Rahu-Ketu: Magic,Mystery,Miracle

Perhaps the most misunderstood and wrongly portrayed among all the planets and Sun, given the fact that these have been essentially “Shadow planets” not real- with few concepts believing them to be the nodes of the Moon- Rahu being the North node and Ketu representing the South node! Personally speaking I believe them to be the nodes of the elliptic plane of the solar system- a point where all planets and the Sun tend to show different effects and tend to behave in a radically different manner depending upon if they are transiting through Rahu or Ketu! Furthermore the ability of Rahu and Ketu (as some believe) to aspect signs, planets and the Sun if situated as 1,3,5,7 and 9 (in some cases also impacting 10 and 11) from itself goes to speak a lot about what ancient sages and practitioners of astrology would have observed in terms of changes in the behaviour of people whenever these planets transited over Rahu and Ketu or were aspected by them!

Rahu- the unquestionable master of Illusion and magic- A shadow planet which either creates a great spectacle of mass illusion- like a magic show and entertains one and all- this ability can be- used and abused – based on the interplay of the signs, houses, planets, Sun and the nakshatras and so on and so forth! My experience with Rahu has been a great one- A teacher who teaches you by allowing you to experiment, fail, learn and move ahead- certainly one needs to be cautious as Rahu can keep on nudging you to go that extra mile each time and that can actually make a difference between you being safe, sane and going completely insane and ending up committing something that you will get tied up with as your Karma for the next lives and beyond! When Rahu receives benefic aspects and is placed in a moderate house/sign – need not always be exalted- it provides great intelligence, ability to research- dig deep and arrive at rapid answers even before others are still struggling to frame questions! An excellent gift for those who thrive on the occult, mysticism, investigation, clandestine operations, covert operations, a great ability to deal and manage threats and poison- read chemicals, heavy engineering experts, hazardous material management and control! Certainly other planets, signs, positions and the ensuing interplay will have an impact to fortify one of the many significations of Rahu- but one thing is for sure- when Rahu is ready to serve you- there is no escaping being famous- well off (may not be a billionaire- but you will be able to hold on to the chosen life style – despite all great odds- especially when Jupiter/ Venus and Sun are there to extend their support). An interplay of Rahu and Saturn- can make you a great asset within the political system as it can bring about a great ability to read the undercurrents in the masses and then help develop a strategy to meet the political parties objectives, narratives and play the role of a vital catalysts to upset existing political structures through subtle changes which are missed out at macro levels- Rahu is also about implementing strategy and tact- by creating diversion and illusion to help one meet their objectives and goals while keeping opponents and competitors ties up with something else trivial and inconsequential!

When it comes to the space of understanding what your past lives would have been and what kind of Karma you would have accumulated- Rahu-Ketu and their axis says a lot even as it cloaks everything within the different yoga and aspects that other planets and Sun form with each other and also with Rahu-Ketu! This perhaps is the greatest of all the mysteries that these shadow planet have been successful to hold on to themselves! Few astrologers have likened Rahu to Saturn and Ketu to Mars- personally I have thought it to be otherwise through the experiences that I have seen around!

Rahu shows that explosive energy and that need to provide results at a brisk space- if you have a decent Mars in your chart which aspects Rahu and a strong Moon- rest assured if the house placement is good- one will find the house where Rahu is positioned to be ablaze with brilliance- e.g. If Rahu is in the fifth house and receives as aspect of Mars and Jupiter or Venus and if the signs are mutually neutral or benefic- you will find a person with some savage intelligence, quick thinking and an ability to talk on any topic at any time and someone who thrives on wisdom and intelligence and always wants to see how best the learnings can be shared across – driving home a point- a great placement for a Professor, Preacher, Social reformer who want to bring about a change by dissecting existing beliefs after studying them and help people move ahead with greater clarity towards a better path! Needless to say there also needs to be an aspect of Mercury to ensure the thoughts are aligned to the greater good and these attributes like a double edged sword can be used either serve or dis-serve humanity!

Ketu- the Imploding energy- an energy that draws you inwards- now whether this can be used for introspection of the deepest levels right up to getting into deep trance of meditation and feeling one with the universe or this could be a case of extreme depression and escapism and this relies on the power settings of your Moon, its interplay and role of Jupiter/Venus and Mercury that have with Ketu! When well placed, Ketu can create wonders- provide a depth of realization and disconnect which ensures that the final frontiers of the secrets of the Universe begin to come apart in your sub-conscious mind and create a feeling of bliss that simply stays on! Ketu also has the ability to have clutter thrown out of your life- whether people or objects- what doesn’t serve you gets cut and rapidly- it’s a clinical cut- you would have come across people who seem to be moving around and not having long lots friends or friends from old days, schools , previous work places etc etc.- well this is the reason- they don’t necessarily use and dump people- but are so oblivious of the fact that even as people tend to get left out as they continue ahead- they seldom notice it and it hardly every matters- this makes people think that these folks are self serving and opportunistic- while the fact remains they are quite the opposite- they don’t want to build negative Karma by hanging around and getting into peoples lives when they are not needed and end up doing something which gets tied up with them! Ketu is always about disconnecting and drawing oneself deep within ones’ calling- the call of ones’ soul!

This celestial and omnipresent karmic axis helps one evolve as a soul by incrementally keeping moving in a directions which the universe governs- Rahu brings in experiences, things and people that will help to build , enrich and add value so that you move ahead, while Ketu simultaneously is weeding away all that is not needed once the things are learnt, purpose is served and makes you liberated incrementally each step as you soul progresses ahead!

Rahu and Ketu or any planets and Sun for that matter, personally I believe can only be as much as malefic or benefic to the extent of the Karma your soul has accumulated and the journey that it has covered towards its final destination. Souls which are progressed can be seen through the state of Rahu and Ketu in the charts and that is a sure way of knowing, how one can accelerate the journey of your soul in the right direction by holding on to and craving for what you must and cutting off and letting go off what you need to!

Ciao for now, I leave you with my thoughts here, and will be back to connect with a few more topics pertaining to the wonderful subject that Astrology is! Until then- may the light within you stay illuminated and ward of the darkness of ignorance!

Published by Parimal Aluri

I am a coach,consultant and trainer. Human behaviour has been at the core of my studies through experience and academic pursuits. I am a certified practitioner for NLP, CBT and Mindfulness. Mental health- it's benefits and ramifications go a long way in creating societies which are inclusive and progressive. Through my writings, talks and engagements, aim to bring about positive change and progress-one person at a time! I am also a professional astrologer and offer consultations.Through my writings and engagements around astrology; I contribute in my little way to do away with misconceptions and complexities around astrology and try to make it more simpler and easy to understand so that the benefits that it offers can be enjoyed by a larger audience!

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