Sun- The eternal one.

There is a good reason why this star occupies our imagination and is at the core of who we are, our essence, the nourishment for our soul which helps us relate and explore this planetary plane through the senses bestowed to the soul in this human form! It takes 8 minutes for light to travel from the Sun, race through space and touch us warmly- well this winter warmth is welcome but the same intense touch when it hits temperatures 40+ makes us humble and realise what the word “overpowering” and “domination” actually means! Well, in this short piece, lets journey to appreciate and decipher what the Sun implies and what it is whispering to us by being the way it is! So let’s roll..

As many religious texts- the Vedas, Upanishads and so on and so forth have been straddled and sprinkled with praise and reverence to the Sun and have acknowledged its vital presence and relevance to our very existence! The Sun and the Moon are the framework within which this human form is created and held in balance to ensure our soul can relate and explore the earthly plane through the senses bestowed to the human form. A slight imbalance between the two- add a dash of other planetary aspects and you have opened up a can of dynamic imbalances which either keep us on course to the journey of our soul or throw us into a trajectory which just keep us moving away in a direction from where we need to keep coming back over and over again to re calibrate and return ourselves to the energy levels assigned to our soul for the scheduled onward journey!

It will take another whole article to explore the philosophical realm of the Sun, I will keep it crisp to the relevance of the astrological significance that it brings along and how we should decipher what it likely conveys! Traditionally the Sun has been assigned significance and attributions to father, government, large gains, bigger and larger projects, ambitions, eyes, political aspirations, high ranking connections and energy- the energy of the soul! When Sun is well manifested and the soul is nourished it is visible- one glance and you should be able to see the sparkle in the eye and the intense focus and enthusiasm to move mountains and take large projects and complex situations with ease and without prejudice! A well manifested Sun promises fortune and luck to the father and Teachers of the native and also ensures health and vitality for a longer time then as experienced by the peers within the societal set up within which an individual moves around.

Warmth and Intense heat are both manifestations of the Sun, when Sun is well positioned and has it’s own strength through astrological definitions of such a placement, an individual knows when to radiate what and in what measure- there is a great deal of calibration to hold and let go of intense feelings especially while dealing with people in power or authority and if the individual holds power them there is a greater wisdom in calibrating the safe use of such power that one may hold!

When Sun engages with planets, its another degree of fun, literally, but no other planet does it impact, the way it flirts with Mercury! A golden and simple rule to remember is when Mercury is ahead of Sun, it always brings and ensures brilliance in terms of intelligence and wit and when Sun is ahead of Mercury, although the individual may be intelligent the acceptance and establishment of such intelligence is often with struggle and blemished unless helped by other planets like Moon, Jupiter or Venus. That is the secret and essence of the famed BuddhaAditya yoga- A yoga that signifies intelligence, brilliance, wit and sharpness! When this manifests the right way, it ensures that even as an individual ages, the mind remains as sharp as it would have always been and in certain cases gets better with age, much to the delight and amusement of the individual and horror of others! What you must do remember is that- I have mentioned basic attributes and not how the use or intention of use is- when used for a just cause it helps when it is used against societal norms it can cause enough grief for others or the individual depending on how an individual chart spans out!

The nature of the Sun is fire, heat and warmth, what that does is, basically gets rid off all that is not needed ( very much like what Saturn does in another way though), this riddance related to the Sun is majorly to do with the nourishment of the soul, what does not help the soul will be burned away to ashes and it is perhaps the only line of defence that a soul has in the times that we have ordained the human form as we go about our daily lives! Hence whenever you see Sun too close to any planet (except Mercury- as we discussed above) rest assured it will sap away the manifestation of that planet- certainly it will depend who among them hold more strength by virtue of sign, house, avasthas and so on and so forth but you will always find a dent in the manifestation of the indicators of the other planet when Sun is combust with another planet! Now whether this works for or against an individual well, that’s another story!

Sun has been related to governance, control and authority, perhaps the ancient sages wondered how the planets obediently revolved around the Sun and adhered to every law of physics to return to vantage points of conjunction and opposition with remarkable precision and accuracy, that could have been (I feel) why and how the sages attributed the ability to manage large ecosystems and large number of people through ruler ship- read Kings and Emperors and modern day governments! In these modern times, however it has been more evident then ever before that although a Sun may promise an inclination of being associated with rulers and those who govern, unless there is a benevolence of Saturn (representing masses- the people) and the mystical presence of Ketu/Rahu, this potential ends up in a self limiting dream at a much lower level!

When Sun has an interplay with Jupiter or Venus and is ably supported by Mercury and Moon; needless to say an individual will wield authority and be able to shine in the arena that is represented by the other more dominating planet with whom the Sun is either conjunct, or there is an aspect relationship!

The Sun is the nourishment to the Soul like Moon is to the Mind and unless the two don’t synchronize the soul is left wandering not knowing what to harness and what to let go as the senses through the human form ceaselessly keep drawing the soul to the pursuits of materialistic planes!- which is necessary, but like all good things over indulgence becomes the pitfall and tap for the soul which again causes it to keep lingering on the same plane without being able to make much advance to move ahead and surge into the higher planes by focusing on the puritanical pursuits which can become possible by well manifested Sun in the horoscope- certainly the Sun has to be supported by a powerful Jupiter or Venus and our friend Ketu!

The Sun is the very essence of our soul and I guess that aspect by itself sums up an universe within it! I will halt here and will allow you to reflect on what you experience has been with the manifestation of Sun in your chart or of someone that you know! The only irony of our lives is that, although we learn so much about what goes into making who we are, we seldom are ready to work hard enough for the nourishment of our soul, we would rather slog for a job which gives money to enjoy the material pleasures- well nothing wrong we must do that – but when the soul is left undernourished trust me no matter how much you gain on the material plane- nothing will give you the bliss and calm that is needed and that is something that only a nourished soul can offer when your Sun is the powerhouse that illuminates it from within for your to enlighten the world around you!

Ciao for now, will be back soon with another article, until then stay blessed and seek your soul today!

Mars- Courage unlimited.

Mars has been my favorite, of all the planets, with its uncanny resemblance to earth like features, it being the central theme to many stories of sci-fi to the philosophical aspect of what it represents! Mars for me is the postcard of the Universe that shows what would have happened if the Earth moved a few million miles closer or away from its current orbit! This element of mathematical precision among everything that could have happened makes my belief in the Supreme Power (don’t need to attach any religious angle here please) all the more intense! Join me over the next few paragraphs to explore what Mars is all about in this short piece…

Traditionally Mars has been associated to attributes that range from anger, courage,ability to take risks, relation with home (I like to extend that to Mother as well), service of the government through arms, law enforcement, agriculture, engineering (when aided by Saturn, medicine when helped by Venus so on and so forth. Through my experience though I have seen that no matter what it is , whether one has an exalted Mars, Own sign, well placed, ill placed or whichever way you want to look at it, once Mars gets impacted by the higher denominators of Saturn or Jupiter it undergoes a radical transformation in terms of its ability to deliver what it should have or could have being in that particular house or sign had it been there by itself! This impact can work in favour or against depending on what vocation one has got into! Being a fast moving planet again the effects of Mars are often more pronounced and realized only through its own Mahadasha or the the Mars Antardasha in another planets Mahadashas. Needless to say based on the strength and association of the planetary aspects of the Mahadasha/Antardasha lords effects, will be felt and indicated.

Another very interesting facet of Mars is, its association with Saturn, through the year, Mars will be at sometimes will aspect Saturn being 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th from it through transit, likewise at time Saturn will aspect Mars when it transits 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th from itself- so with this dynamics at play- you know why and how- the Earth is ever restless and geological and geographical activities seem to get radically pronounced when these aspects occur, needless to say when they are in same sign- the results are amplified in a major way! Saturn- Mars can be attributed to large accidents owing to mechanical failure of equipment, earthquakes, floods, landslides, tectonic movements, unrest of public- working class which come at logger heads to authority (law enforcement) especially if Sun is also caught up in between around this axis of Mars-Saturn! But it is also the same Mars and Saturn which represent heavy industries, electric grids, power generation, energy, oil, minerals, riches from the Earth- rare metals and so on and so forth. So is it that Mars and Saturn are always bad and will create only negative impacts? Well no, of course not- else we would have woken up to an Earthquake or a Tsunami every second month! Through their transits Jupiter, Venus play their role to keep the balance in check and that’s how things are normalized more often then not!

The philosophical angle to Mars is all about valor, risk taking and venturing out to seek the unknown- nothing wrong with this, as long as this attribute is directed and channelized for the right reasons and intentions- which can only become possible with positive impact of planets like Jupiter, strong Moon or Venus! Saturn normally withdraws individuals within and if there is an interplay of Saturn and Mars in the chart, and if Saturn has an upper hand- then Mars will manifest through sporadic emotional outbursts whether they are qualified or not will largely depend on Moon and Mercury as well!

Mars is also a planet that speak about ones’ ability to be loyal to the master- a well manifested Mars shows an individuals ability to stay committed to the work that the person is involved with and also speaks of strong integrity and duty or service orientation- but don’t make the mistake of seeking favors from such people that will never come- A well manifested Mars at work place is like the guard keeping an eye out while everyone else within are having a party! Mars when well manifested also makes an individual duty bound to the Mother and often this may or may not be reciprocated and this at times can also lead to downfall and indifference to one’s own home eventually as facts begin to get uncovered as one progresses through life!

Mars teaches us what we will end up becoming if we are not responsible to our planet over time, Mars was once alive and we will end up becoming that for sure- sooner or later that will depend on what we decide to do or not do to serve or dis-serve our planet! Bright red shining up in the sky, Mars inspires us all to have courage and faith in our abilities- whatever they may be and however small or large they may be, Mars is about standing for what is right and always giving a calibrated response to what comes our way in life- unwarranted emotional outbursts are fatal and detrimental- that is why crimes are often and almost always “in the heat of the moment” and this is why Mars is there to guide and tell us that only an outburst is never enough it has to be calibrated and directed in a way that uplifts and brings a positive change which is for the larger good and benefit of everyone who you are responsible to take care of- that group may be as small as your family or as large as the Military of a Nation at your command!

When a strong Moon combines, aspects Mars it helps to garner the necessary balance of Mind and Valor and if supported by Mercury or Jupiter- the individual becomes synonymous with sharp intellect and opulent wisdom! Mars often represents diseases that may come your way – through complications related to or attributed to the blood- this can be a good enough early warning system to correct what’s possibly gone wrong or may go wrong before it becomes too late.

Mars is also associated with the gain of land, property, your identity as owning or being associated with a piece of Earth in this life as you complete your soul’s desire through the acquired form- this manifests well when you have an overpowering aspect of benefics and with little or no aspect of malefic, If malefics impact, the acquisition is hampered, of if acquired one is unable to enjoy the fruits of the acquisition as one would have thought to!

Before I conclude this short piece, remember one simple fact, an average Mars is always better then an exalted one- because unless it is reined in by aspects of benefics- it will end up causing and endless cycle of unnecessary mental distortion and drive your courage to the edges of eccentricity!

Ciao for now, I will leave you here, for you to reflect and see how Mars has played a role in your life or those you know! I will be back with another piece soon!

Deciphering Venus

Venus, also called as “Shukra” through vedic texts- the benefactor of all learnings and divine power to the Asuras. The statement for beauty, opulence, creative expression, all that shines, glitters, is royal in its stature but mysteriously also opens the eternal world of the occult and creates unparalleled ability to master and share the learnings and bring about a simplified understanding among one and all! Venus is all that it is- An unique blend of Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu as I see it; this is one planet that communicates volumes about an individuals abilities latent and attained.

Shukra is often also quoted alongside Shukracharya- The eternal Guru of the Asura world- few believe that Shukra is Shurkracharya and my belief is that it may be quite possible that the sage Shukracharya would have played some role in either in it’s discovery or understanding its impact on lives and because he possibly did an extensive study on this planet, perhaps his name got eternally intertwined with it!

Venus, brings along with it vibrancy/ freshness and opulence when it is manifested right and in a positive manner, it enables an individual to add a coat of opulence in whatever modes of expression that one chooses for communication- writer, speakers, actors, dramatists, musicians, dancers- you can think of any artistic way of expression whenever that shows a mark of opulence and glitter within- you can safely say Venus is at work- depending on the impact that other planets would be having on Venus in a chart, the artistic choices and modes of expressions will shift from a pure spiritual to a completely business driven model- at one end you may have a performance that is being offered only for pro-bono ways and at one end you would have speakers who charge thousand of dollars to be on the stage for those few hours! Such is the sway of Venus.

Certainly Jupiter is Spirituality,Wisdom and Knowledge, but so is Venus- personally I have found that Venus is more dynamic,adaptable and leading in the times that we live in more then Jupiter and even if someone had an amazingly benefic placement of Jupiter through exaltation or ownership of houses, it still will more then often restrict its beneficence to the faith that an individual follows and all aspects that come around it- unless it is aspected by other dynamic planets like Mercury and Venus which can add a material plane to it and help the individual to benefit from the knowledge and wisdom by providing a gateway to express it through the other planets! Venus on that space by itself is very self-reliant and can do wonders with little or at time even with no help (though that never is the case).

One of the most misunderstood aspect of Venus has to do with the subject that it represents beauty- now “beauty” by itself has innumerable connotations and implied meanings- instead of being stuck at the physical realm of beauty as what a lot of people go on to define their meaning and interpretation of a Venusian personality- an epitome of sensuality, grace and style- well the fact is, that this may be the case, but importantly it is not only about this and there is much and more beyond just this first layer of interpretation! Venus even when strong, well placed can provide shades of bursts of anger and clinical strikes through act, speech and ideologies! It is always important to (like with other planets as well) to see what way Venus is impacting and getting impacted by other planets! Typically fast moving planets tend to drive effects rapidly and at a shallow level, and slow moving planets bring about slow changes- read transformations- but these are almost always life altering and change the course of direction based on the accumulated Karma as time ticks by!

The true essence of beauty of Venus is not only limiting oneself to explain the physical manifestation but also see the deep rooted aspect of Venus in what the Individual does to bring or add grace and beauty to all that is created by the individual – it could be as simple as a chef making some great dishes to bring out culinary ecstasy or a musician how creates a magic of trance and deep seduction through the rendition of the music, or a writer who captivates your imagination and make you yearn for more and more into the maze of the words that play out! Beauty, as they say always is an element of being in the eye of the beholder- but when it comes to Venus it is much deeper and has a lot to do with the interpretation and depth of philosophical approach that one has or doesn’t have to express this space!

Venus does denote luxuries and movable opulence as well (Mars some say, I believe Venus too can have a say). Venus like Jupiter and Saturn is a planet which start to give more meaningful results with age and hence comes into the other less understood aspect of Venus- as dispositor to bring about understanding of the occult, philosophies and ancient texts and verses! I have seen often people who have an impact of Venus through any manner – a good sign and good house placement – irrespective of anything have some connect with the universal energy reservoirs and this manifests through dreams that foretell things to them , or a refined intuition or an uncanny ability to see the end results of actions happening around with phenomenal certainty and accuracy!

A mature Venus allows one to reconnect and decipher the occult like nothing else, and should it have an interplay with Ketu and / or Saturn then it takes spirituality to a completely private level and opens up opportunities to evaluate existing belief systems and refine misunderstandings and bring about clarity for self and other by correcting the unfound interpretations thereby working towards the larger good of the people of the particular faith/belief! This matured Venus is also capable of providing spiritual experiences of another kind with foreign mediums and energy planes which can get amplifies by an aspect of Ketu or Saturn alongside!

Venus is beyond just the feminine interpretation of beauty, fertility and routine attribution of it to the spouse in case of male chart etc. The universal energies from Venus are more deeper and mystical- no wonder Venus- Shukra has been endowed with an equal status to Jupiter and has the rule over all the art forms and creative expression without which human existence looses all it’s purpose and direction!

I will leave you here with these thoughts over one of my favorite planets and will be back soon with another piece! Ciao for now and keep writing to me to and let me know what you would like me to write next about!

Saturn- The Karmayogi.

Astrologers and people alike have always been awestruck by this one planet that seems to have hung over and above everyone and anyone- one planet that doesn’t mind being what it represents and goes about manifesting what is stands for without prejudice and discrimination! This is a short piece to perhaps the most beautiful of all the planets with our solar system- which also happens to be so much misunderstood!

To begin with, let me tell you, through my experience I have never seen Saturn and it’s manifestation to be negative- as they say- Every disconnect that happens pushes an individual to connect with something else and that something else is almost always the direction of your karma and the duty that you must perform as the soul traverses through its eternal journey from one life to another!

Saturn, if you ask me, stands for all that is sane and wise- it is about service orientation to the mass level and working for and among the service class. Saturn is about manifesting major transformation through time, slowly but certainly. As Saturn begins to create an impact one will almost and always come across massive transformations within people- you may find people getting more disciplined, serious, introspective and making an effort to try and focus on what matters and what is needed to continue to manifest what their final duty is! Say, you are a businessmen- the major transit or impact of Saturn will ensure that whatever you have sown through your efforts in the business that you have will be directed towards creating value and space for the people who are associated with it- whether employees, consumers or all related stake holders- the moment you succumb to the cardinal sin of greed and try to block that flow of energy of distribution of benefit to all those who deserve- you will end up activating the negative aspects of Saturn! Saturn works and pushes for an individual as long as you are on the right path to the karma associated with your soul, a slight deviation from your soul’s travel path and you will be reined back- at times harshly at times subtly depending on what is the need of the time then!

Saturn is a planet which provides the pause that people should cultivate as they go about their mundane lives- the pause which is essential to take a step back and think- “Is this really what I am here for?” Well not many will agree or be able to comprehend- but the journey of the soul has nothing to do with the manifestations of the material definitions that we have ended labeling our lives with! Certainly materialistic indulgences are part of the process but are never the destination and that’s where majority of them end up being trapped and that trap becomes all consuming which endures endless cycles being stuck on the same planetary plane of Earth with no ability to rise above and move further ahead!

None of the celestial objects associated with astrology- the signs, the planets, the naskshatras intend any harm- why would they? We must never forget at the end of it each one of us is the element and fabric of the same cosmic dust that the universe is made up of! So there’s no logical way why any of the founding elements would want to damage or cause hurt to us! Moreover the definition of hurt is often always related to the inability to satisfy human greed for one or the other reason- the ever existing challenge of “Not knowing when enough is enough” and move on and ahead!

Saturn is all about directing your energies to the people who are your responsibility- the masses- It does not need you to always be a leader even small acts of kindness to even perfect strangers will end up adding good karma to your soul and make the journey a little bit more enriching and wiser! Saturn is about acting with clarity and from a core principle stand point of Dharma– What we normally think to be the right thing to do- when we see from the Dharmic lens- of being Fair without prejudice would end up being the most stupid thing to do! Say, your kid asks you another round of sweets, well as a parent you will want to oblige knowing well, too much indulgence can turn to be counterproductive to the health of your kid! So in this instance the Saturn in you has to be at the forefront of it and be able to create a rational which is a powerful and purpose driven which helps the kid to understand why and how to reduce the indulgence then rather making an excuse for that one time or ending up with an unwanted harsh episode with the kid!

When you want to work- Saturn is all the people around you- colleagues, superiors, juniors everyone- all of them whom your work impacts and touches- when you are receptive to what they say and are able to communicate well and with clarity and direction of purpose that’s when you find success in the work area (that’s what management says) and that’s exactly how Saturn also manifests- unless you don’t indulge in non-productive practices which don’t serve the purpose of the task at hand- Saturn will allow you to work without a glitch and go about tasting the success which will be hallmarked by your handwork, intelligence and general acceptance and likability around the work place and beyond!

Likewise on the front of your personal space- Saturn is all about what you do and how do you do about performing your duties and karma related to each and every touch point that you have– the moment you try to escape or take a short-path, you will find yourself redoing that task all over again- Saturn is about understanding the rational of tasks and executing them so that the intended benefit of the event reaches to those who are required to receive the same.

Any person that you meet and interact wit, who has felt the activation of Saturn either through transit, Dasha or other yoga’s forming- will tell you one thing for sure, that the event would have transformed the person- whenever people resist the transformation it will end up being more challenging and problematic, once you begin to accept it as a learning and align your self to what is being taught to you through the transit- life will suddenly start to seem to be lighter, directed and purpose driven!

Given the limitation of the blog, I will stop here and will urge you to think about the most transformative times of your life and the chances are they would have a lot to do with this amazing, wonderful and misunderstood planet called Saturn!

Ciao for now, I will be back soon with another article and should you want me to write on any particular topic/subject drop me message through my contact us page and I will try and have that included down the line!

You and your graha-nakshatra cocktail!

What a lot of people often keep on complaining (and many times rightly so!) that astrologers have not been able to give accurate- or even moderately decent predictions pertaining to any specific questions that they have been asked about! As trivial as this may seem, there could be some genuine reasons- like an astrologer may be great and outstanding at creating charts and being a master at the mathematical calculations, may also be a repository of all the said verses of Varamihira and Parashara and the erstwhile masters, but if Intuition fails that takes away the key ingredient which makes some astrologers so special and gifted over the others! This does not mean the others aren’t great or want to intentionally falsify predictions- the fact remains simply put- it is just beyond their scope of deciphering beyond a point. An easy analogy would be there are great engineers, masters who have built great bridges, building and iconic towers, when it comes to know who built the Eiffel Tower- well then you just have the one and only Mr. Eiffel! There can be a hundred good doctors all brilliant when you visit a hospital, but when it gets to who will treat you- an internal gyro tells you to choose your physician and then you are ready to follow the guidance and move ahead on the path of recovery! The interplay of nakshatras (Stars/Constellations) and Grahas (Planets) have a similar impact on who we were, are and will become and through this short article we will try to clear out some fog if not unravel all the mysteries around this! Then you will know perhaps, how to choose a wise astrologer, be one or make one wise!

As a continuing student of astrology for over two decades now what has fascinated me is, the singular fact that there is always something to learn and when things don’t go as per predictions, one needs to keep digging deeper and deeper to understand the cosmic whispers as I call them to really know what has transpired and what actually made something work or didn’t allow something to happen! This deeply intertwined cosmic fabric of time as space is the essence of true astrology. The Soul- in the human body has been transient for eons and ages from one form unto the next moving from one higher energy state to the next so that it eventually becomes able to move ahead and further to sublime into the super power and the remain among the vastness and collective bliss of the universe!

The direction of soul is unidirectional with reference to the energy state manifestations-the direction is forward but you add to that the play of karma- prarabdha (destiny) which again is a flex of a fixed route and the offer of flexibility intertwined! Let’s say your soul is supposed to experience essence of astrology- you will certainly now how much, how far and to what extent well that depends on the choices that one makes through their free will and these choices in turn then decide whether you are adding to the energy of the soul that your hold and are taking it further or whether your actions are counterproductive and sinking it down and under which only makes it necessary to come back once you have wasted one opportunity using the body that you have to regain another physical form and keep moving ahead until yo are able to once again head in the right direction! This is where the essence of the the naskshatras and planets starts to tell the real story!

Reading charts through planets, the D1, D9 chart and pretty straightforward and I guess the very basic of someone being serious of practicing or studying astrology. The real fun begins as we start to decipher the naskhatras and their deities and the through some other schools the planetary lordships of the naskshatras! This is the point where I began to wonder- why would the masters of astrology formulate sutras, 5-10 thousand years ago, focused only on these 27 naskshatras (star clusters) from the billions of stars available what would have made them so unique? Well, the only sense that came to my mind was just as the North node- Rahu and South Node- Ketu make an impact on the efficacy of planets as they transit over them and are aspected by them, likewise planets would have shown characteristic shift in terms of behavior and result as they passed through these constellations and this would have given a resemblance of effects similar to the other planets and hence the concept of planetary lordship to nakshatras would have come up- well this is my theory- and I really don’t know if anyone before me has been able to think this way so whether I am right or wrong- well I will leave that for now- but this basically has made a lot of sense to me- to answer why only these 27 Nakshatras (well I am not writing about the 28th Abhijit nakshatra here)made it to the cut and how they have got their planetary lordships!

My studies have also shown me that as planets occupy naskshatras of amicable friendly planets they resonate more and are able to offer the results in a far better way then they would have been occupying a nakshatra of an enemy planet in the chart! Of course, all predictions need to also factor in – like always- transit- planets and the nakshatras that they are transiting through and the houses that these transits are happening through over your natal chart and original positions of your planets and naskhatras!

This dynamic cocktail of the planet- its nakshatra- the planetary lordship of the nakshatra- the transiting house -It’s relation to the original position of planets on the birth chart and the dasha and antardasha- when a totalitarian view around this multi dimensional framework is built then alone an astrologer can with come greater degree of confidence say something really relevant about the probability of an event unfolding!

The very fact that your soul was sent into this world with a specific ascendant, and a set of planets in a specific nakshatras signifies what is that you have arrived here to achieve, and what specific achievements must be made (can be viewed through interpretation of respective divisional charts) in each sphere of your life so that your soul is managed to the universal forward journey which takes it towards being sublimed into the infinite! This is one reason why you will always see that as you begin to study the divisional chart, each planet will be holding its sway in some or the other chart- basically no planet is bad in the literal sense of the word “bad”- It just goes to signify that the manifestations that are reflective of that particular planet either will be realized with great delay and challenges or not at all and this way it actually helps people to do away with unwanted road blocks and focus and pursue what is there to be manifested and what will come naturally based on what the purpose of the souls is! This is the essence of the graha-nakshatra play in your charts! When there is a reinforcement you will find that your soul finds it easy to manage a specific aspect of life effortlessly when there is dissonance there is struggle and effort needs to be put in just to ensure things don’t start to fall off and fade away!

I will leave you here, with your thoughts and space to reflect and see how these reinforce and contradict in the charts that you study and that you read and see what the universe whispers unto you, this will help you and all those who come to seek answers from you! Your soul as a student of astrology or a practitioner of astrology is already earmarked for serving in this space and the only way to move ahead on this journey is knowing to serve well and being well and that comes by being a student for life!

Ciao for now, I will back with another article soon!

Understanding the Moon.

Moon- the significator of the mind- the only satellite that has been made part of astrology apart from our Sun and the other planets! The old masters were right to believe and even today, the Moon is perhaps the only celestial object (apart from the Sun) whose impact on our day-to-day life can be visibly seen and experienced! The ocean tides, wave heights and the impact on other weather phenomenon by working in tandem with the Sun- no wonder whichever culture/ faith/ belief system you may wish to follow the Sun and / or the Moon have a central place! In a lighter vein, when you have people trying to ask astrologers to prove again and again about our theories there is no other celestial object that comes to the rescue like the Moon or the Sun!

The Moon, doesn’t have it’s own light- what we perceive as Moonlight is the reelection of Sunlight from the Moon’s surface- now this is where the importance starts to come in to the picture! Our minds- on their own do not have an ability to do anything further unless there is content and aspect of relevant energies through other planets coming in- which will trigger it to think in a particular manner and these behaviors then go on to define who we are- our personalities and finally the existing societal norms of the society where you live in either put you in resonance or out of resonance with regards to how you are accepted or rejected and to what extent- which goes on to define whether you will achieve your success and true potential in the life time that you have at hand! This is perhaps the greatest step to deciphering ones’ moon in the chart that you have!

The intrinsic strength of the moon- personally I have seen Moon to be stronger around 3 days before and after the Full Moon. The New moon however has been a mixed bag- but again those 6 days around the new moon do create minds and mental thought processes which are different and unique- good or bad- depends on multiple things and aspects- like if the birth time is day or night, other planetary aspects and so on and so forth!

One easy way of interpreting the power of the moon in any chart would be to read through the composite strength arrived at after seeing the values of its own strength, aspects through the houses, signs, planets and nakshatras as well!

Jupiter or Sun aspecting the moon in a any manner are perhaps the most common of the aspects- since the moon travels fast and covers 27 nakshatras through one lunar month- it is but obvious it will come under the aspect of planets having special aspects more frequently then those who have only the 7th aspect! Here what matters is the quality of aspect- case in point is the Gaja Kesari yoga formed by the conjunction/aspect of Moon with Jupiter, since Jupiter has the 5, 7 and 9th aspect and through conjunction in 1st house- during the course of a lunar month moon would be covering 12 nakshatras and hence almost 40% people will always have this aspect in one or the other way- the intensity and extent of how effective this yoga becomes will eventually drill down to the basics of the naskshatras/ planet avasthas and the prevailing transits and dahsa/antardasha dynamics!

By itself Moon has been equated with the feminine energy source from the Universe and hence the aspect of representing mother- to begin with- Moon also shows a window to ones’ temperament- what is one likely to do when under stress- in today’s world this can be and should be an important aspect that can be looked into while suggesting people for jobs/careers and even for alliance matching- personalities cannot be created all over again- even as they may still show ability to flex and adapt- but how much this will be possible will only be shared by the position/sign/strength and the kind of aspects that it receives!

When Moon is impacted by multiple planets- especially during transits- depending upon whether the planets have quick transits- or have longer transits in a sign as they engage with the Moon- individuals will undergo rapid or subtle changes in their personalities- that is when we notice personality changes for the good or worse – say when you have the Saturn cycle, or Saturn’s 4th and 8th transit, Jupiter’s 4th, 8th and 12th transit from the moon. Likewise the dasha and anatardahsa tend to add their flavor to the character of the moon in ones’ chart and thereby create a personality which displays the impact of these various forces in proportion to what is impacting more over the other!

Moon is the Mind- The essence of making effective use of your Moon is ensuring your Mind is engaged with the only act of “seeking purpose to your life” as you go through your worldly duties! The earlier you get this answer the earlier you will realise balance, harmony and peace within and around you! A mind which is constantly pursuing what is not meant to be pursued, without understanding the “Why” of what is happening around will always end up with a fatigued mind which then is unable to even utilize of the impact of any benefic planets or aspects- since its intrinsic ability to stay vibrant and progressive has been hampered by wasting that energy for squiring unwanted things.

Your mind holds the key to decipher wisdom and knowledge and seek the universal truths and beyond- this certainly doesn’t mean you do not pay attention to your worldly duties and materialistic pleasures, what it means is that one needs to ensure there is an constant balance at every stage so that needless materialism and unwarranted spiritual pursuits don’t end up throwing your mind off course and lead you to an flux of never ending confusion and ambiguity!

A balanced mind- is a reflection of a Moon which has evolved to strike a balance on the move- among all the celestial energies that it is receiving and has developed a tenacity to know which energy source to log on to and when and in what proportion- for few people this happens naturally- read – purva janma karmic engagement- mostly found among old souls- for the newer souls who have worn the human form recently and are still yet to explore and feast on the materialism that is on offer- the Moon and the Mind is always challenged to stay on course and some are able to make it and few aren’t!

Well, on this Full Moon Day , I leave you with your mind and moon to reach within and see for yourself what is that you experience and what is that you wish to seek – worldly and spiritual so that you can start to train and direct your mind for that singular pursuit!

Ciao for now, will be back soon with another article! feel free to write to me on what topics you would want me to cover through my blogs!

Rahu-Ketu: Magic,Mystery,Miracle

Perhaps the most misunderstood and wrongly portrayed among all the planets and Sun, given the fact that these have been essentially “Shadow planets” not real- with few concepts believing them to be the nodes of the Moon- Rahu being the North node and Ketu representing the South node! Personally speaking I believe them to be the nodes of the elliptic plane of the solar system- a point where all planets and the Sun tend to show different effects and tend to behave in a radically different manner depending upon if they are transiting through Rahu or Ketu! Furthermore the ability of Rahu and Ketu (as some believe) to aspect signs, planets and the Sun if situated as 1,3,5,7 and 9 (in some cases also impacting 10 and 11) from itself goes to speak a lot about what ancient sages and practitioners of astrology would have observed in terms of changes in the behaviour of people whenever these planets transited over Rahu and Ketu or were aspected by them!

Rahu- the unquestionable master of Illusion and magic- A shadow planet which either creates a great spectacle of mass illusion- like a magic show and entertains one and all- this ability can be- used and abused – based on the interplay of the signs, houses, planets, Sun and the nakshatras and so on and so forth! My experience with Rahu has been a great one- A teacher who teaches you by allowing you to experiment, fail, learn and move ahead- certainly one needs to be cautious as Rahu can keep on nudging you to go that extra mile each time and that can actually make a difference between you being safe, sane and going completely insane and ending up committing something that you will get tied up with as your Karma for the next lives and beyond! When Rahu receives benefic aspects and is placed in a moderate house/sign – need not always be exalted- it provides great intelligence, ability to research- dig deep and arrive at rapid answers even before others are still struggling to frame questions! An excellent gift for those who thrive on the occult, mysticism, investigation, clandestine operations, covert operations, a great ability to deal and manage threats and poison- read chemicals, heavy engineering experts, hazardous material management and control! Certainly other planets, signs, positions and the ensuing interplay will have an impact to fortify one of the many significations of Rahu- but one thing is for sure- when Rahu is ready to serve you- there is no escaping being famous- well off (may not be a billionaire- but you will be able to hold on to the chosen life style – despite all great odds- especially when Jupiter/ Venus and Sun are there to extend their support). An interplay of Rahu and Saturn- can make you a great asset within the political system as it can bring about a great ability to read the undercurrents in the masses and then help develop a strategy to meet the political parties objectives, narratives and play the role of a vital catalysts to upset existing political structures through subtle changes which are missed out at macro levels- Rahu is also about implementing strategy and tact- by creating diversion and illusion to help one meet their objectives and goals while keeping opponents and competitors ties up with something else trivial and inconsequential!

When it comes to the space of understanding what your past lives would have been and what kind of Karma you would have accumulated- Rahu-Ketu and their axis says a lot even as it cloaks everything within the different yoga and aspects that other planets and Sun form with each other and also with Rahu-Ketu! This perhaps is the greatest of all the mysteries that these shadow planet have been successful to hold on to themselves! Few astrologers have likened Rahu to Saturn and Ketu to Mars- personally I have thought it to be otherwise through the experiences that I have seen around!

Rahu shows that explosive energy and that need to provide results at a brisk space- if you have a decent Mars in your chart which aspects Rahu and a strong Moon- rest assured if the house placement is good- one will find the house where Rahu is positioned to be ablaze with brilliance- e.g. If Rahu is in the fifth house and receives as aspect of Mars and Jupiter or Venus and if the signs are mutually neutral or benefic- you will find a person with some savage intelligence, quick thinking and an ability to talk on any topic at any time and someone who thrives on wisdom and intelligence and always wants to see how best the learnings can be shared across – driving home a point- a great placement for a Professor, Preacher, Social reformer who want to bring about a change by dissecting existing beliefs after studying them and help people move ahead with greater clarity towards a better path! Needless to say there also needs to be an aspect of Mercury to ensure the thoughts are aligned to the greater good and these attributes like a double edged sword can be used either serve or dis-serve humanity!

Ketu- the Imploding energy- an energy that draws you inwards- now whether this can be used for introspection of the deepest levels right up to getting into deep trance of meditation and feeling one with the universe or this could be a case of extreme depression and escapism and this relies on the power settings of your Moon, its interplay and role of Jupiter/Venus and Mercury that have with Ketu! When well placed, Ketu can create wonders- provide a depth of realization and disconnect which ensures that the final frontiers of the secrets of the Universe begin to come apart in your sub-conscious mind and create a feeling of bliss that simply stays on! Ketu also has the ability to have clutter thrown out of your life- whether people or objects- what doesn’t serve you gets cut and rapidly- it’s a clinical cut- you would have come across people who seem to be moving around and not having long lots friends or friends from old days, schools , previous work places etc etc.- well this is the reason- they don’t necessarily use and dump people- but are so oblivious of the fact that even as people tend to get left out as they continue ahead- they seldom notice it and it hardly every matters- this makes people think that these folks are self serving and opportunistic- while the fact remains they are quite the opposite- they don’t want to build negative Karma by hanging around and getting into peoples lives when they are not needed and end up doing something which gets tied up with them! Ketu is always about disconnecting and drawing oneself deep within ones’ calling- the call of ones’ soul!

This celestial and omnipresent karmic axis helps one evolve as a soul by incrementally keeping moving in a directions which the universe governs- Rahu brings in experiences, things and people that will help to build , enrich and add value so that you move ahead, while Ketu simultaneously is weeding away all that is not needed once the things are learnt, purpose is served and makes you liberated incrementally each step as you soul progresses ahead!

Rahu and Ketu or any planets and Sun for that matter, personally I believe can only be as much as malefic or benefic to the extent of the Karma your soul has accumulated and the journey that it has covered towards its final destination. Souls which are progressed can be seen through the state of Rahu and Ketu in the charts and that is a sure way of knowing, how one can accelerate the journey of your soul in the right direction by holding on to and craving for what you must and cutting off and letting go off what you need to!

Ciao for now, I leave you with my thoughts here, and will be back to connect with a few more topics pertaining to the wonderful subject that Astrology is! Until then- may the light within you stay illuminated and ward of the darkness of ignorance!

The interplay of Mars-Jupiter-Saturn!

As a student of astrology, perhaps these are the best times when you want to be a witness, observe and learn life lessons from these three magnificent planets! Like my other articles on astrology, I am not going into the routine effects, benefits or adverse effects of the planets, but we will discuss more broadly on a philosophical level!

To begin with, the symbolism of Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, whichever ancient literature, you desire to choose, these three are symbolic of a few aspects that govern our lives (irrespective of how modern we are or not). Mars- fire, energy, action and movement with a strong tug on the planet in terms of physical metamorphosis and being one of the closest neighbor to Earth, after the Moon. Saturn-one of the slowest moving of all planets, signification of aligning things to the requirement and something that enables and furthers contraction and focus and certainly it does play a role to ensure one has what one needs and must have and tends to strip everything else away- unwanted baggage, aspirations which are unfounded and in a way creates that karmic bridge which for all of us is nothing more then an eternal dynamic karma management aspect! Now coming to Jupiter, the symbolism for expanding the effects of everything that comes to you, wisdom and knowledge, the eternal source that tends to keep the unfailing compassion within you even in the most trying times for most of us and much more!

Well as these three come into the sign of Aquarius and tend to stay there together for the next 30-40 days well it’s anyone’s guess the ride is going to be interesting! From a generic perspective the association of Saturn and Mars has always been ridden with malefic impacts over riding the beneficial impacts and this time too the result will not be much different- delays, diversions, sudden developments and rapid escalations of matters pertaining to nations, ideologies, status of working class people and the stressing impact on the weakest sections of the society will be something that the world will see! Even as I pen this write up, events across the world owing to the pandemic have brought to the forefront the ugly standards of world hypocrisy- one end we have opulence like the great mythical Gods and at the other extreme end we have abject poverty and distress which has come to hit us in our faces- something that the world now has no choice but to work upon to resolve it so that these instances are reduced if not completely done away with! This will be made possible by the presence of Jupiter who through wisdom and knowledge will ensure that vested interests are kept under check and necessary respite and assistance is made good through authority and law to the poorest of the poor and this recognition will ensure that a new world order and realignment happens globally which will be more felt and will come alive post September 2020!

However, the tug of Mars and Saturn hint towards adverse and sporadic intense weather patterns and natural calamities will raise their heads and Earth will come alive, through increased instances of landslides, earthquakes and volcanic activity and fire events! The wise thing to do in these times (and perhaps always) is to respect nature and ensure we build our abodes on this planet where we are meant to live and ensure we practice care for the planet-Greed and the never ending hunger for more and more never has done good to anyone and will ultimately be the undoing for humankind eventually! This cycle of nature teaching us lessons will go on, as they have always been until we learn to stay away and stay at places which do not put us in direct conflict with nature!

Saturn- Mars will also create challenging times for industries that deal with heavy machinery, oil, natural resources and technologies which are high end – like aviation space etc. It will be a wise decision to delay any new testing and development in these to May and beyond! Stress and rigor will expose fault lines in work areas and people in Uniform will be called out time and again to ensure public order is managed and chaos is avoided! All in all times will be turbulent and the only grace being Jupiter will try to soften the harshness of the blow to an extent that is possible- but avoidance and mitigation is the key- for with Mars being present situations tend to go off hand more rapidly then expected and that can become a tall order in the times that we are now! Nations too will need to manage their borders to ensure mischief is contained and peace prevails and overcomes any hostile provocation anywhere around the world!

The prudence of Jupiter, the depth of Saturn and the pace of Mars present with an interesting opportunity to reach out and engage with each of these planet significations in the right way so that the necessary universal energy balance is sustained and moves ahead the way it should-This certainly seems to be an idealistic thinking and it indeed is!

Planets and their effects for believers and non-believers of astrology alike resemble only one fact that the Universe has many more secrets then we think and each time humanity has even had a remote thought of being invincible or reached a point where people have begun to think, “we know it all” the Universe rings the door bell to our planet in one way or the other, just to let us know that we are not alone and the only ones’ in the Universal scheme of things and there are other energies- visible- invisible- omnipresent with us within us and around us who are ceaselessly co-creating time and space in multiple dimensions- who knows- what we are living now-had already been lived by us within the Universe in another dimension and perhaps we will eventually reach a space of living multiple times at one time!

Finally, if you have a telescope, this is a great time to see Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn light up the heavens above! I leave you now for some solitude and reflection and hope you are able to tap into the expanding horizons of Jupiter’s wisdom, the depth of Saturn’s introspection and the pace of Mars and channel all of these to create value for your soul and everyone that you touch around you!

Astrology- the real essence of it!

Before I start sharing my experience with astrology through planets and nakshatras, it is very important to share an important aspect into what it actually is and what it really means! (at least from the stand point that I see it!). This is one subject (possibly after politics) where, no one can ever claim knowing everything about it, however good they may be or masters they may be with what they know! Unless you have a student mindset- Student Mindset for Life- which alone can help yo understand the nuances of this subject in itself as a big ongoing project- let alone mastering it!

Thousands of years ago (what historians normally put it to be around 5000 to at least 10,000 years old!) when humankind lived in a structured society, this subject flourished along with the other mother of all other subjects known to us; “philosophy” in the form of vedic scriptures– the seed was sown by eminent masters and scholars who were great mathematicians, observers and had a connect within themselves and the universe unlike anything that we can envisage in these times! The shlokas (verses- in Sanskrit language- that explain different rules and details around how to approach the subject) were written with a decent amount of fog as regards to what the author would have actually meant! Given the fact that everything that humankind always records is a reflection of the society in the times that one exists, cannot be overlooked! The shlokas were then subsequently decoded and interpreted by scholars and masters on their own way- some of these are more aligned to the original classical ways- some of them have been altered slightly and adopted to suit modern day or individual experiences that an astrologer would have come across by studying over hundreds or thousand of astrological charts! This is the point of inflection from where the divergence in the subject would have started! With more and more focus to earn money, fame and to prove ones’ point over the other, as times went by- misconceptions and utter disregard came to the subject (some of it was expected and some was unwanted!). So now the question- what is the right way to approach this subject – what is this actually about?

Knowing the limitations of a blog, I will keep it short and crisp, astrology was and is never about the normal questions that mortals keep asking their favorite astrologer- What should I study, How will be my career, When will I get married, How many kids will I have, How much wealth will I have,When will I die!” well in a nutshell all these questions are very ordinary- without an astrologer too, using common sense , the enquirer can by themselves answer!- the rule of life is simple- “If you do nothing- Nothing is created and when nothing is created nothing will be coming your way!” These questions do have relevance to seek a direction as a student would while talking to the teacher, but astrology is far more wider and deeper then these superficial aspects! It is importantly about- knowing your Intrinsic Soul- the purpose of Why you have arrived, the Way you have and What is expected From you and By you for the Universe and from this point on what is the next Destination unto the journey of your Soul! This, my friend is the true essence of astrology and the the very Soul of this subject! If Vedas were ushered in by divine energies to wise people back then- there would have been a purpose far greater and deeper in anything and everything that was said, recorded and written about all subjects within them!

The various masters of astrology- Varamihira, Parashara, Kalidasa, Jaimini and many more have helped develop and evolve this subject and bring it to the present day form where it has become easy to understand and implement unlike ever before. Modern day pioneers likes B.V. Raman and contemporaries have gone further in making astrology, fun, easy and meaningful to understand and share! With the advent of software for doing all the tedious and mind- boggling calculations (that are needed to come up with different charts and mathematical calculations), it has never been a better time to be an astrologer! (provided you have been blessed by the divine grace to use your Intuition for the larger and greater good at all times!)

So to wrap it up, for this article, it is important to know, that astrology is all about deciphering the journey of your Soul, nothing more or nothing less, it has answers for your soul and certainly does answer to the manifestations and sensory perceptions that your human form brings along to you- but the underlying relevance always has been and will always remain to ensure that you are directed forward in the direction that your Soul is meant to move as part of the larger need to maintain the “Universal Constant/ Equilibrium” of energies within and around it!

I will leave you with these thoughts for now, in the meantime- try and seek answers to a few questions from within your Soul and try to see who you really are! This will make it easier for you to stay connected as we journey ahead!

Like always should you need to reach out to me for consultations or astrological queries- drop me a message from the Contact Us! page on my site here!

Ciao for now, stay blessed and take care! Will be back soon with another piece as we move ahead!

Welcome to Astrology!

I couldn’t have been much happier then to write about a subject that has fascinated me for such a a long time. A subject whose student I have been for the last 30 years and there is yet to learn something new each day! Join me here,in a journey to simplify and understand the concepts and the principles that go on to make this amazing science what it is! We will continue to explore and unravel the mysteries of astrology, through a series of fleeting article, blogs, micro blogs. You will also be able to find Articles from me on major transits and occurrences on the Articles page on this site! So let’s move ahead!

To put is simply, astrology is the science and art of being able to understand the “Why” of everything around us and within us by deciphering what the 27 Constellations (Nakshatras) and the 12 Zodiac signs are trying to communicate to us alongside the interplay and association of planets moving through them- following the principles that given them! Certainly, it is much more then what I just mentioned here, there are different schools that have been developed and evolved by the teachings, learnings and interpretations of various masters and scholars of this subject and the same has paved the way to creating foundational concepts and methodologies which more or less work absolutely fine when an able astrologer is able to do justice using individual skill and competence that one must apply to this science!

Another important of astrology- it is part of the Vedas- A Vedanga- part of the Atharva Veda. Likewise, Ayurveda and Yoga have been able companions and through the last thousands of years- wise people who have known how to harness the wisdom from these three ancient pillars of the Vedas- have more often then not been victorious and have achieved success by applying the different principles that these sciences teach to their own benefit and progression!

Apart from knowing the basic aspects governing the rules, interplay among planets and Nakshatras, what is also important is the ability to use nature’s gifted power of Intuition. At times, astrological charts throw up multiple facets during one reading and at times they seem to block away and just show up one thing- the expertise of an individual astrologer to harness the power of Intuition that one may have to navigate around the clutter and stay focused on the challenges by doing a proper analysis of the chart is the essence of being a wise astrologer and this is something that comes to you with practice and more importantly as a blessing from your Guru! When Intuition is coupled with thorough understanding of a subject (not limited to astrology alone), you will find individuals race ahead and achieve the pinnacle of success in the fields that they have chosen!

I will leave you here for now and we will embark on our journey through this fascinating subject through subsequent articles. In the meantime, should you need an astrological consultation or a reading, drop me a message through the Contact us page and you will hear from me soon!

Until next time, stay wise and stay blessed!

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