How Planets really Influence and Manifest.

A lot has been written and discussed about how planets do what they do, being where they are and how they are (the lordships, the stars that they are in and the dignity that they have). To that add the elements of the transits and operating dashas you have a wide range of permutations and combinations to decipher what actually is getting played out in the chart of an individual. Well, I have written earlier about this space, so you may want to know what is new here, well the new part is about knowing why planetary transits and dashas don’t seem to lay out the way they should and what is the hidden secret on why some charts spell a few things that never come to see the light of the day and why some incidents take place which perhaps are never factored- this is a space beyond of what an astrologer can be- nothing to doubt anyone’s competence but this is the space where astrology melts into the Universal supreme force! So join me here as we unravel this space and move ahead!

Sure enough, great texts and scholars have written and discussed a lot around the different aspects of astrology, in this article I share with you, some observations that I have come across through my years of learning and trying to unravel this space.

The first part that I want to discuss here is, the concept of “yogas”. Scholars have talked about deciphering yogas- but I have come across instances where the yoga doesn’t manifest the way it does, sure there are classical explanations involving the strength of the planets forming the yogas and so on and so forth, but then are also those cases wherein even in the best cases nothing manifests as it should or is indicated- so why does this happen? Hold you thought here, as we answer this later with all the other questions!

The other concept is of planetary aspects- few have the 7th aspect, few have the 5,7, and 9th aspect and yet some other have aspects like 3,7, 10th and 4,7 and 8th. but even as they aspect, even if they are well placed, are a benefic and at times even if they are malefic and ill placed, the results are paradoxical! This can be experienced even when you factor in the nakshatras occupied by the planets and the relationship of those nakshatra lords with the planets that occupy them. So what is that can be the probable cause as to why things don’t manifest even as the charts show all of this?

Well to answer both your questions above we need to quickly understand the origins and the Vedic Way – from where the genesis of astrology has been! You see, the Vedic times and since then, Jyotish as part of the Vedanga was an essential study to decipher the potential of people – read Rulers/ Emperors and Nobility back then- all because their well being ensured the well being of everyone and everything that dependent on them! Importantly unlike today’s time when astrologer’s are only consulted when people hit a barrier, back then astrology was essentially a tool to moderate and align individuals to what their exacting potential was and thereby played a vital role to ensure that the yogas too were empowered enough and the dashas, transits too were able to bestow as much as they could and should, simply because the individual was already aligned to the path that would enable those yogas and dasha instances to manifest! Think about it! This is why Astrology was held in so much of high esteem back then, not only because you could foretell the future- so to speak- but rather astrologers were consulted much early on to seek alignment to what the Universe had already conspired for the individual!

The real challenge starts when this early consultation and alignment goes haywire and individuals begin to walk down a path which is not meant for them and when that happens, one sees hardships and set backs and then even after coming back to astrologers, the only thing that remains to be done is build the ability to deal with the challenge, for the real solution is by then a lost case and if that manifestation is something really central to the Soul, it all but calls for another life ti fulfill what has been missed out simply because at some time a path was taken which was not meant to be!

When you begin to think about all the individuals that you have ever met, either as an astrologer or if you have been that individual who has visited and consulted astrologers to no end and not finding that essential missing part of the puzzle- the chances are you know now, why it was that way! Simply because the astrologers arrived late on the scene or the path was taken the way it was not meant to be- you may surely ask- isn’t this too not shown in the chart- well, it is- but that is where the problem is – even the individuals who consult an astrologer- rarely want to know why they have landed up where they are- for all that they want is a quick fix and well that hardly leaves any real work for a real astrologer nor does it help the individual!

So does this mean, that people can’t backtrack and re-align themselves? The answer is a Yes and No- yes, if they have not walked a long way ahead and they have been lucky enough to find that astrologer who knows what real alignment to the stars means and NO if the individuals have walked astray far too long and far too much- then what remains is only a life filled with aimless wandering- celebrating all that comes ones’ way- at times meaningful and most of the times- meaningless!

Astrology and it’s essence has always been about aligning the soul to the journey it is supposed to undertake by deciphering what the stars foretell. Too early too much doesn’t help and neither too little, too late! Timing is of the essence and the astrologer and the individual who are able to understand this secret of Jyotish are alone able to harness it’s benevolence to the maximum!

I leave you with these thoughts here, if you are an astrologer, you can reflect to revisit the charts where you figured this out and perhaps if you are an individual – grab that coffee and take that effort to realign before it gets too late! Astrology is nothing more but the star whispers and the universal energy that seeks your soul to a path- You align You rejoice- You deviate, You enhance the challenges for your soul’s journey!

Ciao for now, will be back soon with another article, until then, stay wise, stay aligned and stay in the NOW!

Published by Parimal Aluri

I am a coach,consultant and trainer. Human behaviour has been at the core of my studies through experience and academic pursuits. I am a certified practitioner for NLP, CBT and Mindfulness. Mental health- it's benefits and ramifications go a long way in creating societies which are inclusive and progressive. Through my writings, talks and engagements, aim to bring about positive change and progress-one person at a time! I am also a professional astrologer and offer consultations.Through my writings and engagements around astrology; I contribute in my little way to do away with misconceptions and complexities around astrology and try to make it more simpler and easy to understand so that the benefits that it offers can be enjoyed by a larger audience!

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