You and your graha-nakshatra cocktail!

What a lot of people often keep on complaining (and many times rightly so!) that astrologers have not been able to give accurate- or even moderately decent predictions pertaining to any specific questions that they have been asked about! As trivial as this may seem, there could be some genuine reasons- like an astrologer may be great and outstanding at creating charts and being a master at the mathematical calculations, may also be a repository of all the said verses of Varamihira and Parashara and the erstwhile masters, but if Intuition fails that takes away the key ingredient which makes some astrologers so special and gifted over the others! This does not mean the others aren’t great or want to intentionally falsify predictions- the fact remains simply put- it is just beyond their scope of deciphering beyond a point. An easy analogy would be there are great engineers, masters who have built great bridges, building and iconic towers, when it comes to know who built the Eiffel Tower- well then you just have the one and only Mr. Eiffel! There can be a hundred good doctors all brilliant when you visit a hospital, but when it gets to who will treat you- an internal gyro tells you to choose your physician and then you are ready to follow the guidance and move ahead on the path of recovery! The interplay of nakshatras (Stars/Constellations) and Grahas (Planets) have a similar impact on who we were, are and will become and through this short article we will try to clear out some fog if not unravel all the mysteries around this! Then you will know perhaps, how to choose a wise astrologer, be one or make one wise!

As a continuing student of astrology for over two decades now what has fascinated me is, the singular fact that there is always something to learn and when things don’t go as per predictions, one needs to keep digging deeper and deeper to understand the cosmic whispers as I call them to really know what has transpired and what actually made something work or didn’t allow something to happen! This deeply intertwined cosmic fabric of time as space is the essence of true astrology. The Soul- in the human body has been transient for eons and ages from one form unto the next moving from one higher energy state to the next so that it eventually becomes able to move ahead and further to sublime into the super power and the remain among the vastness and collective bliss of the universe!

The direction of soul is unidirectional with reference to the energy state manifestations-the direction is forward but you add to that the play of karma- prarabdha (destiny) which again is a flex of a fixed route and the offer of flexibility intertwined! Let’s say your soul is supposed to experience essence of astrology- you will certainly now how much, how far and to what extent well that depends on the choices that one makes through their free will and these choices in turn then decide whether you are adding to the energy of the soul that your hold and are taking it further or whether your actions are counterproductive and sinking it down and under which only makes it necessary to come back once you have wasted one opportunity using the body that you have to regain another physical form and keep moving ahead until yo are able to once again head in the right direction! This is where the essence of the the naskshatras and planets starts to tell the real story!

Reading charts through planets, the D1, D9 chart and pretty straightforward and I guess the very basic of someone being serious of practicing or studying astrology. The real fun begins as we start to decipher the naskhatras and their deities and the through some other schools the planetary lordships of the naskshatras! This is the point where I began to wonder- why would the masters of astrology formulate sutras, 5-10 thousand years ago, focused only on these 27 naskshatras (star clusters) from the billions of stars available what would have made them so unique? Well, the only sense that came to my mind was just as the North node- Rahu and South Node- Ketu make an impact on the efficacy of planets as they transit over them and are aspected by them, likewise planets would have shown characteristic shift in terms of behavior and result as they passed through these constellations and this would have given a resemblance of effects similar to the other planets and hence the concept of planetary lordship to nakshatras would have come up- well this is my theory- and I really don’t know if anyone before me has been able to think this way so whether I am right or wrong- well I will leave that for now- but this basically has made a lot of sense to me- to answer why only these 27 Nakshatras (well I am not writing about the 28th Abhijit nakshatra here)made it to the cut and how they have got their planetary lordships!

My studies have also shown me that as planets occupy naskshatras of amicable friendly planets they resonate more and are able to offer the results in a far better way then they would have been occupying a nakshatra of an enemy planet in the chart! Of course, all predictions need to also factor in – like always- transit- planets and the nakshatras that they are transiting through and the houses that these transits are happening through over your natal chart and original positions of your planets and naskhatras!

This dynamic cocktail of the planet- its nakshatra- the planetary lordship of the nakshatra- the transiting house -It’s relation to the original position of planets on the birth chart and the dasha and antardasha- when a totalitarian view around this multi dimensional framework is built then alone an astrologer can with come greater degree of confidence say something really relevant about the probability of an event unfolding!

The very fact that your soul was sent into this world with a specific ascendant, and a set of planets in a specific nakshatras signifies what is that you have arrived here to achieve, and what specific achievements must be made (can be viewed through interpretation of respective divisional charts) in each sphere of your life so that your soul is managed to the universal forward journey which takes it towards being sublimed into the infinite! This is one reason why you will always see that as you begin to study the divisional chart, each planet will be holding its sway in some or the other chart- basically no planet is bad in the literal sense of the word “bad”- It just goes to signify that the manifestations that are reflective of that particular planet either will be realized with great delay and challenges or not at all and this way it actually helps people to do away with unwanted road blocks and focus and pursue what is there to be manifested and what will come naturally based on what the purpose of the souls is! This is the essence of the graha-nakshatra play in your charts! When there is a reinforcement you will find that your soul finds it easy to manage a specific aspect of life effortlessly when there is dissonance there is struggle and effort needs to be put in just to ensure things don’t start to fall off and fade away!

I will leave you here, with your thoughts and space to reflect and see how these reinforce and contradict in the charts that you study and that you read and see what the universe whispers unto you, this will help you and all those who come to seek answers from you! Your soul as a student of astrology or a practitioner of astrology is already earmarked for serving in this space and the only way to move ahead on this journey is knowing to serve well and being well and that comes by being a student for life!

Ciao for now, I will back with another article soon!

Published by Parimal Aluri

I am a coach,consultant and trainer. Human behaviour has been at the core of my studies through experience and academic pursuits. I am a certified practitioner for NLP, CBT and Mindfulness. Mental health- it's benefits and ramifications go a long way in creating societies which are inclusive and progressive. Through my writings, talks and engagements, aim to bring about positive change and progress-one person at a time! I am also a professional astrologer and offer consultations.Through my writings and engagements around astrology; I contribute in my little way to do away with misconceptions and complexities around astrology and try to make it more simpler and easy to understand so that the benefits that it offers can be enjoyed by a larger audience!

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