Planetary whispers for 2022

Since 2020, humanity has witnessed increasing strife and struggle in one way or the other! Whether it is a battle of an individual to meet the family needs and overcome the problems or about nations who wish to pursue some agenda (right or wrong is another story!) irrespective of anything- well we have seen all of this play out around us- at times in far away nations and yet at other times too close at home making us very uncomfortable! As a student of Jyotisha/ Vedic Astrology if you have mapped the movement of planets through the last 18-24 months, a singular piece that would have stood out would have been the dominance of Mangala (Mars), Shani (Saturn) and Rahu and their interplay. This is what has gone a long way ( if you frankly ask me) to serve humanity what it has ended up lapping up! 2022 is going to be not much different! Join me here we take a quick look and try to gauge what is that we must do and what is that we can avoid! This article aims to give you an overview and there’s no deep diving into the details, but map this content to your charts and you will sure enough be able to decode some secrets hidden from you in plain sight! So here we go!

The major factors for 2022 are going to be the continuing transit of Mangala (Mars), Shani (Saturn) and Rahu; their interplay especially the movement of Mangala through Makara (Capricorn), Meena (Pisces) when Shani is transiting in Makara (Capricorn) will be an intense period in many a sense! Those months overlap with change in weather patterns and can bring about some severe instances across the different parts of the world. Mother Nature will be very very active through a better part of 2022 and should we end up being at the wrong place at the wrong time- well we only have ourselves to blame! In general the Mangala (Mars) transit just a few signs ahead of Shani (Saturn) post June 2022 will also fail to get some meaningful respite as odd things will keep on popping up! Mars ends up the year being vakri (retrograde) as the 2022 arrives to an end- promising that some energies of 2022 end up getting carried into 2023 as well!

The other planets Buddha (Mercury), Shukra (Venus) along side Chandra (Moon) will continue to bring about some much needed peace and calm from time to time, but each time through their gochara (transit) when they get caught in the aspects of Shani (Saturn) or Mangala (Mars)- well you know what to expect by then! If you think, I have been forgetting to mention another set of great players for 2022, well you guessed it right- humanity will be reduced to nothingness without the mention of Rahu and Ketu! Their role through transit in Mesha (Aries) and Tula (Libra) respectively will finally tame the chaotic pandemic to a great extent toning it down to the levels of a mass scale viral fever if nothing more, with fewer and fewer fatalities and hospitalizations by the time 2022 ends. Healthcare workers should be able to plan their holidays peacefully finally in the last quarter of 2022! But if this is where the respite comes in, Rahu’s visit to Mesha (Aries) will see spike in matters related to violent incidents the world over! Call it regional strife, political stratagem, this will play on for much of 2022- at times sporadically and with tragic losses and yet at other times subtly. June to August is a period when it will be good to err on the side of caution as Mangala (Mars) joins Rahu in Mesha (Aries). By now, you may be wondering is there anything good about 2022 or should we call it 2021A! Well, hang on, there is a good enough glimmer of hope and the singular ray of sanity in all this planetary chaos and that is the beneficial transit of the mighty Guru (Jupiter) through Meena (Pisces)

Guru’s transit through 2022, will be the sole pivot which will help to keep things together and still ensure sanity is preserved even as sporadic incidents of senseless and insane acts occur- thanks to Rahu, Shani and Mangala! 2022, will be a tad easier to navigate for people who anchor their approach to life taking a cue from Surya (Sun) and Guru (Jupiter). Discipline, Faith, Devotion and an impeccable amount of high Satwik energy is what will ensure how smooth your ride is and how well you escape even the most trickiest situations that may come your way!

From the space of Geo-Politics, people and societies may begin to wonder if politicians ever will grow up! The same old rant’s and down talking for one or the other cause will be witnessed and Shani will ensure that all of this is consumed and transformed into social agitations, strikes, discord- at times manageable and at few other times chaotic! Judiciary and Higher offices within the government’s the world over will be severely tested and judicial activism will be very high as societies begin to loose faith in other constitutional mechanisms as politicians continue to do what they are generally considered to be good at doing- nothing! The US will see challenges and the political fabric will begin to change all over again- setting up the tone for 2024- economic fallacies will trigger and fuel this! US will continue to try and preserve its international dominance but will find it next to impossible without meaningful alliances and assertive communication which again will be faltering and jittery at their best! Read rising prices and an inflation steady but at a marginally higher level over the previous years!

Closer home, India will have a lot to talk about and take action about! It will be again the people in Uniform who will rise to the challenge and there will be (for a change) some wise political consensus and diplomatic skill which will help maintain and overcome the challenge! Domestic policies especially related to economy will continue to be the classic case of one step forward- two steps back and economic recovery will remain grey at it’s best! Basically rise in cost of living will be celebrated by being misread as rise of standard of living! Weather, Monsoon, tragic accidents all will make their presence felt- especially when Rahu-Mangala- Shani, Mangala-Shani and Rahu-Mangala-Shani connect through different times! Guru transit will continue to see a rejuvenation of the cause of Dharma- upholding the genuine ancient wisdom and this movement may also see some kind of formalization with help from govt. agencies- needless to say in the sea of genuine seekers, there will be some odd black sheep! Judiciary will be active and will keep up the pressure from time to time and play a role what ideally a strong opposition would have in the parliament! The leaders and the nation need to stay alert and will be able to give a fitting reply to misadventures of neighbors when challenges arise!

All in all, 2022 sure enough will see the end of the pandemic, but will also bring to forefront the realities of humanity- progress, strife, struggle, wars, oppression and reflection! What you choose more is what will eventually play out more! The golden rule to navigate 2022 is “Stick to Basics”, nothing more, nothing less! Depending on how your individual chart is, impacts of the transit will get altered- either amplified or mellowed- multiple factors go into deciphering that bit- but when you know you have some turbulent weather to fly through, strapping down your seat-belt certainly helps and for 2022 your seat-belt is going to be your way of connecting with the God that you worship and by staying focused on things and people that really matter! More the clutter around and withing you, more chaotic will 2022 be!

I leave you with these thoughts for now, will catch up soon with another piece as we begin the exciting journey into 2022! Stay connected, Stay Safe and Stay Blessed!

Published by Parimal Aluri

I am a coach,consultant and trainer. Human behaviour has been at the core of my studies through experience and academic pursuits. I am a certified practitioner for NLP, CBT and Mindfulness. Mental health- it's benefits and ramifications go a long way in creating societies which are inclusive and progressive. Through my writings, talks and engagements, aim to bring about positive change and progress-one person at a time! I am also a professional astrologer and offer consultations.Through my writings and engagements around astrology; I contribute in my little way to do away with misconceptions and complexities around astrology and try to make it more simpler and easy to understand so that the benefits that it offers can be enjoyed by a larger audience!

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