Through the mind of an astrologer.

If there has been anything that this great subject has taught me, apart from what the technical aspects that it brings along with; it is the great and perhaps the ever enduring lesson about human spirit, humility and that unfailing and unfaltering sense to surrender to a greater universal force- whichever way you may want to relate and address to it! Join me here as we take a sneak peek, into what perhaps the astrologer’s mind is all about and why it is so imperative and compelling to be able to sieve from what works and what does not and why at times things work out very well, yet a few other times they simply seem to stall for no reason! So here we go!

Like with any other subject, astrology, it’s study is no less easy- Sieving through the hundreds of translations across as many languages you can find them, encountering cryptic translations, at times clear, at times even more ambiguous, to this add the hundreds of known principles and guidelines laid down by the great exponents of this subject through the Vedic times and beyond, with a recent twist of modern observations, techniques and principles arrived at after pain taking research; the story of the nine planets, 27 nakshatras and that rising ascendant with the divisional chart- well, by now you have perhaps guessed it, is no simple task! Hence I said in one of my earlier articles, it is not astrology that fails, but perhaps astrologers who do fail– not because they are good or bad- simply because in that fleeting moment of time of analysis- they would have overlooked one component- which would have been the golden bullet to the query being dealt with! So now the question why does this happen or rather why can this happen?

Well, like with any other trained or acquired skill, astrology also banks on the competence of an individual, an ability to have a stronger memory , a better intuition, and a refined understanding and inference of what the classics mean. Moreover it also calls for reading, re-reading and continuing learning of facets as new and new research findings are made public. So, if you ever thought astrology is easy, well let me be honest, this is as complex as it can get, but it never calls for harnessing all the techniques or all the wisdom, all at once- simply because questions that are being asked may be simple or complex and a dash of common-sense, understanding of astrological basics and divine grace of the Lord are most of the time good enough to help an astrologer arrive at an accurate analysis and thereby help people with solutions and suggestions that enrich and better their lives.

The chart is more of a soul’s manifestation in human form in its spiritual journey and a cryptic code that must be read by the beholder of the chart for being able to progress the soul even as mundane duties of life are completed and fulfilled. This is the space where astrology can help people connect with their inner calling and also suggest how and why desires manifest as they do, indifference comes up as it does and why there is a push or pull over one area of the lifer over the other, why some people engagements are cordial and while some simply don’t seem to connect!

To make analysis in the time that someone may ask a question, calls for divine grace as well, no matter how many chart an astrologer sees, remembers how many principles- but in that fleeting moment when someone is in front or you, on a call or a chat, to be able to sense, relate and answer with certain degree of accuracy on the probability of an event happening or not- is simply impossible without divine grace! In fact if you notice, many a times people come to astrologers entrapped either aligned to their direction of journey or for re-confirmation or at other times, seeking help to get their bearings back! Either-ways as an astrologer to assist in space, knowing the modern day workings of the world is also as critical and vital as the ancient revered texts and principles!

People are often fascinated with the Yoga’s in a chart- seldom remembering to apply them to their modern interpretations! Add to this the confusion created by reinforcement of classical texts without proper thought, you have a scenario where everyone wants to be a kingmaker, politician or a business tycoon- which simply is not how it works! I had written a piece around this too and you can find it here!

People need to remember and astrologers too would do great service to the subject if they accept that they too are fragile humans with perhaps a gift of understanding a subject, which many don’t know more- simply because no school teaches it as a compulsory subject! Astrology, if you ask me, has three components- maths (which was used to create charts- which now a days software do with decent accuracy), principles and techniques (there are a few software’s which use algorithms based on these and provide narratives in the Kundli reports with varying levels of accuracy) and final prediction- that holy space of being able to decipher an outcome with certainty of probability and timing- this is where unless Divine Grace and Blessings are not there- people seem to struggle and at times their struggle gets rubbed off on people who come to seek help- simply because they said something and that seeded a chain of thoughts and actions which perhaps causes more chaos then solving what was meant to be solved!

Through my experience, what I have learnt and proactively practise- never ever to plant thought starters- that is not what we are meant to do! How would you feel if you went to a doctor to check if you have cold and the doctor suggested planting the virus into you- to check if you have or not! Well, not very encouraging right? Likewise when it comes to the space of astrology, the more you listen, the less you will have to speak and when you do, more often then not, you will have ample clarity with the details shared by the person asking the questions and that will give a more fitting contextual setting which is so vital to know the trim level of an individual!

Astrologer’s are as human as any other human and prone to success and failures in equal measure if they are not able to deploy their learning wisely and prudently! Perhaps the greatest mistakes that few astrologers tend to do is play God and that is where things begin to go horribly wrong, personally, irrespective of how much pressure, I have come under, I have always given and mentioned clear voice to one statement- God Willing! Unless that is there, no matter how good your chart is, or messed up your planets are, no good will come in and no harm will ever come your way!

Finally, as human beings and at the soul level, we are all connected and engaged through a common spiritual pursuits, some realize it, many do not, hence the bliss or struggle on ones’ life- astrology is unique for it is perhaps the only meaningful bridge that one can stand upon, traverse, observe and experience both- the material and the spiritual world in one gaze!

I leave you with these thoughts for now, will be back with another one, until then stay wise, stay safe and yes, do remembers- astrologers are only as human as you! Else the world would have been run and managed by them!

Published by Parimal Aluri

I am a coach,consultant and trainer. Human behaviour has been at the core of my studies through experience and academic pursuits. I am a certified practitioner for NLP, CBT and Mindfulness. Mental health- it's benefits and ramifications go a long way in creating societies which are inclusive and progressive. Through my writings, talks and engagements, aim to bring about positive change and progress-one person at a time! I am also a professional astrologer and offer consultations.Through my writings and engagements around astrology; I contribute in my little way to do away with misconceptions and complexities around astrology and try to make it more simpler and easy to understand so that the benefits that it offers can be enjoyed by a larger audience!

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