Planets or Nakshatras: What matters?

The most striking aspect of astrology, the moment you think you know, you know how little you know! As more and more people come across astrologers speaking about the whole space around evaluation of planets, then their aspects, yogas,dashas, transits etc. more and more people are getting curious to learn and understand the finer aspects of the Nakshatras and their role and impact on the planets as they pass through them in the birth chart and divisional charts alike! So how much does this matter, how relevant is this and what should an ordinary person understand from all this and how can one take an informed decision? Join me here as we try to explore this, based on what my personal learning has been through the last decades and something that continues even today!

When it comes to nakshatras there are two approaches, one is the approach wherein the Nakshatra lords are defined and they go on to create the characteristics of the nakshatra. Now we have another approach, wherein we have planetary lordships to these nakshatras! So within Aries we have three nakshatras- Ashwini-Bharani-Krittika whose lordships are Ketu-Venus-Sun respectively! This is where you come across the first divergence- so sure enough, the nakshatra lords of the three nakshatras- will go on to provide the defining characteristics to those nakshatras that they rule but as planetary lordships come into play there is a different layer of interpretation applied to them! So what is this all about!

Well, as I understand it and have seen it play out- the lagna nakshatra, and very very importantly the nakshatra of your moon in the D1 goes a long way to define who you are, your approach to life and your general disposition and attitude to it. This is the foundation on which all other layers get added upon by aspects of other planets (which again come through the colors of the prism of the nakshatras that they are traversing through!)

Next, as planets transit through a sign, they are at any point travelling through three nakshatras and even as they stay in the same sign, as they move through these nakshatras, there will be an impact in terms of manifestations and results that one may experience, sure enough the sensitiveness of that will depend on the planet, the sign, the house and other aspects or transits operating through, lest we forget the Dashas that are been played out! So all this sounds a little chaotic, isn’t it? Well, partly it is, but that’s what creates the differential impact and makes us who we are- similar but unique! So how should one approach this? What is important?

Well, If you ask me, focus on the lord of the ascendant- the nakshatra and the nakshatra of the moon to define the foundation and then check the operating dasha- the antardasha- their respective nakshatras and the transits that are been played out! There is really no need to keep entrenched into the details of the nakshatra unless there are some pressing and critical areas of concern that need to be checked and addressed. In a majority of the cases, planetary placements in the charts, transits and dashas give away vital clues and answer almost 90% of all queries that people may normally have them bothering! The important value of Nakshatra lords comes up especially when some rituals need to be done to pacify some negative impact of the nakshatra at specific times as prescribed by the shastras.

So to sum up, I will just leave you with these thoughts, urging you not to get drawn into details which may become overbearing unless and otherwise as required to address specific matters, and as I said even the fact whether one need to explore the chart at a nakshatra level- can be learnt the moment the chart is seen- some charts are simple- clear and communicative while others remain cryptic and that’s a good enough indication to move your focus to the nakshatras as well!

I will conclude here with these thoughts, it was a short write up, which I wanted to pen down just to let people know, not to be overwhelmed or confused as they seem to learn more and more new things every time they meet or access different resources!

Ciao for now, will be back soon with another article.

Gemstones and Astrology.

Very often the moment you have had a discussion with an astrologer the concluding remarks are either going to be some remedy to be done either by some ritual, some mantras or by ordaining some gemstones or having them given away! How much of this really suits the person and how much of all this really suits the astrologer and the jeweler is another story altogether! Join me here as we try to make some real sense of what is it about gemstones and if they really tick or do they tick us off!

Continuing to be a student of astrology- something that, I will always be- as I sieved through some classical texts and mentions, there are references to the concept and details associated with gemstones in the Garuda Purana to begin with, Sure enough there have been references to gems earlier too and also later many astrologers have worked to study and understand the efficacy and application to manage, sustain or reverse the situations for seekers who would have approached them. Through the ages there have been broadly two schools which have developed- one is a school which says that one must wear the gems of the most benefic planet in the chart and then we have the other school of thought that suggest wearing the gem to pacify the malefic or negative impact of a planet in a chart! This is where the experimentation begins, not to forget, there is more detail to be checked as many astrologers would tell you (and rightly so) it’s never only about one’s birth chart and the planets therein, its also about the D9 chart and also about the chart that governs specific areas of your life say the D10 or the D30 and also depends on the transits and Dasha and Antardasha period- so in a way as good as a comprehensive way of reading the chart. But this is where the opportunity to simplify things is and this is what I will share with you- largely based on my understanding and experience as I have seen through over the last two decades and more!

Apart from the mention in Garuda Purana, there are also mythological stories around how gems came to be formed- if you have time you may like to go through this story as well! If you read the ancient texts, there are two basic aspects around them, mythology- which largely as part of science- we know is part real and part exaggeration. The exaggeration through mythology has always meant to serve a specific purpose- to enable and direct the thinking of the society which adheres to a particular belief system to that pre-decided direction- so that there is no ambiguity, contradiction or controversy around that space. At times this has helped and yet at some other times, the inability to contextually frame the right space around what is witnessed in real, what was earlier said has caused unwanted controversy and conflicting narratives which have only gone to do disservices to the use of gems and astrology. So, you may be wanting to know what is the right way then? Well read on!

The ancient times, when these great vedic texts were created by the masters, as they applied religion, theology and science to what they experienced and observed around and within, the whole construct was to suit and enable progress for the society as it was structured then. Hence a lot of ancient prescriptions about the way to use and not to use also reflected that bit! But what has perhaps remained steadfast is the alignment of gems to specific planets and that one thing has been beyond any confusion, thankfully! Through the ancient times, people were largely workers, unless you were the King of a kingdom or the member of the court, you would have been a farmer, a hunter a warrior or an artisan- in any vocation that you would have chosen to be in- by virtue of your lineage- you access to obtain and wear gems would have been pre-decided and limited! Personally, I find there to be two sensible reasons for this kind of prescription to wear gems, one- it could have been aligned to the availability in the contextual setting of a kingdom and secondly it could have been to exercise more control, and order within the society so that unwanted and untamed egos and emotions don’t crop up within the intra-groups of a society and finally there is indeed a possibility that for few kingdoms these gems then would have been akin to federal reserve of today’s nations! To all of this when we add the ability of sages, pundits and astrologers to be able to understand , interpret and communicate the allowed use of gems- well it’s anyone’s guess how that would have progressed! Sure, enough not all interpretations would have been off the mark or not everything would have been wrong- the important fact that we must pay attention to is that, what was permissible, intended purpose and method pertaining to use of gems may no longer be relevant in the context of the times that we live today completely as it would have been ages ago! So what this means is that although the alignment of planets to specific gems stays, how we go about it has to be studied and applied alongside considerable modern thought! So what’s the simplified way to apply for today?

Sure enough, great modern day masters of gemstones and astrology can tell you elaborate rituals that one must perform before wearing them and choosing them so on and so forth, but I will share with you what I have seen working through the last twenty years or so and if that helps you, it should be great for you as well- because that’s simple! If you don’t agree, no stress you have the detailed pathway that great masters can always guide you along! So here go!

Like the classical texts of astrology also say, the most benefic gemstone for you that you can use through your lifetime, would be the one related to the lords of the 1st, 5th or 9th houses, the yogakaraka planet. Importantly though, one must also check the strengths of the planet under consideration in the Navamsha as well and depending on what area of life, one what’s to create an impact- say for work related- D10 etc. and see how the planetary strength has improved or reduced and that too will give you a clue to what planet gem you should be going in for! Now a days, many astrological software’s help in this space and the selection of a gem normally is pretty accurate and straightforward, but as the transits take place across the different houses and influence a push or pull to the benefic planet as the transiting planets aspect the various houses of your natal chart and the planets thereon, the flux changes- this is one space- when even after wearing a gem -nothing seems to change- simply because possibly the transiting planet- is becoming more powerful either by virtue of the sign of its transit, the house , the aspect, the association or all of these or a combination of any of these facts- and if this is just about D1, think about applying that same aspect of study to the D9 as well and then you will begin to see clearly why a gemstone helped or not when you last used it! If I have not confused you enough,by now, try applying the operating Dasha and the Antardasha and see the association of those planets, their lordships with the planet whose gemstone has been recommended and you will start to see things which you possibly had missed!

To keep it really simple, it’s advisable to go in for a weighed analysis of the gem that has been earmarked for you, as Dashas and Antardasha change, you may be required to wear or removes a gem- that is how it works- the gem of your yogakaraka or the lords of the 1,5 or 9 too can be worn throughout, however the impact and effect that they can give or not will largely depend on the planets whos dashas one is running and also the transit aspect! So you see choosing a gem is not that simple, neither is it that complicated, it’s about knowing how planets are aligned to serve you, what is that they are whispering to you and then just ensuring that you are in congruence to that universal space- that is what your birth chart is all about! Think about it, if your birth chart wasn’t right for you, why would have you come to life in that very moment!-There must have been a reason and the reason is that all the resources that you need to lead the life that you have been given are all aligned through the moment of your birth- Hence as long as you continue to tread on a path that keeps you moving along the designated path- you find life a walk and the moment you have taken a detour wittingly or unwittingly- that walk becomes a climb and yet for a few others a never ending maze to search and seek what was lost in a fleeting moment! So do gems really work? That million dollar question!

The gems work, if you work! Let’s keep it straight- If you were to meet up with masters you practise healing through crystals or gems, you will get to learn more and more about how the vibrations of a few crystals are naturally resonant and attuned to specific individuals and that’s how we tend to develop natural liking to colors, tastes, locations, it’s all hard-wired into the elemental form that we are! What is important to note is that, even as gems have the ability to influence and create that space of calm around- the whole idea is to create that space so that your ability to pursue what you must is not impacted and you are able to steer you way through the chosen path that you must walk through- so as an analogy you can consider your gems to be that fire proof cloak or that body armor that is there to protects you- so like any warrior- you choose your armor based on the war that you are walking into- a right armor will help and the wrong one will harm! Importantly it’s not the armor that wins the battle- it’s “You” and your ability to win is enhanced by ensuring you get enough space, focus and the right resources around for that definitive victory and that is what gems really do! You may also be wondering what about if gems really have power by themselves?

Ask a person who was given a diamond, pearl, blue sapphire or a coral to wear when none was needed and you will get your answer! Like everything else, the gems even as they reside in their ores are bathed in the cosmic radiations that reaches each aspect of our planet- The Sun- the all encompassing life force and its radiation give life, energy to every aspect that we touch and observe around us! Gems are forged in the fire of the earth and what takes birth out of fire- is virtually indestructible! Few great masters have also mentioned elaborate rituals for gems- for this reason alone that they have this latent energy and that must be aligned to the person who wears them to create resonances to accelerate progress and stall malefic impacts. My personal point here, though is slightly different, not to disrespect to anyone though, the gems have formed millions of years ago- only to be found perhaps a few thousand years ago as humanity evolved and progressed- so as humans trying to ritualise and empower something that already existed long before anything else did on the planet is a little unscientific for me to digest! The pathway where I leave this aspect is that- gems have their own intrinsic power/value which can be perhaps aligned and made more resonant with the person who wishes to ordain them through the suggested rituals of the ancient texts, but as I said earlier- they were written for a time that was and we are now in a time that is!

I will leave you here, for you too to reflect and ponder on what’s the pathway that you wish to take in the times ahead, so that we respect the power of the gem within the stone and also respect the formidable spirit that the human should presents itself with, no matter how daunting the times or how severe the challenge!

Ciao for now, will be back soon with another article, until the stay safe, wear that gem and be a gem of a person too!

Transit of Mars-Rahu-Ketu 2020

Earlier I had written a short piece on the forthcoming transits. This one is to add a layer to the earlier piece! As Mars moves into Aries, where it will stay for sometime, then move back to Pisces and finally coming back into Aries in November will create a spectacle as far as signification of Mars are concerned and depending on the houses that it transits and the relationship with the house lords and the operating Dasha etc, individuals will feel the impact of this transit!

From a regional and global perspective, Mars will continue to create an impact through natural calamities and the world will see a rise in accidents related to signification of Mars and Saturn (Mars will have it’s eight aspect on Saturn and will be transiting the fourth place from Saturn!) Though Jupiter will have its fifth aspect- being retrograde may not be very helpful though! Mars in Aries will have its fifth aspect on Sun and Mercury thereby creating stress in areas of finance, wealth creation and government related matters for nations across the world. Importantly in India as Sun and Mercury transit the 4th house, Rahu arriving in the lagna and Mars transiting through 12th house, challenges will be there and multiple! Jupiter transiting through the 8th, being retrograde and Rahu arriving on Lagna (with natal rahu being there), one will see an increased activity of Self-Assertion and Dominance especially through diplomatic channels post September/October 2020. There will be considerable fog and smokescreens to be dealt with at national and international levels.

There may be cases of public unrest in pockets and issues will be wide ranging and the need of the hour will be a clear communication from leaders to share solutions and pathways for people to abide and be guided by!

It will help much if travel remains restricted and public transport is encouraged as the transit of Mars will signify a marked increase in accidents -owing to recklessness and in a few cases mechanical faults. This is the time that emphasizes the need to adhere to the rule book and avoid cutting the corners! Time to guard against health issues that are signified by Mars and Saturn! Things will commence to improve as Jupiter comes back in Capricorn and Sun moves away from Leo into Virgo!

Prayers never harm! whatever your belief system, choosing to pray, stay disciplined and following a routine, may help to calm unwanted anxiety and help one align to the universal energies that help more and protect!

Travel only if you must, No cutting corners during travel, adhere to the rules, guard your health – significations related to Saturn and Mars-and stay safe- stay wise!

Ancient Yogas & Modern Interpretation.

Perhaps the greatest blessing of astrology as a subject remains in the fact that it is by far one of the most authentic texts since it has been given the place as a Vedanga alongside Ayurveda and Yoga. The three branches get go on to make a complete holistic human experience! However the challenge has been that not all and not everyone have been able to grasp the nectar of this subject like the proponents or the ancient masters did even as they lay the foundations of this subject and that has lead to unwanted chaos and confusion among modern day believers, non-believers, astrologers and students like me! One such area has been the pertaining to the modern day interpretation of the much talked and discussed aspect of astrology- the yogas in the chart- or the planetary combinations which ascertain certain outcome with remarkable accuracy and reproducibility- so much so that people are naturally aligned ot seek these first every time a chart is presented! Charts too are again like the people whom they represent and reflect- at times they are vocal and communicative and yet at some other times are as non-communicative and discrete as a human can be! Join me here as we try to understand if there are indeed ways to decipher old aspects and see how well they can be mapped to our modern day contexts- for if there’s anything that has ever remained present through the ageas- it has been the fundamental construct of the the human form-the way it has been with all the hues of emotions and intellect that go on to progress or stall the soul held within the form!

To begin with, astrology was propounded and practised extensively at a time when the extent of complexity of society was far less than what we see today in the context of choices, approaches and pathways that are available to humans to achieve or realise the same desires that have governed humans through the ages- albeit with a overtone of the modern day contexts coming in with as time progressed! Consider this, so when a chart projects a Raj Yoga- it doesn’t necessarily mean that the person will end up being crowned as a ruler- rather what it means is that the person will live a life holding on to a status which is certainly above and over what it was at the time of birth through self-application and putting in the efforts in the direction that one is meant to! Some other yogas speak about access to wealth- land- favours from the king- so on and so forth! The point that gets missed in all this mele is that- all this yogas and their interpretations were more relevant to the times when these git initially written and were more of a contextual fit to the times of society then. In the modern day contexts- these very yogas mean and imply different things and it will be only wise to use the present context while deciphering and judging the power of yogas displayed in the charts as people come in for discussions and deliberations of such yogas as they form!

If you were to ask me, sticking to the fundamental basics of astrology and predicting charts as suggested by great masters is the right path to be on- when it comes to evaluating the relevance and impact of yogas displayed it will make great sense to know the person’s contextual settings in the life and environment- although this can be read through the chart- but never forget- human beings are but a product of the people that they are surrounded with alongside their contextual settings. So you may have the best of the charts, but if the person has been living a life hemmed between severely imposing popeel around that stifle that person’s approach and freedom- needless to say manifestation of the yogas will not happen the way they seem to suggest. You may want to ask at this point, should the chart also indicate this kind of unbecoming contextual setting through the 2nd or 4th house, well the answer is yes and no, yes if its a communicative chart- no if the chart is overlaid with multiple scenarios of personalities being adaptable and switching based on the dynamic surroundings and not to forget every other person interacting with you also has a chart and every interaction will bring in the impact of that chart and the planets therein- how much that will impact depends on the extent of influence and the amount of time spent with that person! So if you are in the shadow of a figure whose yogas are even more powerful and the current time is favorable- that hadow will have the power of protecting and keeping at bay some of your limitations of adversities! Sure enough this can be also be seen from the chart- but again depth and extent of impact remains a fleeting challenge- not that it can’t be deduced!

The modern day interpretation of yogas need to factor in, all the classical techniques like reading the operating dasha/antardasha, the strength/weakness of the dasha lords and sub lords, impacts of transits the houses being impacted and so on and so forth but at the same time- understanding the context of the individual- the background, the modern day societal challenges been faced are critical to know for gauging accurately the potency of the said yogas will be vital to know who much of the yoga will manifest to begin with and to what extent! This drives the trim level and creates the upper limit that the soul can experience through action and inaction! You may have two people having the same Gaja-Kesari yoga in the same houses and same signs but one may end up becoming a successful politician or a police officer while the other may just end up being a uncrowned community head in a village- hence the contextual truth of the individual is vital and knowing the immediate societal construct is as well necessary to gauge how well the yogas will operate and to what extent they will be able to progress through the lifetime of an individual!

As I see it, and what has been helpful – has been the singular fact that as astrologers, we have a duty of care and safeguarding to ensure that the soul is on the path of progression despite the compelling odds and benefic influences and stays anchored to the path that it must to reach its final frontier- not that we are shepherds of the soul and we can influence individuals to that extent but even the slightest action that we take through world or suggestion should be aligned to this greater cause so that our miniscule contribution ensures that the souls is in the trajectory that it is meant to be! As a modern day astrologer- knowing the person is of great importance because it’s only when the connect is done will you be able to see the hue of emotions and the layers of chaos and ambiguity that the soul is perhaps fighting against and it is this very battle which is perhaps creating challenges in the manifestations of the yogas whose time has come or it could be that the overindulgence of life has set up this person to ignore or overlook what is of importance! Well, for sake of argument, one may always say- that everything is but there in the chart- sure it- the challenge here is not about how well one is able to read the chart- the challenge here is how well are you able to create value for the soul who is front of you by appreciating the contextual constructs around it which bind and liberate it-always remember- the soul is the extension of the universal energy and writing it has the power to rewrite its future no matter what the contextual settings would have been at the time of assuming the human form! An astrologer who knows to connect with this formless soul knows where to start and where to stop once the communication with the soul has been established and the narrative of the soul has been read well! Eventually, souls are on a journey across the universe in a carefully choreographed orchestra- the symphony of which, is directed by the energies of the Universe- which we all know and define that universal energy differently based on who we are and what our belief system is!

My experience has been that, once you are connected with the person whose chart you are deciphering and have known the person in the contextual settings than you will be able to define and accurately pinpoint the extent and depth of the manifestation of present yogas.You will then also be able to explain, seemingly unseen manifestations- for they will almost always be an extension of the influence of the immediate inner circle of the person whose chart you are dealing with!

I will leave you eher, with these thoughts urging you to connect with the charts and the souls that hold them through contexts of today even as you apply the wisdom of yesteryears!

Ciao for now, will be back soon with another article, until then stay wise, stay connected and stay humble!

Decoding charts.

Astrology is as fascinating as anything else in the universe can be! The more you learn about it, the more you realise how little you have known about it! Even in today’s age, the emphasis to have a proper “guru” to guide and teach you, speaks a lot about the subject by itself and drives home the point why every astrologer needs to be a continuing student for life- no matter how successful or popular one is! Join me here as we try to understand, why and how charts are decoded and why that works and why at some yet other time that fails!

To begin with one must do away with the complete fog around astrology- that many believe is about knowing you future. This overbearing focus to unravel the future which incidentally plays well to the anxious mind- hardly does any justice to the great depth and vastness of the subject! Astrology is more about unravelling who an individual is as a “soul”and a great pathway to understand what is the karmic connection and action that this soul holds within and how that will manifest! Given the times that we live in, and sure enough not to blame anyone- everything and anything boils down to recording success through the singular aspect of one being rich by wealth! The fact though remains that at the time when the great masters of astrology formulated this path- the greatest richness of an individual has always meant to align and synchronise with the “ability, readiness and progress of the soul on the path of knowledge and salvation by knowing the unknown and connecting with the supreme power”! This can be read through the various translations given for the great yogas which form in astrological charts of the chosen few- If you read them you will understand the emphasis on knowledge and righteousness being the foundation for everything and wealth in terms of material wealth perhaps has always been the least of all that accounted to make an individual to be known as successful, noble or a great human being- the emphasis always was about an enriched human existence through compassion, kindness, sharing, collaboration and service unto others and that is the fundamental truth of all the great yogas that ever have been the hallmark of great humans who have walked on this planet!

So you see the chart, is more about a window to your soul- knowing who you are what your construct is and what is that you want to express yourself as- by choosing to do what and this whole space is what is the essence of the chart that you arrive with- that critical time that you are born at!

Your chart is a great tool to know what tick you and ticks you off, hence in a way helps you to stay focussed on people and activities that help you and keep you away from all that doesn’t serve the purpose of your soul and your journey as the life that you have taken. Now you may want to still ask then what about the future? Well, sure enough it does show, but the important aspect is that the right contextual framework need to be built around even as you attempt to either understand your future or you want to help someone else understand it better- you being their astrologer! Consider this, you may come across some Dhana Yoga in a chat- now to know if this Dhana Yoga will make someone a millionaire or a billionaire is all about the contextual setting of where this person is born- which family what place and what is available to him around his surroundings and what is his support system- sure enough all that can be known through the chart- but- even as you discuss, deliberate- the wise astrologer knows well enough to let the person know what the trim level is- you see all of us are not space rockets that can escape the earth’s orbit and be in space- few of us are equipped to fly a few thousand feet higher than the others and few others more higher than the others- that kind of contextual setting is very important to provide clarity to students and believers of astrology as they approach you for counsel or advise and when you don’t’ know for sure- saying it helps everyone! So if your Dhana Yoga has assured you an x amount which is 10 times what you started with in life- that’s your trim level, if your Dhana Yoga assures you 100 times than what you started your life that’s your trim level- even if you try to break the ceiling go beyond and achieve something incrementally more- that effort will mind boggling and all that incremental acquisition will get wiped off as that is not what is aligned to the progress of your soul! So understanding this fundamental trim level and accepting is the first and foundational requirement for astrology to help you in any manner and get any bearing for the journey of your soul in times ahead!

Once the base has been established and you have made peace by accepting your trim levels, the next space around is about simplifying the approach and the concepts provided in this vast subject of astrology- with so many classics, so many great scholars and proponents coming up with varied findings and so many modern day translations for similar planetary placements and having few times diametrically opposite views comings from different schools of thoughts, it’s but obvious that for astrologers or even for believers there exists a fog looming low and at times throws even the best astrologer off guards and leads to erroneous predictions! So is there a way around this? but why does this happen? Well, read on!

Once you fix the basics, as we discussed above, agree to the trim level and have a greater contextual understanding of the person whose chart you are reading or deliberating upon, the only real and wise approach is to follow the basics as given by the great sages and apply the slokas as mentioned without adding or tweaking your biases beyond a point that things start to fall apart! If the slokas were written anywhere between 5000-10000 years ago and have held ground for that kind of a time period the chances are they still do and what is limiting is your ability to infer or interpret them correctly! The biggest problems happen when astrologers try to come up with explanations to justify what’s’ unfolding by seeing the chart, rather then being able to tell what’s unfolding by seeing the chart and that’s where the big difference lies- both these things look similar but are in reality poles apart! A wise astrologer will be able to see the chart and tell that there is a problem with the chart right away- as soon as there is something amiss and which doesn’t seem to add up to the story- trying to fit into life events by attributing reasons retrospectively, well is another ball game- few find that valid and I dare not comment on that!

If this is not enough, then we have the whole plethora of divisional charts to justify something that was supposedly amiss in the birth chart! Well the real issue with that is – very few and rarest of the rare charts would have that kind of a cryptic birth chart and more expressive divisional chart, which would compel an astrologer to deep dive so much into the things- to give you an analogy- this is like going in for a brain surgery to fix a headache! There are really few and very few charts which are that cryptic which call for that kind of detailed precision to find things that aren’t forthcoming in the birth chart and these charts are really rare! So when astrologers begin to rattle off more reasonings on why events have happened because the way they did by digging on the divisional charts- you know, possibly you need another approach to your chart and life!

Add to all this that space of remedial measures right from rituals, gemstones to temple visits and what not- no wonder you come across many people really tired and more resigned to their fate then you would normally come across! In all this mele, getting more ambiguity to astrology as a subject and something that should have simplified our approach to life seems to be more complicated than our lives! So what’s perhaps the right way?

Astrology is all about simplicity, clarity and practicality. The soul has come to the human form- not asking the permission of any astrologer- that is where from where you begin! The astrologer can only counsel and advise a soul to understand it’s pulls and pushes and allow the soul to decide what is bets for it and that’s what eventually happens- no matter how many times an astrologer says one things, people end up doing the opposite and t time are all fine and few time end up complicated- so this goes to drive the point that- the ability to guide and counsel the soul is paramount and this has to be done in keeping with simple approaches as suggested by the masters and getting into increasing level of complexity of the subject only as required by the soul! It helps everyone when asn astrologer says- I don’t know- because then it’s a big opportunity to learn about a soul and why acts manifest the way they do and that opens up a completely new understanding about the universe as as collective entity of connected souls!

If you ask me, my personal take is that the birth chart and the navamsha are just as fine to solve majority of the concerns of the people who seek guidance. To this add the layer of planetary transits and operating mahadasha and antardasha and you have almost covered up a great aspect to arrive at right suggestions, knowing the nakshatra, the graha avasthas, the shadbalas and the associated aspects complets the holistic understanding and even after knowing all of this, if there’s anything that can’t be deduced, always remember it’s fine to say, “I don’t know” rather then start digging into the charts all over again and running through other divisional charts- just to try and retrofit an event to some indicator in some chart!

Astrology is perhaps one of those few subjects that never allows you to say, “I know it all” and ensures that you are anchored, humble and a student for life and importantly the sheer inability to know all and predict all, reinforces the belief in the supreme power- no matter what belief you follow or not! The great realization that there is a universal connect among all the souls among all humans, animal and plant forms with intertwined karmic connection is the essence of astrology in the real sense of it! Whether it’s the interplay that you have among other humans, animals or plants that you come across, every engagement is a shift of your karmic balances either helping your soul’s progress or creating challenges for you to overcome! Hence the universal philosophy always holds good- to be of service to others and strive for the greater good for one and all at all times! This alone is what the whole essence of guiding and reading through charts is all about- it is about holding people to the path that is walkable, practical and helpful to their souls journey rather them limit the whole practise to finding job, getting married and knowing about kids-all this, when we all know – none of this is permanent; If there’s indeed anything that’s eternal and forever its your own soul and thats about it!

I leave you with these thoughts, urging you to have fresh look and approach to the subject of astrology- both as a student or as as practitioner and experience, for yourself how that helps or accelerates your soul’s journey in the time ahead!

Ciao for now, will be back soon with another article, until then stay safe, stay wise and stay connected! Remember we are all logged into the Universal Soul Network and whether we like it or not- every aspect of what we do- we end up creating pathways to connect and disconnect from each other on one way or the other!

Transits- Time to watch!

On Aug 1 2020, Venus moves into Gemini, Mercury moves into Cancer on 2 Aug 2020 , Sun moves into Leo on 16 Aug 2020 and on the same day Mars into Aries! If these transits weren’t enough as yet, we have the much awaited transit of Rahu and Ketu coming up on 23 September 2020. As these developments play out- Jupiter keeps its watch from Sagittarius and Saturn from Capricorn- albeit the of them being retrograde! Sure enough Saturn will commence its direction motion end September- but the interplay between Saturn and Mars will be a major cause of worry especially as Rahu lodges itself in Taurus!

The Mars transit will have a pronounced impact on weather, natural calamities and again increase accidents- Mars plays a long haul in Aries- and will be based out of Aries for a pretty long time then usual- Mars in Aries will be fourth from Saturn and needless to say will be a cause of worry- Social unrest- discord between administrators and society will seem to go on the way things are playing out across societies the world over! The only saving grace being the limited check by Jupiter through its fifth aspect on Mars which may be the only silver lining through the months until Jupiter assumes direct motion!

Rahu’s transit will cause sudden incidents and sudden spikes in consumption patterns of luxuries as markets begin to open up and this will once again bring forth the ugly divide between the societies the world over! Societies will see their finest and darkest hour live side by side through the Rahu transit and the the first three months will be every sharp and evident! Industries related to travel, hospitality, beverages, wellness, healing will eventually see picking up of business and orders! Things will start to improve for this sectors from November and these industries will create enough confidence so that as economies begin to open up more and more businesses are again embraced by customers and the global machinery is put back in action!

Closer home-India; Rahu transits through the first house, Mars will play its part transiting the 12th house, Jupiter transits the 8th house and Saturn the 9th house of India’s chart. There will be again a rise of incidents pertaining to external threat to the nation and the same, will be no doubt addressed with resolve. Agriculture and Industrial outlook will continue to be stressed for much of the year. Diplomatically, India will have to re-assess its approach and put in more efforts to ensure that no unwanted confusion or misunderstandings are allowed to creep into strong alliances that India has! Price rise, unemployment and sluggishness of the the economy will stay pretty much until the end of the year!

Individually, one needs to check where the transits are happening, which houses and what is the operating dasha and antradhas during this time- A major dasha of a benefic planet will be able to safeguard much of malefic impact of a negative transit- however if there is a reinforcement of negative impact- then due care and precaution must be taken with regards to the signification of the house where the transits are happening and the houses which are getting aspected through the transits! As much as possible avoid any major decisions until November- unless Jupiter becomes direct! Allow Rahu to whisper what it wants to – during these first three months- that will basically set the tone for the coming 18 months!

Stay humble, Stay wise, Stay grounded and Pray- this is what these transits are telling humanity for now!

Know the real dominance in your chart.

Many a times, people are left wondering what is that works for them and whats is that isn’t working! This short piece is about sharing my experience as I read through multiple charts and came across interesting souls through my journey of astrology! Join me and read along!

The impact of the Birth Chart and the Navamsha Chart – D1 and D9 is undoubtedly the foundation of who you are! An accurate birth chart is from which all other divisional charts flow and whisper in greater details specific aspects what they each represent and each of these divisional charts will show their presence when their time arrives and they will enact the way they are supposed to- based on the inherent strength of the D1 and the enhancement or weakening of the same in specific charts! The interplay of the planets through the divisional charts by virtue of the different signs and nakshatras that they go to occupy provides vital insights and specific details into how a particular aspect will manifest when the time arrives- whether it will be world event that one can expect or whether it will be the local award ceremony at the county level!

The next layer is the operating Dasha and Anatardasha period that individuals experience as they progress. Furthermore, there are different Dasha system calculations, hence a wise way would be to consider at least a few of them (2-3 of them) to predict with greater accuracy with regards to the probability of an event occurring and importantly the intensity of the event!

The final important layer if, you ask me is the transit of Saturn from your natal moon in the chart- yes the regular transit if Saturn- because unlike any other planet, Saturn has profound impact for a long period of a minimum of 12.5 years out of it’s 30 year return cycle. It is within these 12.5 years in each of the 30 year cycles that the most important and life changing events are experienced by an individual- whether they help or create obstacles largely depends on the purpose of the soul’s journey! These 12.5 year period corresponds to the 7.5 year cycle of Sade Saati and the short, but intense periods of the 4th and 7th Saturn from the natal moon!

To these three fundamental aspects, add the layer of the nakshatras that each planets belong to in the birth chart and there you have the complete understanding of what is likely to unfold! Not to forget, when it comes to the transits, the effects and impacts get presented through the house signification that the transits are happening over and how much engagement they have with the natal moon in the birth chart!

Normally, in birth charts, you will often see that a balance is achieved and this dynamic balance negates negative influences of one of the factors with the positive impacts of the other variables- so say, if you have Jupiter Dasha and Jupiter is exalted in the 9th house, even as you experience Saturn cycle either the 4th, 8th or even the Sade Saati for that matter, the negative impacts will be far less pronounced than otherwise. This is possible as long as Jupiter is strong enough to hold fort both in the D1 and D9, now if Jupiter gets weakened in the D9, than it indicates an ever-going space of mixed results through the Saturn cycles and the net outcomes end up being the result of the transits of other planets as well- which nudges the result in a certain direction!

The whole premise is to understand that there is never any singularity when it comes to an individual’s chart. It is always the push and pull of the multiple developments that are continually evolving. The best, what one can do is understand from which area the next challenge is likely to come and to try and mitigate the same, remember it will not go away, only the impact will possibly get softened by proactive measures and other helpful planetary transits and operating dashas (if they are helpful or favorable). The biggest fallacy that individual’s end up with is ending up thinking in the singular direction of the most dominant planet in their chart (at least what appears to be), whereas the fact may be that the real movers and shakers in that chart could be someone whom you would completely missed out or overlooked!

I will leave you with these thoughts here, urging you top appreciate that, it’s never about a few planets, few dashas or few transits, what you are and what the purpose of your soul is- It is the sum total of everything that goes around as displayed in your chart- few things you start to like and few you find difficult to accept- when you reach a state of indifference and begin to seek the real purpose of your soul’s journey- that’s when magic will happen and every transit, every planet, nakshatra and dasha will only seem to help you more and more! Go ahead and find the real purpose of your soul!

Ciao for now, will be back soon with another article!

The nakshatra’s that matter.

If you are familiar with vedic Astrology, by now as a practitioner or a as believer you would be certainly aware about the relevance of the nakshatras (the stars- more appropriately the 27 stars which are spread across the 12 zodiac signs! Needless to say they are the essential constituents of the zodiac sign and many a characteristics/traits in terms of planets moving through a sign under a particular nakshatra will alter the response and attributes displayed by an individual in the area of significance- that is the house where this sign gets placed under that relevant nakshatra!

As one dives deeper and deeper in the vast ocean of vedic astrology, it becomes to become more and more clear, why only predicting through planetary significance and house significance may never be able to tell the whole story and how the nakshatra makes the whole difference- at times being life changing!

Given the limitations of a blog, I will discuss with you further, my experiences with regards to- what I believe- as the most important nakshatra’s in an individual’s chart!- The nakshatra of your ascendant and the nakshatra in which your Moon is placed! No matter what all goes around, what other planetary placements are, how favorable or adverse your dashas are, the whole pivot of your ability to enjoy, sustain, survive or build your life depends invariably on these two cardinal nakshatras! Let me explain…

The ascendant nakshatra is all about what is that you are- who U are- The “soul” force behind your purpose of wearing the human form, the reason why you are born in a particular nakshatra and a specific “pada” (each nakshatra is divided into 4 padas or divisions in vedic astrology- nakshatras have the same deity across all padas- but for those who follow the principle of planetary rulership of nakshatra- that changes with every pada) is more about what you have earlier accumulated and how that accumulation has to be utilized in this birth- whether you have been a great soul who has come back to finish some tasks and progress on- or whether you have been one of those many souls who are trapped for eternity in the karmic cycle of re-birth on account of piled up karmic manifestations!

Nothing more in the world is more dynamic and evident than karma- action and inaction- with or without intent- all that is done- which doesn’t serve the greater good and your soul- will keep you tied up to the chains of bondage and baggage which are nothing but pure drag and a forces that act steadfastly against the progression of ones’ soul!

The Ascendant nakshatra is thus a picture of what you have been, are and will be- the moment we are born- that very moment the whole universe is aligned to make us go through what the soul has set up itself for! Coming to the Nakshatra of the Moon; the Moon is the significator of the discerning mind- the human mind is what makes us human and defines our identity- form each other and among other life forms- the uniqueness of our Mind makes us who we are- As master’s have said it- Thoughts maketh the man! What we think, on an ongoing basis- second to second is what we are and will eventually become! The Moon is the same for everyone, the nakshatra division that it occupies makes us think the way we do- this is why we see an ocean of human emotions, varying in intensity, color and design! Add to this the aspect of the Ascendant nakshatra- you have got the complete package of who You really are!

This unique combination of the ascendant nakshatra and the Moon nakshatra – taking into account the specificity of the pada of the nakshatra’s – gives a comprehensive understanding of the person that an individual is- what drives you, how you think, how you will react, where is your nudge point, what you may like, dislike, what pace you are comfortable with- every aspect of what goes on to make us uniquely who are are can be ready by just studying these two nakshatras; not to forget factoring any other planetary aspects/ presence in those houses which will go on to add another layer and veil to the personality that an Individual is!

The nakshatra of your moon and your ascendant can easily provide an insight on what your basic, intrinsic, mechanisms are- what is that your soul believes and holds on to- whether you like to fight because that comes naturally to you, or whether you believe in risk avoidance- whether you like simplicity, or whether you like to shine bright and be visible always or stay aloof and enjoy your solitude- all these behavioral approaches/traits and response mechanisms can be studied by knowing these two nakshatras!

Sure enough, operating transits, dashas and antardasha’s and the planetary positions – their strengths and weakness will impact and either amplify or limit the intrinsic qualities of the ascendant nakshatra and moon nakshatra- but eventually no matter what you do and how far you reach or how high you soar, eventually it will always boil down to these two nakshatra’s and what you achieve or miss will be in a way or the other a factor of these two alone! There could be veils and layering of the manifestation – how the events unfold- mild- intense- harsh – slow- fast- but the trajectory and the direction will almost always be certain since our reaction and action to life comes from the depths of our ascendant and Moon nakshatra’s! Think about it! When you say, you are thinking, it is your Moon- the mind- and the way it is thinking is aligned to the naskshatra that is impacting it alongside your ascendant which is active each moment of your life ever since you are born and remains so until your last moment! So how can this help us?

Knowing your ascendant and moon nakshatra well, whether you want to follow the Deities that they represent or the planetary lordship or both, it will make great sense to align the path of your life with regards to the activities that you plan to do- education, work, charity with these two nakshatras of the ascendant and the moon. Once you have aligned this way- you will see- your unnecessary struggles fade away, with that goes away the unwanted clutter of people and things that add no value to your soul and your mind! This makes your life all that bit lighter and propel you on the path of your journey sans the unwanted baggage and drag of unproductive people and things!

You ascendant nakshatra is who “you” are in the essence of the soul that you are and the nakshatra of the Moon is aligned to this soul to enable it to progress on the journey that is has to undertake holding this human form! The more aligned they are with each other, your journey becomes that bit easier and smoother, when there is dissonance by virtue of intrinsic attributes of each of these nakshatras with regards to each other- you keep progressing ahead- with the day-in and day-out battles within your mind and those never ending conflicts between what you heart says and what the mind tells you! When dissonance exists- as it will manifest in majority of the cases-it will be wiser to listen to what the nakshatra of your ascendant says, rather than what the nakshatra of the moon is telling you, because completing the urge and desire of the soul is what this life is about- the way may have alternatives- but if that is not adhered to, the karmic trap will just ensure that you get held up in the loop until what is necessary by the soul has been achieved!

I will leave your here, with these thoughts, perhaps you want to take some time and visit your nakshatras, read bout them and reflect what your life experiences have been when you listened to the ascendant nakshatra and when you listened to your moon nakshatra- which of them helped your or harmed you and what you want to decide moving ahead from now on!

Ciao for now, will be back soon with another article! Stay safe and stay wise!

The Navgrahas as Teachers!

“Om Namo Guruveh Namah”“Salutation to the Eternal Teacher’s- The Universal Guru’s”

What better way to celebrate”Gurupurnima”, or “Vyas Jayanti” than to understand how the celestial planets play a vital role in our lives and how each one of them teaches us something and why we must learn and imbibe their teachings!

As I always say and believe, nothing in the universe is ever present or has ever evolved with a motive to conspire and work against any life form- whether it be human or animal, animate or inanimate structures for that matter! When there is deviation and disconnect from the way of life which is aligned to nature and to the attributes of greater good for all, there are problems and these manifest as challenges which keep coming every now and then no matter how much you are ready to deal with them! When it comes to astrology you can say, this is perhaps the real essence of malefic influence of planets! Planets are a part of the natural scheme of the universe, so are the nakshtaras – the stars and the Panchmahabhuta’s (The five cardinal elements of the nature: Akash (Ether), Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jal (Water) and Prithivi (Earth)). Through action or inaction an imbalance is created which is followed by an impact- this impact can either make an individual’s existence peaceful and purposeful( when you interact with nature in the way it is supposed to be) or if a confrontational approach is taken up against nature through your presence- one will end up setting themselves up for receiving unhelpful energies- read malefic impacts! Well, I will leave it here for now with this and read along what each of the planets and the Sun want to teach us and what is that we should try and hold on to! So here we go!

As students or practitioner’s of astrology we certainly do know and appreciate what each of the planets and the Sun represent and mean; I will share with you what my takeaway and learning has been in a very simplistic manner which helps us all to take some piratical steps to enrich and improve our soul’s so that we are abe to as much as we can stay focused on the greater good!

The Sun is the promise of the soul! The Sun as a teacher drives home the importance of discipline, predictability and the need to dispel darkness through harnessing the power of light- this light is not the visible light alone but also the light that is within the soul that you are-the need to share the same with everyone around to nourish and replenish!

The Moon teaches you the power of the mind- a discerning mind- which using the senses can strive to connect with what is obvious and beyond! A nourished mind is always compassionate and accommodating, never dismissive of anything and which takes time to reflect upon what is been dealt with. The phases of the moon also represent the fragility of the mind with context to the push and pull that it experiences as the soul traverses the path of the destiny; as one goes on to pick up what is destined and what isn’t on the way! The moon also signifies that the mind is supreme and it alone is the last step between allowing the soul to transcend further or fall back into the cycle of birth and rebirth until the karmic cleansing is completed! The learned hence always said, Guard you Thoughts, for that is what you will end up becoming! “Humans are nothing more than an aggregate of their reinforced thoughts, in action through their displayed behaviors”!

Jupiter teaches us why Knowledge is supreme and humility is the essential trait which needs to flow with it! Humility allows one to either become an exponent and a learned master, when it’s absent, you may end up becoming a self limiting and self consuming arrogant individual! A Soul equipped with a nourished and compassionate mind-replete with knowledge and humility the hallmark of greatness and success! Jupiter teaches why rules matter and also let’s you know what the consequences are when they are broken. Jupiter is the promise of fulfillment of the soul’s desires in the human form and the manifestations of the soul’s karma following the righteous way, following the principles, the rules, rituals and as long as the Mind listens and is in sync with Jupiter, even the most testing times of one’s life eventually seem to sublime away into nothingness! Jupiter’s grace is felt like an omnipresent ocean of lam and bliss around oneself and where a sift glow and warmth always seems to hang around no matter what the real world challenges seem to dodge around you! This vital warmth of knowledge that one can get enveloped with by a well manifested Jupiter is the secret to being a progressive soul on the right path! Jupiter stands for universality and essentially wants to spread the light of goodness and righteousness through humility and compassion!

If Sun is the Principal, Moon the Supervisor, Jupiter the class teacher, than Saturn is certainly your maths teacher! The Teacher who all of us feared – for reasons known and unknown! More often than not- it is this grim reputation of Saturn which unnecessarily puts many of us into defensiveness with regards to the trues greatness of this Teacher! Saturn is the hard task master, who wants the soul to accomplish what it has set out for following the ethics and principles so that it can accelerate further onto it’s journey’s, as soul’s get entrapped by the weaknesses of their susceptible mind and fleeting so-called knowledge- it just irritates this great teacher- who simply fails to understand why is it so difficult to be disciplined! Saturn teaches us to respect work- the essence of it- dignity of labour- and the whole concept of doping what has been assigned to the best of your capabilities! Once you know this, trust me- Saturn will be your best friend for life! That’s all Saturn is asking for- How will you perform under adverse conditions? Will you stay true to the path of your Soul, illuminated by Sun, reign in your fleeting mind and will you find rescue in the vast ocean of knowledge? This is what the real essence of Saturn is- once you have solved this than you are in a state of eternal bliss and well on your way to realize the calling of you soul! Saturn is a witness to the fact that hard work, perseverance, service for the greater good, uplifitment of all those around- who you can and righteousness alone is the path to move forward and achieve the soul’s desire’s each time, if that path is cut for any reason, the whole journey starts all over again!

Venus, like Jupiter takes you to the depth of knowledge wherein- it brings you face to face with the completely diametric realities of life- Extreme indulgence on one end and extreme aversion on the other end- the indulgence is formed and played out at the material plane of the world while the aversion propels you towards an extremely intense path of spirituality and seeking of the supreme universal energies using techniques and tools which have powers that have helped Sura’s and Asura’s alike! Unlike Jupiter, Venus is more intense and is more expressive, when Venus graces by knowledge and wisdom, that shine can’t be hidden away and it takes a great tug by the Moon to bring in that much needed grace and humility- so that what Venus provides is not ended up being wasted! Venus teaches you the essence of endless pursuit through- bhakti, tapasya to attain what the soul pursues, it signifies that irrespective of who you are as long as you are ready to bear the pain and take the unpaved pathway to your seeking, you will always be rewarded! While Jupiter focuses on universality and applicability of the attained knowledge, Venus focuses on allowing the individual to shine like a luminary and let the world come to witness! As long as the individual is able to reign in the Moon- the Mind- the world ends up being the stage for the soul for the times ahead!

Mars is the personification of Courage and Confidence, Mars teaches you, that a well reigned Mind and a resilient soul can overcome any and all adversity, as long as they function the way they should! Mars blesses when courage is used and directed with a purpose that helps to protect the righteous path and creates obstacles whenever the soul tries to abuse the very same courage to meet lower values of individual arrogance and greed! Mars teaches you that real courage comes form the Soul and how well it is anchored to the right path, it tell the importance of a vibrant mind- which alone can known what is to be done with the abundance of power and courage that mars blesses the soul with! Mars has always shown through history, reckless, self-serving and brash attitude and behavior – manifested by a disconnected Moon, a lackluster soul- personified by a faltering Sun and a shallow Jupiter- represented by despise towards righteousness, sets the soul to the path of eventual destruction and accelerates the same! Courage and Power only make sense when they are aligned to the purpose of the Soul and serve the greater cause of the people around you! That is the real essence of what Mars teaches us!

Mercury, signifies how, wit and intelligence are necessary to apply knowledge, whether it comes from Jupiter or Venus and how even as Mars provides you with courage and power, for being able to decide how much of what attribute will be used and when- is the function and blessing of a well manifested Mercury. Mercury when bathed in the power of the Sun- as it is always close to the Sun- and graced by Moon- aided by Venus or Jupiter helps an individual master the worldly moves to ensure the soul manifests what it needs applying a path of least effort! Mercury knows the challenge of time and drives us to be fast, brisk and on our feet as we think and we act- this is vital to help individuals achieve the soul’s desires in a timely manner, so that as the worldly karma’s are played out- lighter is the baggage and easier does it become to propel the soul further! Mercury also tells you the essence of being detail oriented and through with your dealings! Unfinished and half-done tasks are nothing more but an invitation to trace back your journey! When mercury is nourished by the Moon and graced by Jupiter or Venus- Mars obliges to create an individual whose voice and communication is heard, paid heed to and is adhered to! Mercury signifies the fact that what is good and essential- what serves the greater good must be spoken about, written about and communicated about- this soul’s desire to communicate well and effectively for everyone else around is the pinnacle of a well manifested Mercury!

The Shadow planets- Rahu and Ketu- maybe called as nodes, or shadows but don’t let that terminology lay you astray- if there’s any duo in the planetary system of things who can teach you fast, intense and briskly, it is these two and often their teachings are life lessons for the soul as they either provide you with the blessings of the earlier acquired karma’s or they make you complete the unfinished tasks and simply hold on to you until you have done them thoroughly and perfectly fine! Rahu-Ketu, although signified as nodes of the moon, they present us the teaching that fluke, luck and windfalls are there but whether they help or harm will depend only and only on the Moon-Sun and the ability and courage to deal with that event which is provided by other planets! Rahu-Ketu signify the fact that greatness is achieved through a series of lives and cycles of birth and death and one must not waste away the wonderful form that the soul has been blessed with! Rahu takes you to heights of indulgences to tell you that, there is noting more beyond this and Ketu takes you to the depths of aversion and solitude to let you know that there is an universe deep within! When the soul connects with this and chooses a path- depending on what it’s journey and destiny is that life starts to become more magical and blessed! Rahu and Ketu is about letting us know that in life we often forget that even shadows have their power and wherever the shadow is; opposite to that is the salvation and freedom from that compelling shadow!

So, you see, This Gurupurnima, the 9 great teachers came visiting and shared with you, who they are and what is that they are whispering to your soul- even as you are perhaps oblivious to that whisper! Each of them is a divine grace and whether they help or harm is not because of the way they are, rather it is because the way we choose to listen or ignore to what they stand for and what they preach! When we write an exam poorly, it is not because the Teacher was bad, it is because, perhaps we fell short of what we could have done! Likewise when we excel, it is not because we did well, it is because we reflected, assimilated and replicated the teachings of the master through our soul and aligned ourselves to the progressive path that the soul is supposed to be on!

I leave you with these thoughts, here and will be back with another article, here’s wishing you all, “A Very Blessed Gurupurnima” May the Navgraha’s continue to nourish and illuminate your Soul!” God Bless!

My take on divisional charts.

This article is certainly not about, telling you what you perhaps already know or can come to know by getting in touch with the more learned and more experienced pioneers of astrology! This article is about sharing with you my brief experience while dealing with the divisional charts and sharing some understanding that I was blessed to be informed by my teachers! So here we go!

Irrespective of what is told, the fact remains that your birth chart – the D1 is by far the most important of all the charts that you can think of analyzing.Sure enough there is enough merit and direction from the old sages and scholars about giving an equal if not more importance to the D9 or the Navamsha chart- but the the essential element here remains that- it is about equal importance!

If you ask me to explain, consider this, the D1 is the type of car you are, the D9 speaks about the internal wiring and the detailing of the engine and the quality of the work that has gone to construct the car! But if the D1 is not good enough- you will remain that wonderful machine that rests in a museum for eternity- people will appreciate- will be awestruck, amazed and certainly value you- but you get to go nowhere! The other extreme could be a badly engineered car internally which when driven recklessly ends up banged on the road more too often and just keeps hoping from one repair shop to another as life progresses! The balance between the planets in the D1 and D9 is vital,to establish the extent and quality of life that a person will enjoy! It is when this imbalance is far too skewed and escapes the eye of an astrologer, that you will find few of them faltering and trying to do a retro fit of what they said, and why things didn’t go the way they said it!

The very essence, the fact that an individual arrives in a specific family,holds a big secret within itself! If you don’t believe me, just pull up the charts of your immediate family members and see for yourself how the universe has ensured that the wandering souls eventually get tied up in the karmic cycle and are made to come together to try and complete the tasks- required to align the karmic balance to ensure your soul’s journey remains progressive in the direction it must follow! Create an imbalance here through your actions and inaction’s as you live your life- well you just end up setting yourself up for repeating the same things again and gain through the cycle of Birth- Rebirth, not to forget you also unwittingly tie up the others too in the same chaos! Surely though this karmic payout will vary in degree and intensity and hence not necessarily everyone gets paid back in equal measure!

Once the D1 and D9 are understood well, very rarely will astrologers ever require to deep dive into the other charts, because a well interpreted D1 and D9 normally is good enough an indication to know what is there and what is there to be! Often astrologer’s forget to factor in the immediate family pull and push through their charts which can put even a good chart into an average chart category and the played out circumstances can trim the heights that an individual could have achieved being what an individual soul is!

Another challenge that begins to manifest with each progressive divisional chart is the fact that, as the accuracy increases rapidly through these charts- unless the birth time is accurate- all other analysis just tend to remain of academic interest! Furthermore the classical idea to factor in nakshatras (certainly important) but than getting further into their lords-sub-lords and sub-sub-lords just to see if something fits in or not – well at types looks really off the track! What is always important to remember is that the D1 is who you are and your construct, the D9 will tell the finer attributes pertaining to all that is U! so between these two everything and almost all that as astrologer can decode is given- as long as one has an eye and the patience to connect with what the chart is whispering!

I am certainly not suggesting that other divisional charts aren’t important, they are- else why would have the great sages spoken and devised them! What I am saying is- for being able to arrive at finer inferences- the two basic attributes- the birth time and the intuitive blessings that the astrologer has- needs to be there- else no matter how many times an individual visits- any number of astrologers- the results and solutions will always seem to differ! You may want to ask me, so what is to be done?

Well, simple- Stick to the basics, the routine questions that people normally ask for over 90% charts can be see through applying Dasha, Transit on D1 and with guidance form D9. There are those remaining 10% wherein the D1 and D9 seem to be at logger heads which calls for greater attention and weigh the judgement by using other charts (knowing of course that the birth time is right and the astrologer has reached a level of competence to deliver at that level of heightened universal connect!). Often, a great master through whom I learnt, would meditate or sleep over a chart, allowing his mind to connect within and wake up the next day morning and write off or pick up the phone and speak at length on what it is meant to be which used to come right as bang every time!

Before I conclude, it is absolutely important for the astrologers to let the enquirer know, that an astrologer is there not to provide riddance of the problems that await an individual- but rather to for warn of upcoming possibilities and developments and suggest a path which will enable a person to bear the challenge or relive the blessings with responsibility and humility! Throwing away multiple charts, quoting multitudes of verses and texts from the wisdom of the sages doesn’t help the person who has come to seek guidance and a pathway from the crossroads that they are possibly at!

If astrologers, genuinely were able to solve and resolve all, remember this- We would have been called as something else, there is a good reason why astrology is not a perfect science, and I guess it works to ts advantage the way it is- perhaps that’s how the Universe meant it to be – all through the ages!

I will leave you with these thoughts and will be back with another article soon! Until then stay blessed!For consultations and assistance, reach me through the “contact us form” on the website!

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