Understanding transits.

Like my all other articles, this one also aims to simplify and make it easier for people to understand the concept of transits without adding complication and unwarranted anxiety!

Transits are normally seen from the Moon and also it makes great sense to see from where are the planets moving from their own position in the chart! Through my experience what I have seen is that transit impacts of fast moving planets like Mercury are shallow and temporary- the exception being Mars and the transit impact for slow moving planets is deeper and brings about transformation which alters the course of individuals life! Another important thing to remember is the transitory aspects that are occurring between the planets and the operating Mahadasha and Antardasha periods.

As a rule if an individual is undergoing the Mahadasha of the most benefic planet/ yogakaraka planet and the same is helped by conducive transits wherein the aspects reinforce the benefic influence over the malefic influence- than rest assured there will be forward momentum with little drag or friction in areas/houses from where these transits are happening and the planets are aspecting. If there is a disconnect between the Mahadasha/ Antardasha and the aspects show a more malefic influence than benefic, one can easily foresee troubles and challenges arising from the houses where these malefic impacts are being developed or the house where maximum malefic aspect/transit is being felt!

When benefics transit places which signify their aspects from moon, favorable results can be experienced if the planets are well placed in the chart and have strength owing to house lordship/sign lordship/yoga formation through transit/exaltation etc. Consider Jupiter is transiting the 5th, 7th or 9th from your natal moon in the chart and if an individual has a strong moon and Jupiter, than one can experience the results of the Gaja-Kesari yoga during the period of transit- these results will be amplified if the corresponding Mahadasha and Antardasha also compliment the transit by being of either of these two planets or of their friends who are well placed in relation to the Moon and Jupiter in the chart! In case the Dasha period is that of functional malefic or malefics in the chart, than the ability of the transit to create positive results gets reduced to the extent of the malefic influence!

This is the plain and simple approach to deciphering transits and gauging what the coming times are likely to manifest! These are the simple and effective rules to always remember- Consider the benefic/malefics of the chart, the transit houses from the natal moon and the operating Dashas. Once you have factored these elements, you will know why – At times, there are sudden windfalls and at times why the struggles just don’t seem to end- No matter what you do! Never forget, we never live our lives in isolation, our association with people in the house- their charts, yoga’s and their operating dashas/transits certainly play the role which they are meant to by the relation that we share with them! This is a reason why at times not everything about an individual is understood from their own chart alone! Deciphering that is another story and deserves another article altogether!

I leave you here, so that you can study and possibly see how transits have helped and challenged you through your journey and I will be back with another piece soon!

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Ciao for now! Stay wise and remember- Simplicity is the essence of Success!

Published by Parimal Aluri

I am a coach,consultant and trainer. Human behaviour has been at the core of my studies through experience and academic pursuits. I am a certified practitioner for NLP, CBT and Mindfulness. Mental health- it's benefits and ramifications go a long way in creating societies which are inclusive and progressive. Through my writings, talks and engagements, aim to bring about positive change and progress-one person at a time! I am also a professional astrologer and offer consultations.Through my writings and engagements around astrology; I contribute in my little way to do away with misconceptions and complexities around astrology and try to make it more simpler and easy to understand so that the benefits that it offers can be enjoyed by a larger audience!

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