Understanding the Impact: Solar Eclipse

As if the current retrograde movements were less of a challenge we have now a solar eclipse on 21 June 2020 while Sun is in Gemini with Rahu and Mercury,Venus, Jupiter, Saturn all retrograde and Mars in Pisces aspecting Mercury and Sun!

Depending on where the Gemini sign is placed in your chart, there will be impact felt in that region and certainly the extent of impact will depend on the planetary aspects and positions in the natal chart and the Dasha/Antardasha period in operation!

Eclipses need not be feared unnecessarily- they are but a beautiful astronomical occurrence which we get to witness from time to time- they certainly bring around major changes and alterations in our lives, but when you look at those changes or impacts in hindsight- they seem to work in the favour of what is in one’s best interest- irrespective whether one realizes or not during the occurrence of the event! Individuals having a well placed/ benefic Sun will seem to be impacted lesser than others and the extent of the impact will also depend on the sign that Sun occupies in the natal chart ,the house signification and house lord signification as well. Individuals are also likely to experience mild health discomfort aligned to the house where this eclipse occurs in their natal chart- if there are malefic impacts/aspects impacting the said house.

The matter of concern however remains pertaining to the impact that the ongoing planetary transit will have on quality and way of life of the people across nations, restlessness and challenges will seem to increase for people in the region that lies in the path of the eclipse in a more pronounced manner.

Talking about India, the path clearly indicates, the need for caution and alertness to ward off any ill adventures of foreign actors and nations to create problems along the borders. The nation will have to maintain a state of enhanced vigil and alertness for a long period to come to ensure the territorial sanctity. As Gemini happens to be the second house in India’s chart with Mars being there and being aspected by the transiting Mars on Rahu, Mercury and Sun- well that’s too much of malefic impact and thereby financial situation will remain stressed for another quarter or so at least and any recovery will seem possible only later towards the end of the year!

The three months post- eclipse will be marked with incidents of violence, natural calamities and issues raised by masses and these will be felt with greater impact along the path of the eclipse. Flash floods, earthquakes , landslides, travel mishaps- as a result of engineering/chemical malfunctions, fire and fire accidents in offices/ high rises ( which you will hardly imagine!) may come calling. It will make sense to have precautionary checks done well in time and have necessary readiness.

On the issues with our neighboring nations, there will be localized tensions and escalations from time to time and, there will be a strong and calibrated response to any mischief that comes towards the nation (as it always has been the case). It will be fair to summarize that focused efforts and diplomatic handling of the situation alone will bring some sense at least for the period until year end! There will also be stress and challenges with regards to international trade and relations as well! Leaders must also ensure their own health and safety and not put caution to the winds.

The nation will be able to prevail and come out stronger through this changeling period and there will be other peripheral international developments which will play a contributory factor to accelerate this!

US will see political fluidity and will continue with its approach towards aggressive trade policies to safeguards jobs and businesses in the USA. As job numbers climb back effective July, people will start to see the impact- the same time will also see reduction in the pandemic cases and by August mid US will be firmly on path to recovery and racing ahead with election preparations!

For individuals, it will be best to avoid all unnecessary travel and take necessary precautions for ones’ health! Based on your chart indication and where the planetary transits are going through, you should be able to feel the pull and push of the eclipse and the accompanying transit and ensure you direct your energies to manage and safeguard the house significations where these are being played out!

Eclipse is also a great time to experience the energy of the Sun in a unique way and spend time connecting with the energy centers through the path that you choose. Transformation, change and progress in the interest of the larger good!

Ciao for now, stay safe and stay wise! In case you want to have an astrological reading on your chart, fill up the form on our contact page and I will get back to you with other details!

Turbulence or Transformation?

Before I write ahead on this article, I need you to read through the following. Just see the number of planets that are currently retrograde or will be retrograde in times ahead:

Venus retrograde between 13 May 2020- 25 June 2020, Jupiter retrograde between 14 May 2020- 13 September 2020, Saturn retrograde between 11 May 2020- 29 September 2020, Mercury retrograde between 18 June 2020- 12 July 2020 and Mars will be retrograde between 10 September 2020- 14 November 2020. Factor within this the fleeting Moon which by virtue of it’s transit will be powerful and powerless every few days! What do you think will unfold!

Well, no certainly not, all is broken or all will be lost, rather this is a great period to take action with excessive caution! There will be transformative changes which will be felt by the majority and post November 2020, people will emerge as changed personalities with altered priorities in their lives! Those who are experiencing Saturn’s transit in the 1st, 2nd 4th, 8th, and 12th from their natal moon will experience these transformations more intensely and deeply! It will serve well, if people keep a check on their communication during the time when Mercury is retrograde, not that it doesn’t help when done normally!

The transformations will create new alliances on the global level and realities will converge and truths will change! On individual levels, consolidation is one word which can be used to guide actions and intent- consolidation and doing away with what doesn’t serve ones’ purpose will be an evident trend until year end! Retrograde planetary movements will also help few get unusual windfalls in terms of monetary gains, land deals and business provided the planetary placements in the chart and the operating dasha/antardasha periods support the same!

If these transits are happening over the 2nd, 8th or 12th house or if these houses are being aspected by the transiting planets, necessary care needs to be taken to safeguard the signification of the houses- it will also depend on the placement and association of the sign lords of those houses in the charts.

Retrograde planets bring about manifestations with regards to the houses that they signify and the houses that they are transiting (based on how they are related/aspected with those house lords), add to this the layer of Dasha/Antardasha you get a net understanding if the transit will help, harm or stay neutral! Some schools of thought also suggest that one a retrograde planet will also manifest the results of one sign behind from where it is! An example- When Jupiter is retrograde in Capricorn, it will also confer and manifest results like it would have provided, had it been transiting in Sagittarius!

No matter what it is, a simple golden rule- with so many planets moving the way they are, it is only advisable to take decisions after great thought is being applied and as long as individual charts indicate favorable transit over natal moon and one has a supporting dasha/ antardasha period. If possible delay major decisions until this planetary retrograde carnival settles! Not to forget Rahu enters Taurus in September and Ketu will be in Scorpio- which will add it’s own set of character and spice to the tranists!

Global geo-politics changes, natural events, general public restlessness/anguish/anxiety and the need to be heard will only increase and the world will see people movement in a few countries! Safety and Security will be a vital element once again and Leaderships across the world will ensure that sense and law prevails and will use force to safeguard their national interests! World Leaders who carry the power to alter and change the narrative will also have to take necessary care of their own health and well being! Economic revival will commence post November 2020. It will do a lot good to limit travel. People in public service- Health care workers, Law Enforcement, will continue to be under stretch until this retrogression ends! Nature will makes its presence felt! Prayers and caring for one’s health – physical and mental will be helpful and vital!

The changes brought about by this time will set the tone for 2021 and will carry its imprint even further to alter the way the world does business in the coming years!

Understanding transits.

Like my all other articles, this one also aims to simplify and make it easier for people to understand the concept of transits without adding complication and unwarranted anxiety!

Transits are normally seen from the Moon and also it makes great sense to see from where are the planets moving from their own position in the chart! Through my experience what I have seen is that transit impacts of fast moving planets like Mercury are shallow and temporary- the exception being Mars and the transit impact for slow moving planets is deeper and brings about transformation which alters the course of individuals life! Another important thing to remember is the transitory aspects that are occurring between the planets and the operating Mahadasha and Antardasha periods.

As a rule if an individual is undergoing the Mahadasha of the most benefic planet/ yogakaraka planet and the same is helped by conducive transits wherein the aspects reinforce the benefic influence over the malefic influence- than rest assured there will be forward momentum with little drag or friction in areas/houses from where these transits are happening and the planets are aspecting. If there is a disconnect between the Mahadasha/ Antardasha and the aspects show a more malefic influence than benefic, one can easily foresee troubles and challenges arising from the houses where these malefic impacts are being developed or the house where maximum malefic aspect/transit is being felt!

When benefics transit places which signify their aspects from moon, favorable results can be experienced if the planets are well placed in the chart and have strength owing to house lordship/sign lordship/yoga formation through transit/exaltation etc. Consider Jupiter is transiting the 5th, 7th or 9th from your natal moon in the chart and if an individual has a strong moon and Jupiter, than one can experience the results of the Gaja-Kesari yoga during the period of transit- these results will be amplified if the corresponding Mahadasha and Antardasha also compliment the transit by being of either of these two planets or of their friends who are well placed in relation to the Moon and Jupiter in the chart! In case the Dasha period is that of functional malefic or malefics in the chart, than the ability of the transit to create positive results gets reduced to the extent of the malefic influence!

This is the plain and simple approach to deciphering transits and gauging what the coming times are likely to manifest! These are the simple and effective rules to always remember- Consider the benefic/malefics of the chart, the transit houses from the natal moon and the operating Dashas. Once you have factored these elements, you will know why – At times, there are sudden windfalls and at times why the struggles just don’t seem to end- No matter what you do! Never forget, we never live our lives in isolation, our association with people in the house- their charts, yoga’s and their operating dashas/transits certainly play the role which they are meant to by the relation that we share with them! This is a reason why at times not everything about an individual is understood from their own chart alone! Deciphering that is another story and deserves another article altogether!

I leave you here, so that you can study and possibly see how transits have helped and challenged you through your journey and I will be back with another piece soon!

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Ciao for now! Stay wise and remember- Simplicity is the essence of Success!

Decoding multiple planets in a house.

Normally people rejoice at the idea of having two mutually friendly planets together in a house, especially when one of them happens to be in it’s own sign or an exalted sign, but this happiness is all but a camouflage and may not necessarily translate into all the said and benefits as mentioned in the ancient texts and there is a good reason why things manifest the way they do, and one should be really thankful for that!

As long as a single planet occupies a house- the interpretation of the effects of the planets energy can be deduced by simple observations related to the house signification, the relation of the house lord with the planet and the aspects of the planet from the said house and aspects on that planet! Well fairly simple until this point. The moment you have additional planets coming in- things change and they change in ways- that can confuse and amuse even the most experienced astrologers! To understand why these instances happen, by virtue of my limited experience I have been able to kind of understand and factor the developments in a very simple manner!

Whenever you have two or more planets in a single house and one of the planets also happens to own the sign in that house, it will then rub off it’s energies to others and all other planets will start to give results aligned to the signification of the planet that owns that sign. If the planet which has ownership of the sign also has the ownership of the house, than rest assured all other planets are basically sidelined and even if they may want to give results, they will be at the best sporadic and limited to their transits/antardasha periods. Furthermore the effects and manifestations will always be aligned to the planet that rules the house/sign in which these planets are residing.

In case you come across a combination of benefic and malefic, than based on the other factors taken into account, effects that get manifested will depend on which of the planet is more powerful and who owns the sign/house. Likewise, say if the malefic planet is powerful, it’s negative impact may get reduced but it will simply not allow the benefic planet to come to the forefront unless there is a Mahadasha of the benefic planet ruling with some other additional sources of strengths.

When other planets aspect houses that have multiple planets- due understanding has to be developed to check what the net effect translates into- you could have a case of positive reinforcements, negative reinforcements or nullification thereby explaining why things would have been exceptionally good, severely bad or rather average even though the planet consideration at an initial glance seem to be superlative!

For fast moving planets/the inner planets more impact is felt as they pass over houses having multiple planets during their transits, for slow moving planets- their Mahadasha/Antardasha will seem to be more pronounced. transits do certainly play out and signify more impact for these large outer planets as well but as they move slowly the impact is felt over a period of time and can be gauged relatively slowly.

When multiple planets occupy a house, and say none of them own the sign or the house, than the mutual strength of association/aspect with the dispositor of the house and the sign lord with each of the planets in that house and sign will have to be considered and then due weight age must be assigned to know who really hold the key to the signification and manifestation of the house under consideration.

Multiple planets in a house/ sign can also be used to study convergence or divergence and thereby make an individual a jack of all trades or a specialist with a laser sharp focused approach for the area which is signified by the house where these planets are seated- certainly this will depend on the house signification, sign lordship and the interplay among these elements as explained earlier!

Not to forget, planets which have avasthas more suitable and aligned to who they are will tend to have a habit of making their impact/presence felt through altering the flavor of things the way they are done or experienced by an individual! This will normally be visible as sporadic streaks of brilliance or sudden challenges form time to time. These are better understood by studying the avasthas and the transits more than other aspects and are more visible for the faster moving planets!

To sum it up, the stronger the planet in a house/sign among others, that planet gets to control the house signification and the results begin to manifest through that planet and take on the overtones of the sign significator and the other reinforcing or contradictory interplay of the other planet and interplanetary aspects in the given chart.

This, I believe is the simple crux of what my experience has been while unraveling the mysteries of multiple planets in a house in a sign! As it goes with astrology, the learning never stops and for all that you may know that you know, you may just end up going off balanced- as the next chart and challenges comes up to you!

Ciao for now, I will leave it here for now, so that you too can begin an approach to check, cross check and decipher what charts whisper unto you and that learning what you gain will go a long way for you to refine your intuition and understand the planetary whispers that come your way through the universe around us!

Watch out for Mars!

The period between 14 May 2020-18 June 2020 will be sprinkled with challenges which find their attributes drawn from the Martian energy! Travel accidents/ Disruptions/ Freak Weather will continue to dominate the timeline. With Venus also in retrogression, there will be restricted access to luxury and comfort, even for those who can afford it! It’s only when Mars enters Pisces that there will be some limited relief! Until then, travel only if necessary, stay safe and keep away from taking unwarranted travel/machinery risks! Natural events like Earthquakes/Fire/Lightning and accidents as result of faulty equipment/ heavy industries and public transport need to keep an eye out and double check everything for mechanical malfunction! Steer clear of electrical equipment which may not have been up kept, check, double check and ensure things are tested before being put to use! There may also be escalations around security related aspects in pockets across the world where tensions prevail will see sporadic incidents increasing and occurring.

God connects,Religion disconnects and Astrology surprises!

Even before you want to read any further and think I am asking you to alter your beliefs, value systems, or whatever is dear and near to you, well no, not at all, this piece is not about being judgmental, prejudiced or even remotely planting a thought of discontent in the readers mind, this is more about my found truth and my experience with the three entities , God, Religion and Astrology, and as the saying goes, my truth may not be your truth so may Peace be upon you, if you want to read ahead, read it with an open mind and a open heart so that you know what it means and perhaps, just perhaps the next time you offer your obedience and allegiance to whoever that you seek you will be that much bit a little humble and true to the core value of your being, the soul that is enclosed in the human form- if you will! So if you are now ready- let’s roll ahead!

Through my experience of the occult, religious practices, one thing that I know now firmly and which I guard as a core value is the fact that “God” or “Supreme Power” or “The Almighty” whichever way you want to address the “Universal Energy” that is all encompassing and is omnipresent is connected with you and me and every living soul and object and hence I say “God Connects” and yet “Religion Disconnects”! The last 45 days, as I seen and lived through the lock down- I have seen amazing manifestation of God around- to ensure that not one day- not a single day- have the stray animals around me (the place where I live) have possibly gone hungry to the point where their survival is at risk! No, not that humans always helped- they did- now and then- but it was an energy within them their own souls which guided them to food and helped them access in one way or the other to ensure that their soul’s are still performing what remains to be, in the animal form that has been provided to them!

On the other hand, I have (and I believe you too would have read)witnessed accounts through news and reading about human suffering, pain, torture and death during the same period- for the same primal reason- food and shelter! A thought may come to you, isn’t this ironic that supposedly most evolved, humans have been unable to manage to get access to food and sheller in times of crisis even as we are more effective to communicate and reciprocates- feelings and needs in a more better way than animals? Well so what ends up causing this humanitarian blunder and crisis which leads to suffering and even death! Well as I see it (maybe I am not entirely correct) it is religion! Religion disconnects people from their soul and their ability to tap into the Universal Energy which is abundant in creating a powerful survival instinct and this energy works well when you are all by yourself and in solitude- the ability of being aloof within a crowd- comes only with a lot of effort, but the ability to tap into the supreme power and ensure you are fed and managed is a primary instinct which all of us have, as we are born and with time as the camouflage of religion and religion led worship takes over we tend to tap into pseudo power centers rather than tapping into the massive resource that is always within us and around us! I have experimented and felt the power of grace- it could be that unsolicited help from a passer by, that odd help coming your way to reduce your troubles by changing rules that work in your favour, or that simple fruit that just pops down in front of you as you are on that evening stroll, signs and power of the universe can be felt everywhere and what is required is just your presence in the moment and the ability to connect and feel what is being communicated to you!

So you may want to ask why religion disconnects, when it is supposed to guide us and be a path to the power that we seek? Well the answer, as I see it, religions were developed over a period of time, hundreds- thousands of years- what has happened in the ensuing period is that, the gist has been lost in translation as details got handed over from one generation to the next! Consider this, I give you a list of 12 objects to be sourced from the grocery store, I bet you will forget something- either you will get something not asked for or will add up quantities that are not needed and all this happens when the transaction is supposed to be done in a matter of few hours! So imagine what would have happened with all the secrets revealed by or of the Supreme Power have been handed over from one generation to the next year for thousand and thousand of years! This is where you have changes, alterations, caveats, options, multiple paths within a singular faith/religion and so on and so forth that begin to come in and so do the underlying principles and process related to adherence and paying obedience to the Supreme Power! Now you may ask, well fine, God Connects and Religion Disconnects so what about Astrology here? Well read on!

Astrology- the essence of deciphering events and impacts of planetary movements on us and the planet was always meant to know and connect with the Supreme Power of the Universe. Between 5000-10,000 years ago when astrology evolved and developed certainly there would have been no questions like, “Can I move to USA?”, “Can I move to Paris for relocation?”, simply because these nations never existed then! No one would have talked about Mars and related it to accidents by vehicles then in the modern context- you may argue- it would have been bullock carts and horse carriages way back then- sure enough- but the point that I am trying to make here is that, the interpretation of astrology from it’s origins to the modern day context like religion is left to interpretation of the astrologer and how right and how wrong that can be will depend on how connected the astrologer is to nature and forces of the Universe around!

Astrology keeps surprising people not because astrology has a problem, it is because the ability to comprehend and interpret has been diminishing with time and this mad rush of one upmanship and to be called and known as an “expert” like it happens in any field tends to become severely counterproductive for an areas of study which through the ages always was based on learning, sharing and understanding the changing nuances and developments thereby ensuring the study remained relevant and in sync with the needs of the time that people were living in! Astrology is connected with the Supreme Power and has nothing to do with the path that one would have chosen- read Religion- to be aligned and glued to the principles of humanity and serving the larger good. Astrology works and works well when the principles are applied in relevance to the universal scheme of things rather than anchoring on a certain line of faith or belief system- that way too it may work- sure it does-but that is where it begins to fail! When astrologers keep on suggesting endless so called remedies and procedures to alleviate problems and challenges and when nothing seems to change! I am sure whether or not you are glued to astrology or not, you would have heard about what people have done because an astrologer told them and nothing has happened , visiting religious places, shrines and doing all that was possible- nothings works! Well nothing will simply because that is not what astrology is about! It is not for altering the course of your destiny, it is there rather to prepare you for the journey of your life and the destiny that hangs around you intertwined in the aura that you carry along right from your birth to your very end!

Once you have understood this bit, and made peace with it, rest assured you are all poised to not only understand and decipher the facets of astrology but also understand the ways of working of the “Universal Energy- God” which ever way you want to address it and seek it! Always remember, Religion is optional; the Supreme Power is Certainty ans Astrology is a the pathway, when used wisely can connect you with the Universe like nothing else and keep you guided to the journey of your soul’s calling that way it is destined to be!

I leave you here, with these thoughts, will be back soon with another piece, until then stay wise and stay blessed!

Retrograde 2020: Saturn-Venus-Jupiter.

Planetary retrograde motion, the concept when planets seem to be moving away form earth as the planets revolve around the Sun in their orbits is a visible astronomical phenomenon-like the other viable phenomenon of conjunction and opposition of planets- that is when they line up behind the Sun or in front of the Sun in a line with regards to the Earth! So what does this signify, how do retrograde planets impact? What can one expect and one may not expect? Well this short piece is to try and make sense around this concept and yes, keeping to my style, plain and simple!

As a simple rule one (what I have seen through my experience) retrograde planets bring out the residual energies to complete unfinished tasks and the results thereof which may have got left out owing to other factors/ like dashas etc or other transiting aspects which would have blocked or manifested some development earlier. Even within the the retrograde movement- planets at times remain retrograde within the same sign and at times move back one sign! The concept of finishing off unfinished business manifests with greater intensity when they move back into the earlier sign!

Another way of looking at retrograde movement is that planets will give results of the house that they move back in with more intensity and if there is no house change then they tend to slow down the manifestations of the current house and kind of move into a slow motion mode- whether that works for or against an individual depends on what that planet is, house, sign, aspects, ongoing transits of the planet that is retrograde and the dasha operating!

One thing that can be said with certainty is that retrograde movements are a hallmark of intense activation and manifestations and if there are more planets getting into that mode, the results can be very very unsettling at extremes of good and bad!

In the current space where we have Saturn becoming Retrograde on 11th may, Venus on 13th and Jupiter on 14th May, needless to say we are moving into a space of unsettling calm for at least the next 48 days (June 18) that’s when Mars moves into Pisces! More importantly, Saturn is becoming retrograde in in its own sign of Capricorn, Venus in its own sign of Taurus and Jupiter starts its retrograde motion in Capricorn entering Sagittarius and then starting its forward/ regular motion in Sagittarius in September! This factor will play out big time and individuals who have a favorable disposition of either of these planets will feel the impact more then the others and how these movements impact will largely depend on other factors as mentioned earlier.

In general though Saturn may not cause much of problem but since it is in a retrograde motion it will create a social strain which will see service class continue with unrest and chaos which will in turn keep the unemployment aspects strained for the nation! Unrest, protests will become more and more vocal and there will be sporadic incidents arising from time to time. Public services and people working for the public will be severely tested and only those who are able to deal with preemptive measures and with a larger picture in mind will be more successful then the others and only steps that are visible, limited, focused in line with the expectation of the society will be accepted and rest will lead to discord and agitation! Jupiter will not be able to protect effectively enough and with Mars is Aquarius, the coming time between May 14 until 18 June will be a severe test for the societal fabric and the nation as a whole to manage challenges brewing on account of the pandemic fallout and at the same time leaders will need to play a pivotal role to keep the borders safe and thwart any unwelcome moves and threats to the nation! Even the national leadership will see a change for the better which will present the face of the government to be more inclusive and this will help to clam down the political rhetoric as measures are deployed to ease out economic and security challenges that the nation faces! The period until September 2020, especially between May and June 18 is a watch out for weather related, geological events, fire accidents, industrial mishaps, travel accidents and indicate negligence/ oversight and mechanical failures as the causes of such events unfolding. These will come down once Mars enters Pisces on June 18.

As Individuals, normally a good strategy would be to hang on to whats working and continue with what’s going on and venture into new things only and only if the transits are impacting your individual charts in a beneficial way. Keeping away from controversy, public glare and unwanted discussions/debates will also help! Important decisions put away until September 2020 will help(that’s when even Rahu and Ketu transit!). travel only if you must and plan well!

I leave you here, with this short piece, take some time and evaluate how your Saturn, Venus and Jupiter are placed and what are the vibes that are coming your way, if you have any of them placed fine, by now you should already have got the feelers!

Ciao for now, will be back with another piece soon!


The million dollar question that people always reach out to an astrologer for, “When will my time arrive?” Well the simple and plain answer to this is, “Your time arrived with you as you arrived”! The very significance of the birth time and coming to life at a particular time which signifies a particular ascendant – the first sign in the first house of you chart- goes on to spell what is that you have come with and who you are! Certainly the subsequent chart that is developed along with the technicality of planetary positions, their houses and signs, their aspects to each other and the increasing complexity of reading nakshatras that the planets are in and assessing strengths of houses and planets…all of these go on to add colors, hues and layers to deduce the intrinsic strength of an individual’s chart! Seems like too much too handle, well it is- perhaps that’s why errors in forecasting occur, especially when astrologers get blinded by one aspect and tend to overlook or assess completely the other factors which at times may be apparent and yet at some other times camouflaged and ambiguous, needless to say an astrologers’ approach, experiences and intuitive abilities will be critical for being able to stay anchored and try to develop a laser sharp focus to answer the questions raised by the enquirer! But, the whole idea of this article is not to complicate but rather simplify a few things which will possibly help one understand why at times things manifest and yet at some other times why we miss the mark- this can be helpful for an astrologer as well as for anyone who seeks to understand the workings of astrology! Needless to say, like everything else, your experience with astrology will only be as good as the astrologer that you meet. Learning is always limited by the accumulated wisdom of the teacher that a disciple seeks! So let’s move ahead!

First, lets speak about Aspects- Your birth chart signifies the broad, finite aspect of what is the purpose that you have arrived for- the divisional charts help to drill down in details to explore each facet of an individual house manifestation and thereby give more details about the significations that a house represents in the birth chart. People have been always confused about things like, birth chart is stronger then the navamsha chart or the D4 or the D10 chart so on and so forth likewise for planets- a particular planet may be strong in D1, while the same may not be as potent as one may like it to be in the D9 or the D4 etc, well to keep r things absolutely simple and clear, here is the approach: The Birth Chart is the fundamental metric from which all other charts and interpretations are deduced (as long as this is accurate it will work). Once planets, their aspects show a level of strength through their sign and house placements and through their aspects, that has created a framework to how you will be navigating through what life brings to you- it basically goes on to tell how will you fare and how much easy or effortless the journey will be and what are the precautions that you must take so as to ensure how much loss mitigation is possible- remember- losses can’t be avoided- only intensity can be altered based on what actions one takes and those actions push the karmic dynamism to either or for your or against you! Aspects are at the very foundation and their quality can tell you with certainty of a scale of 1-10 or whatever you choose the overall quality of life and how it will move (up or down) depending on what is being activated!)

Transits of planets: This plays a more visible impact over the prevailing aspects that a chart may have and these transit play a critical role in manifestation of results with higher intensity (both positive and negative) based on the house that the transit is happening and the placement of the transit from one’s natal moon and the planet’s original placement in the chart. Consider Moon is in third house and Jupiter is placed in the 9th house in the chart and is currently transiting over the eight house, then this transit makes Jupiter sixth from the Moon and 12th from its position which can indicate health issues and access to religious pursuits in places which are away from one’s place of birth and having to possibly also do something with people from different culture. If you add the element of sign to this above set, based on the placement of the sign lord and any aspects or relationships between the Moon, Jupiter and the sign lord- results will begin to manifest in that direction.

This transit impact further gets amplified if the Mahadasha and Antardasha periods coincide with the planets that is transiting over the specific house under question! So if you have Mars occupying your seventh house in the sign of Capricorn, and are undergoing Mars Mahadasha and Saturn Anatardasha and Saturn is placed in your say, 12th house of Gemini, this can indicate partnerships with people from overseas/traveling overseas/dealing with people overseas with regards to electrical and minerals/heavy engineering etc, if there is an aspect of a powerful Jupiter and a strong Moon during such a transit, a person can also marry and move overseas or get married to someone from overseas!

So, you see, there are multiple layers that one needs to consider before we venture out to understand what an astrologer tells us and also depends on relative strength of the Dasha/Transit and the Aspect in that order! A good horoscope primarily indicates, high survival, however the quality of that survival is based upon the timing of the Dashas and the transits which needless to say cannot be changed! Through my studies, when I have factored why people have been successful, it always has been a story of three things coming together- Strong Chart, Right Dashas at the Right Time and transits that influence and add more power to the existing possibilities! As one of these factors begins to wear off, you will see the brilliance to begin chip off and people begin to get lost and forgotten – how fast that happens again can be seen from the emerging transits and the Dasha period changes!

Some life stories are brilliant like the Sun, which linger through the ages- at times becoming mythical and magical, yet a few are remembered for a few centuries and there are many which are all but forgotten in a few years!

I will leave you here, for you to reflect and possibly wonder what is the story of your life that you want to have and what is the best you can achieve from the same! Certainly there are many more detailed layers of planetary studies that one can evaluate and consider to have more clinical suggestions/ observations, but as I said, As things get complex they begin to loose out their essence and relevance! If Nature can keep it simple we must follow that golden rule of nature! Certain stories and whispers of the universe are best heard and left untouched for the world may not be ready for them as yet!

Ciao for now, will be back soon with another piece and until then stay blessed!

Jupiter- The guardian.

Jupiter, the very mention of the word makes our imagination rum high with optimism and hope.The vedic texts referred to Jupiter as the Guru- The Enlightened one who is supposed to be the Teacher of the Gods, one who can dispel darkness through the light of wisdom! Jupiter is perhaps the only planet which offers no harm, even if it is incapacitated to do good based on the chart conditions. But more pronounced and deeper are the effects of Jupiter through transits especially when it aspects or is joined by other fast moving planets as they race through the solar system! So let’s move ahead and decipher a bit about this heavenly guardian that we all have around us!

Jupiter, is the benefactor of wisdom and is aligned to expansion and growth. But this works only when that expansion is directed and anchored through the interplay of other planets which can help this expansion of wisdom some form and directed application! People often make the fallacy of linking Jupiter’s benefic presence in a chart to gaining wealth, prosperity and so on and so forth, but the real secret and essence lies in the fact that a well manifested Jupiter propels one strongly on the path of righteousness and Dharma- the path of what is Just and what is Right! Surely enough Jupiter does help to grow and compound material wealth also (especially when it is being impacted by or it impacts other planets and there are powerful yoga’s that create space for this to manifest, but with time as Jupiter matures individuals begin to realize that all that clutter and accumulation fades away and what remains is the fine sheath of wisdom that enables one’s soul to transcend and move into the next realm only if that has been nourished by experiences and karmic events that a beneficial Jupiter can bring along with it!

Jupiter spends around 13 months on an average in every sign and thereby the efficacy of it’s results manifests based on house occupation, transit houses, dasha and anatardasha considerations etc.One thing that I have observed is that when Jupiter moves fast (atichari gati) in any sign, it creates turbulence and decisions taken then may not always be the ones’ that you would end up being happy with! Jupiter associated with Moon creates the much spoken about GajaKesari yoga which basically promises an individual with a nourished life, and a will power to overcome adversities and keep moving ahead no matter what the situations and surviving if not thriving to ensure that the soul’s evolution is managed and kept on track!

When Jupiter is associated with Mars, magic happens, this can be either empowering Mars or ends up robbing Mars of all its potential to provide its energies and this depend on the sign and association type- certainly being friends it does no harm, but the ability to do any benefit is curtailed which one would normally not expect! When charts have well evolved Venus and Jupiter an individual either can harness the best of both worlds or struggle between the two depending on how well the Moon is evolved and what aspects it revives and provides to these two planets!

Jupiter’s gift, when it is well manifested, is the ability to pursue wisdom and put it to test before it is accepted. Jupiter is more about creating a sense of nourishment to the soul by accessing and providing the paths that it seeks to keep moving ahead to reach it’s final destination. Jupiter is the code to connect with spiritual high grounds, masters, teachers and learned people who ca create value, direct and navigate an individual to ensure their journey stays to realize the high ground that the soul seeks! Jupiter also signifies adherence to established norms and rituals, which however can be altered based on the impact that the other planets have on it and the way they associate with each other! I wondered why does this refer to the Father in terms of relationship signification- well, the answer, as someone said it- One father is worth a hundred teachers! That is the grandeur and magnificence of Jupiter- to those who seek wisdom and nourishment of the soul a benefic Jupiter can work magic and keep them at bliss irrespective of the unfolding chaos around them! If you seem to know people who are yet unnerved and calm even as the pandemic is all over the discussion board, you can be sure they have a well manifested Jupiter, which is telling them that “This too will pass”!

Another unique thing about Jupiter is that even when it doesn’t have enough strength or manifestation, it will rarely do harm, rather it is more harmful through its transits at the 4, 8, 12 positions from the natal moon and whatever place that is it will impact the number signification of the place! Jupiter when impacted by Rahu creates a hue of challenges right from dealing with the smokescreen that Rahu can create to make one start challenging established processes to coming up with radical thoughts and moves and moving towards impulse and irrationality rather then logic all of these or any of these could be the elements of manifestation when Rahu seems to play havoc with Jupiter! In case Moon is also in the party and if is not strong then things can quickly escalate from trivial to large misunderstanding that can create lifelong scars!

Jupiter’s natural energy is to sustain and nourish and as long as individuals move in that plane, things will always fall in place once you allow your Jupiter to connect with a higher purpose of your soul even as it manifests worldly pleasures riches and gains as you may want to see and define them, the trick is not to get blinded by them or get entrapped and consumed by them, rather by being humble and in-gratitude to hold the moment cherish it and walk ahead and further into the journey of your soul so that it is kept energized and moves in the direction that it must!

Jupiter protects and is the vital source to ensure that your life, breath is held until the soul needs your bodily form, when Jupiter begins to give away on your bodily form, that’s a signal that there is some major challenge on the way! Since Jupiter believes in expanding, one must be careful in what is that you want to choose and allow to expand- there has to be an effective calibration of all that you wish to expand- to what extent, when, why and what degree because even wisdom without purpose is as bad as ignorance!

Given the limitations of a blog, i will not go further into Jupiter now, but would want you to spend sometime reflecting on how you feel your Jupiter is working for you and listen to the whispers of the soul that it sends to you to keep you on course in this eternal journey of your life!

Ciao for now, I will leave you for now, and will be back with another piece soon!

Mercury- The Prince.

Perhaps the only planet, which by itself signifies quite a few things, but unless it is powered by the Sun or the other giants like Saturn or Jupiter, fails to manifest to it’s fullest. This is about our Prince of planets- Mercury! To begin with the placement of Mercury-close proximity to the Sun, is something that you certainly won’t desire! Scorched bare and heated like crazy, however the proximity has given it a faster speed of revolution around the Sun (to ensure it does not end up into the Sun! for now at least), thereby it whizzes past each sign in under a month!

Unlike other planets which are able to bestow and signify effects on their own, Mercury needs support and good support, in most of the cases around 60% Mercury will always be ahead of the Sun and thereby the indication of general intelligence found within humanity- this is basic and general- the kind of intelligence which is able to keep you safe, feed yourself and be comfortable and uncomfortable- a basic way of discernment to help you communicate and stay alive, adapt and make your way out of situations and circumstances by using with and communication to ensure you are able to survive!

It is only when Mercury is provided enough strength by Sun and other planets that it start to activate to the fullest potential and thats when you see blossoming of expressions of intellect through various forms of creative expression from fine arts to performing arts, albeit with support from Venus and Moon needless to say!

More interestingly is the misunderstanding about the enmity of Jupiter and Mercury- well let’s be honest- the metaphorical representation has been painted wrong for whatever reason- One needs of understand the depth behind this premise! Mercury is about wit, intelligent, the way of the world, essential discernment to navigate the material plane and to gauge and discriminate between what helps and what harms from the point of material advancement by using and adapting the power of the mind! Jupiter is about wisdom, rejection of worldly pursuits i terms of materialistic opulence, more focused on higher and deeper meanings and philosophies of life and trying to blend them into behavioral patterns for balancing the soul’s journey ensuring it’s moving in the direction that it is destined to! Needless to say these elements are at logger heads in the sense, unless one does not indulge, one does not know if the indulgence was fruitful or not and Jupiter awaits patiently for individuals to emerge once they are done with their material plane and wasted their intelligence pursuing trivial things- unfortunately that’s the story for the majority and then people are left wondering that even as they have great yoga’s and all that they ever wanted, they still have a sense of incompleteness- this is because, what the soul craves for is unfinished and unless one does not hook into the energy source of Jupiter/Venus/ Saturn/Ketu that will always remain unfulfilled!

Always remember, Intelligence and Wisdom go hand in hand; so do Creativity,Courage and Patience! As long as these are synchronized and in balance, rest assured you will maintain direction and momentum to achieve your soul’s desire!

Mercury is vital, of big value to navigate, engage and communicate with the world- the quality and depth of that communication largely depend on what reinforcing impacts that other planets have on it which either helps it or restricts it! For instance if A Mercury is aspected by Jupiter, you will find these people to play with words- spoken or written and never seem to tire and keep churning out long columns one after the other or keep writing books year on year clinically as if they are programmed! Certainly quality of what they throw out is a different aspect and depends on the quality of the planets and the aspects that are coming into play alongside Mercury- This is the reason when there are virtually Millions of books written every year why only a few hundred make it to the top list and get noticed, not necessary that remaining all other are not great- but well that is where the power and role of other planetary engagements and dashes comes into play!

When Mercury is impacted by Moon and or Venus, there will be a given softness and feminine touch in the communication expression, persuasive but not pushy, but consistent and directed. When Jupiter plays a role- it will be more driven by logic and factual statements and always having a touch of strong reasoning and philosophical duties around the content piece. Saturn tends to restrict and limit the communication to what is necessary, relevant and important and shreds off all unwanted decorative pieces and adjectives from the language- this is why these people may not make the best of it- unless there is a strong Moon which helps to retain creative expression and then help one that badge of being a critic or eminence!

However, when Rahu comes into play with Mercury, there remains a risk of throwing imagination and communication to the extremities and whether this works in favour or harms largely depends on other things like aspects, transits and Dashas that are being played out. The ability to imagine creatively into a new zone beyond the ordinary and make it big, can be a blessing or a curse given by Rahu and depends on how the other things play out in an individual’s chart.

Mercury, however seems to be more pronounced in terms of being active and providing sensible results through its Dasha period and antardasha’s especially when the mahadashas are of its friendly planets and which are able to reinforce the outcomes that Mercury promises to provide by its sign placement or house placement!

I will leave you here, with my thoughts so that you can evaluate and see how Mercury has been manifesting in your charts and perhaps you want to decipher what it wants you to communicate to the world and what is that you should be assimilating!

Ciao for now, will be back with another piece soon!

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