come under, I have always given and mentioned clear voice to one statement- God Willing! Unless that is there, no matter how good your chart is, or messed up your planets are, no good will come in and no harm will ever come your way!

Finally, as human beings and at the soul level, we are all connected and engaged through a common spiritual pursuits, some realize it, many do not, hence the bliss or struggle on ones’ life- astrology is unique for it is perhaps the only meaningful bridge that one can stand upon, traverse, observe and experience both- the material and the spiritual world in one gaze!

I leave you with these thoughts for now, will be back with another one, until then stay wise, stay safe and yes, do remembers- astrologers are only as human as you! Else the world would have been run and managed by them!

As Mars comes to meet Rahu!

As Mangala (Mars) moves into Vrishabha (Taurus) and remains there until mid-April 2021, time for the world to embrace sudden, explosive and possible violent developments! Nature will certainly come alive! An indication of a massive earthquake, landslides with consequences cannot be ruled out during this period alongside increased Volcanic activity!

As Mangala moves closer to Rahu and crosses it over, the few days when Mangala and Rahu are in close degrees, will call for necessary caution and safety of world leaders and instances of conflict, military action may come to the forefront along the disturbed theatres of the world. Needless to say this period will call for extra caution in pockets around the world when Mangala (Mars) and Rahu are in close proximity and form association with Chandra (Moon) as it transits especially being 4th, 8th and 12th and gets conjunct with Mangala and Rahu!

Travel needs to be moderated and only embarked upon if necessary. Faults and failures owing to electrical malfunction, fire hazards at industrial houses involved in manufacturing electronic gadgets cannot be ruled out!

The world of global politics and international relations will witness a severely turbulent phase, through much of March and first week of April. World leaders must exercise caution as they communicate through new age media and technology, as chances of increased ambiguity leading to precipitation of problems can be seen. Health and Safety issues of a few world leaders may suddenly crop up, especially if this transit is over the 1st, 4th or 7th house of the nation’s chart and other natal positions of planets are not strong enough to mitigate the negative impact of this transit!

Mangala (Mars) being a natural malefic, as traverses alongside Rahu, will increase its potency to become a first grade malefic and unless the transiting bhava and it’s lord has the power to check and reduce the malefic impact!

Needless to say, the houses being aspected by Mars as it transits will see increased activation in areas as signified by the bhava being aspected. This will be felt more for the 5th, 7th aspect and 9th bhavas from Taurus. Significance of these houses will have to be addressed and taken care of during this period as sudden developments are much likely and could be positive or negative depending on the bhavas, planetary positions, strengths, mutual aspects and operating dashas and anatrdashas!

All in all a time to stick to routine and avoid that temptation to be drawn into endless and meaningless confrontation provoked by Rahu and completed by Mangala!

During this period, listening to Kalbhairava Ashtakam will provide much needed respite!

Ciao for now, will be back soon with an another one, until then stay safe and stay wise!

As planets decide to party!

A lot is been said, discussed and deliberated over the coming together of the planets in Capricorn! Well, once in a while even planets need to have a party, sure enough not always you get such a staggering audience coming together in one sign, so from that perspective, these events are far spaced, but every now and then you have planets coming together! Join me here as we try to decode this space in easy, simple terms and know whether you should be excited or worried about this and how this may eventually impact you! So here we go!

Sure enough, there are the ancient texts, shlokas and writings of the great sages that give a comprehensive technical overview and guidance towards this space of planetary conjunctions and stacking up in one house/sign, but I will limit this article to some simple easy to decipher ways of interpretation, so that you know where to look, what to see and how to figure out your life for the coming few weeks!

To begin with the planets are coming together in Makara (Capricorn) with the sign lord Shani (Saturn) very much present there and who are coming to pay the visit, well we already have Guru (Jupiter) there since last few months, Surya (Sun) moved in here on 14 Jan and will be here until 12th Feb , Shukra (Venus) , Buddha (Mercury) too have made it and the Chandra (Moon) will be there for two days. All these planets will be together for two days and that is what the whole noise over the social media space is about! Surya moves into Kumbha (Aquarius) on 13th Feb. The two days earmarked for this planetary party are the 10th and 11th of Feb! So how do we decipher this? Well read on!

First things first, identify which house of your chart these planets are transiting and where are their aspects landing up, simultaneously you will need to check where they are originally placed in your chart as well. You see, if planets that are helpful to you, transit in a benefic way and also share a benefic aspect- needless to say you will be riding on the crest of the wave- perhaps the best time; but if these planets are afflicted or have a negative indication through your natal chart placement, their avasthas, mutual associations, house placements, ashtakavarga scores and operating the dasha/sub-dasha periods, then you will have to weigh in and decipher the impact with greater care and understand well how and which planets from this party circuit seem to have a stronger grip in the story of your life!

Not to confuse you or scare, but if the party lord- Shani (Saturn) is well placed, more or less the impact of negative manifestations will be greatly reduced, however if it is afflicted then there will be a lot of development, movement associated with the bhava (house) in which this party is going on and the bhavas that are getting aspected by this commotion! In layman terms there is a terrace party happening across the street and if you like the music coming your way in your house (which is being aspected) you will like it and if you don’t like the music- well that’s what negative impact of planets is all about- by themselves and through their aspect!

Keeping it simple, take a holistic view of what is unfolding in your chart and don’t bite into the temptation to pivot on one planet over the other, needless to say, in no time, the fast moving planets, Mercury and Venus will begin to move ahead and out of Makara (sure enough Mercury being retrograde- will remain stationed longer then usual- that is one thing you may want to pay attention to!) and as the planets begin to come loose of this party mood- little sanity will be instilled, but sure enough not before the impact has been felt, the party goers and watchers both!

Do take extra care with regards to the respective house significations, if this transit is through your 2nd, 4th, 7th or 11th Bhava as the challenges could be multipronged and seeking simultaneous attention! Sure enough there are other technical aspects around planetary avasthas especially with Jupiter and Saturn, but I will not delve into that space for now!

Well, to conclude, nothing to worry about without reason- for all that planetary transits do is to amplify the promise of your birth chart each and every time, because with every transit cycle- although the bhavas remain the same, by virtue of the operational Dasha/ Antardasha the flavour, intensity and manifestation will be radically different, but never divergent- if transit through a bhava has been beneficial for a planet in an earlier phase, the benefic impact may amplify or reduce based on other conditions of mutual aspects and dashas, but that will never turn to be bad per say or completely negative in the context of a U turn, unless the antardasha in operation is of a severely afflicted and stronger malefic in the chart!

The best thing to do is, follow routine, avoid major changes unless left with no options and keep communication documented, crisp and factually verified especially as long as it remains retrograde, once Mercury becomes direct and resumes forward motion to enter Kumbha and join Sun there, things will begin to ease out and intelligence will seem to be sane again! Not to forget our friends Rahu is watching this show, so is Mangala (Mars)! The next big show will be when Mangala (Mars) moves ahead to say hello to Rahu!

I leave you with these thoughts for now, will be back soon as I have something to share, until then stay wise, stay safe and yes, enjoy your planetary party!

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Mars makes it’s presence felt alongside Rahu.

Further to my earlier blog, Mars arriving in Mesha (being 12th from Rahu) is making itself present, rather with more intensity. Accidents, Landslides, Earthquakes are been manifesting with an increasing frequency! Extra caution is called for, needless to say! General societal matters tend to remain challenging as well and when Mars transits over Rahu in Virshabha (Taurus) expect turbulence to intensify further.

As Moon too passes over Mesha, Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn expect sporadic rise in incidents over the next few months!

As Mars continues with it’s transit, time to practise meaningful restraint until it moves clear into Mithuna (Gemini).

Rahu is not letting it’s vice like grip go anytime soon! As I said earlier 2021 is already seeming to be a protracted extension of 2020!

Until Mid-March, early April, sporadic incidents with a fingerprint of Mars and it’s signification will tend to rise and will needless to say carry a trace of Rahu signification alongside! Saturn indicates- impact at societal levels and mass levels!

Travel safe, only if you require to, check, double check machinery and stay wise and pay attention to health in general! Rahu, the master of Illusion is at work alongside Mars, take a note of that!

Ciao for now, will be back soon with another one! Until then take care!

2021: As astrological overview

As humanity awaits for the calendar to change and embrace the new year, 2021 will needless to say, will carry some unfinished business from 2020 and effects of that will be felt by people the world over at least for the first 6 months of the year! At times people will be left wondering whether 2020 really ended or not!

I will not be getting into details for every moon sign, simply because the potency of individual charts and their contextual realities matter a big deal to deduce the intensity of the impact that they will face- whether good or bad! In this short piece I share with you, what I think matters in general for all of us and things that we must watch out for and take note of!

2021 will be yet another year having the firm print of Rahu, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, their interplay and the effects that they manifest based on the houses that they are transiting and the planets and houses that they aspect while doing so. It will be very not easy to find individuals with charts that experience only the positive energies of these transits. having said this, based on where the weakness is and what the vulnerabilities are people will have to work extra hard to ensure proactive measures are deployed to safeguard and protect the bhavas (houses) and their significations, sur enough if there are planets that are presents within these bhavas- their intrinsic strength too needs to be take into account. If the transits seem to be beneficial- the extent of the positive impact will depend on the inherent strength of the bhava, bhava lord and the planetary association in the natal chart as well, likewise should it be a negatively impacting transiting, how negative it will get, will have to be evaluated in a similar way!

The transit of Rahu through Vrishabha (Taurus), Mars transiting through Mesha (Aries) and later through Virshabha (Taurus)- alongside Jupiter’s transit- the Atichari gati (Rapid transit) through Aquarius between April 2021 and September 2021 will be something to watch out for in general. People who have their moon sign as Vrishabha- will feel the intense impact of Mars transit over their natal Moon and Rahu as that happens and based on the disposition of Individual charts- the impacts can be positive or negative, eitehrways they will be amplified and intense! and will be in the areas which are signified by the bhava over which the transits are happening (the placements of that bhava lord and other planets in the said bhava too will have to be factored). If the malefic influence as a net effect is more- the transit will be a challenge, likewise if there is benefic impact on the said bhava in a given chart- there can be positive developments in the proportion of the benefic influence.

The period between mid-Jan until Mid-April will be a one dotted with severe developments the world over, social unrest, struggle for livelihoods will continue until Jupiter moves back into Capricorn and resumes normal direct motion – first in Makara (Capricorn) and later as it moves ahead into Kumbha (Aquarius). A greater sense of order, and progress will be restored as Jupiter enters Meena (Pisces) around mid-April 2022!

The months when Mars transits over Rahu will be intense and the world will see some negative incidents, a major travel incident/accident and rise in violence targeted at societies cannot be ruled out. A few incidents may be outright explosive and will cause much anguish and will result in changing the geo-political narrative yet again! There will be rise in cases of health issues across societal segments which are vulnerable as Mars transits over Rahu and society will also perhaps see some big news developing pertaining to psychotropic substances.

The global weather systems will continue being what they are- intense and severe- people will continue to blame “climate change”, the fact being the planet too is alive and what is certain is change! Floods and water related natural calamities will see a rise especially as Jupiter transits Kumbha (Aquarius). Mars transit over Rahu will trigger some sudden and explosive natural events as well- Volcanic eruptions and Earthquakes rank high on the list of possibilities after a relatively quieter 2020 on that front!

Due travel precaution while travelling and only purposeful travel will help a lot- especially until mid-April. The pandemic will continue to linger on through 2021 with pockets across societies, around the world seeing sudden rise and sudden fall all through the year!

All in all 2021 will be yet another eventful and dynamic year- as humans we make a choice to learn and progress or fail and regress, that choice is what will help individuals either create simplified pathways ahead or end up complicating their stories!

I leave you with these thoughts for now, will be back soon with another article, until then stay safe and hope and pray you have a Happy 2021, irrespective of the challenges that come your way- remember- the choice resides with you to your own happiness!

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Mars and it’s weird ways!

If anyone were to ever ask me about a single planet that one should always be weary of, I would without doubt doubt point my fingers to this wonderful, hypnotic, deadly and intense planet- Mars! Whether Mars is placed well in your chart or not so well, really doesn’t matter because once every few years, as Mars decides to play the role that Mars is designated for, that role will be played to the full with complete intensity and melodrama that goes with it! Sure enough, as the sages said, aspects, dashas and other things will matter too, but the fact remains that there is nothing that can stop Mars when it decides to become one wrecking ball and it has the singular potency to yank an individual out of their comfort place whatever that may be- family, profession or even as fundamental as wanting to cherish values and belief systems of staying and being a human! Add to this some more malefic aspects by Saturn or Rahu coupled with a weakened Moon- you have a recipe for untold misery and disaster either for the individual or for others through that Individual- whose Mars has crossed the line to a point of no return!

No matter where Mars is placed, whether it is a yogakaraka for that chart or whether it is with a friendly planet or in the sign or nakshatra of a friendly planet- none of this matters in the sense that Mars always will give a problem with regards to one of it’s signification based on the house that it occupies- even if it is a functional benefic- when it acts like a benefic- it’s potency to harm may get reduced but it does not stop completely! Likewise when Mars aspects the 4th, 7th and 8th it causes much upheaval and churn with regards to the bhavas that it aspects and if there are planets therein then the whole aspect needs to be carefully weighed in terms of how much and to what extent the malefic impact of mars will play out! You may want to ask, doesn’t Mars provide positive results- well it does but what will you do with something positive that is built on a foundation of strife and churn? Let me explain!

Say you have Mars is the 9th house, it has the 4th aspect on the 12th house, 7th aspect to the 3rd house and 8th aspect to the 4th house! Irrespective whether mars is a benefic or not, it will unleash what it can, or should I say Mars being Mars- will end up creating rifts, fires, chaos and incidents with potential to burn down the very significations and essence of the houses that it aspects- to what extent- how deep and wide will that will depend on the holistic status of the chart- but it will makes it’s scar felt! When you have these kind of aspects- impediments to gain spiritual bliss, having a friend circle which seems more virtual then real and a home which seems to be there and not from time to time! How helpful this will be or how harmful it will get (for you or for others’), depends on the total picture of the chart and sure enough a function of transits and dashas as well!

Well, to sum it up- Mars is not all that benevolent as it may seem or someone may tell you, it will wreck when it aspects, the only thing to be ascertained is the extent of that wreckage, it’s not about “if it will”, it is about, “how much it will!” It has the potency to destroy a few significations of the house that it aspects, if not all and that is what is the key learning for one and all- any pursuit to build or rebuild what is been wrecked by mars as a signification, will only make it collapse each time one tries to build it over and over again! The learning point and the smart way is to know what Mars doesn’t want you to have and then sacrifice that for the greater good of your life and of the people around you!

I leave you here with these thoughts, do check upon your Mars and see what it is trying to suggest! The earlier you know that secret, the lesser the clutter and wreck that you have to eventually deal with!

Ciao for now, will be back soon with another one! Until then stay safe and stay electric!

Decoding wealth.

My practise over the years, has brought me some clarity when it comes to decoding and deciphering wealth as we refer to it in the times we live in! Join me here as we take a sneak peak into why charts look wealthy but the individuals almost always seem to struggle for it on an ongoing basis- whether they have it or not- struggle is a given!

As I have mentioned in my earlier write ups too, the whole art an science of astrology was arrived at during an era and a period where the interpretation of wealth was in as many forms and dimensions as one could think of! Take a cue from the “AshtaLaskshmi Stotram ” where the divine grace of the mother is personified and revered through eight elements or types of manifestation of wealth! This is the real essence of decoding wealth through charts, when one seeks help of astrology for the same, sure enough not many would be keen to know it from that angle – either for lack of ability to comprehend or simply because the kind of times we live in, where everything and anything round wealth is only decoded to the limit and value of cash and liquid assets!

Well, given the limitations of a blog and having shared with you (above) the fundamental premise and observations that I have seen through my reading of charts through the years- liquid wealth can and should be deduced through and through Mercury alone! Sure enough, you may want to deduce the inter planetary play of aspects and all of those given principles of astrology to ascertain planetary strengths and ability to bestow the promise, but the crux remains that if Mercury is weaker, even if you were to acquire wealth, the same will not remain the way you desire to for the simple reason that accumulation, sustenance and ability to store wealth are not all the only space that Mercury alone can provide!

When other benefics are stronger and show more promise of giving comforts to an individual in their charts, one should be absolutely clear that the comforts promised will largely be around the nature and the tatwa of the planet that is under consideration! Consider if Jupiter is favorably place and promises to offer comforts- these will be in the form of an eminent father, iconic teachers, acquisition of unfathomable knowledge and wisdom- all of these which may or may not come with fluid and liquid wealth in equal measure-unless and until there is a promise for that from Mercury! Likewise for Venus- Venus when good promises opulence, class and comforts- does not mean that you will be able to have wealth in liquid form to enjoy them- but you will enjoy them nevertheless owing to some benefic aspect of a Venusian engagement- through the benevolence of some form of feminine energy- Mother, spouse, Sister, Aunts so on and so forth- how well this manifests and for how long sure enough depends on other aspects of an individual’s charts!

Well, to keep it really short and sweet, unless in a chart Mercury holds a promise, the ability of the individual to have ready and easy access to liquid cash will always be a stress and even as others benefic offer comforts, they will do so in a way which is indirect- say one may not get the funds to buy a product, but will actually get access to that product through the association and aspect of the other benefic planet depending on who they are and what way they are engaging in a chart! Mercury and wealth indicated by it, even if potent goes astray unless tat is checked and balanced by other benefics and hence the old adage of creating value systems and always having wealth at perhaps one of the lowest levels of value systems when it came to the vedic way of leading life in the bygone eras back then! The wise perhaps realized then, the challenges that liquid money/ assets brought about with them and how that would have altered the social construct across levels even in those simple societies!

The true essence of assessing the wealthiness of an individual through their chart is to benchmark the soul level spiritual wealth and progress of the soul more then anything else, sure enough not many people in today’s age are keen to know about that, but the fact remains engraved in the charts that we see, one may have a lot of wealth and yet be miserable and one may be a pauper yet be at peace and one with the almighty- all of these instances are nothing else but what the charts whisper and unless we make it a point to spell those secrets, people will ever be caught up fighting the ghosts in their minds and pursue wealth while neglecting the real wealth that they themselves are- only if they were able to realize the richness of the soul that they are!

Ciao for now, will be back soon with another article, until then stay safe and stay wise, make every penny count and make it worthy of the soul that you are!

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